8 Useful Tips for resisting sexual desires through Islamic traditions

Everyone seeks some way or the other for pleasure and it gives relief. Sexual desires are increasing day by day. But did anyone of you out there ever think about it under the light of Islam. It is totally forbidden in Islam and considered a huge sin.  This act outside of the marriage boundaries is wrong; even there is no surety that you’ll consider that partner for your future life. In the case of a child, you are unsure about it as well. So, to avoid the consequences one should follow the Islamic traditions mentioned as follows;[irp]

AVOID THE TRIGGERS: One should try to avoid eye contact with the opposite gender as much as possible. Things might steam up if you watch porn or other such magazines. All this might stimulate your need and increase your desire. Also, avoid meeting girls/women and touching them. (Hugging, holding hands). Do not avoid your relatives like mother, sister, and daughters as they are your family.

AVOID THINKING OF SEXUAL THINGS: Divert your mind and stop thinking about sex. The more you think, the more you will want it! Just try to forget it and keep yourself busy.  Be busy with work or try to spend much of your time studying Islam and understanding its teachings. Explore the religion and worship it. You can also get a job or join some other club that keeps your mind running in the other direction.

AVOID FORBIDDEN RELATIONSHIPS: Avoid unnecessary contact and romantic chats with the opposite gender. This stimulates things. Avoid such emotional and personal contacts that might lead to something you regret later. This doesn’t in any way mean to avoid your office colleagues (opposite gender) as this is important to communicate for business and to progress.

AVOID MASTURBATING: This activity is highly addictive followed widely by Muslims and completely forbidden in Islam. It is harmful health wise too. You might feel pleasure for the time being but the after effects are worst.

AVOID BEING ALONE WITH SOMEONE OF OPPOSITE GENDER: This is also one reason that triggers your sexual desires when you are alone with the opposite gender. Remember Shaitan is the third person always with you and you never know what you might end up with.

ISLAMIC GUARANTEE: Everything comes to a person at its time and if following this under Islamic preaching, you can have a successful marriage with your spouse so have faith in Allah and the guarantee of Islam. When you have such desires, think about your reaction when someone does it to your family member. This will help you in leaving the habits.

THINK SOMETHING ELSE: When unintentionally you have such thoughts that provoke you, divert your mind by thinking of some good memories with your friends, any journey or something which brings you closer to Allah.

MARRY AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE: The last thing is to marry as early as you can. This way you can fulfill your desires with your spouse and lead a successful productive marriage.