10 Etiquettes to follow while using Elevators in Saudi Arabia

Following some etiquettes while using an elevator is an important topic which many of you might not know. Should one talk to the person accompanying you in an elevator or push the buttons or hold the door. Some might be afraid of heights and some may suffer from anxiety because of claustrophobia. Following are some rule you must follow for a comfortable elevator ride. There are some safety rules which we must follow. For example, while boarding the elevator, make sure that the elevator is there. It happened in the office of my friend that the guy entered the elevator while the elevator was not there. So, he reached to the ground floor very quickly.[irp]

Wait for boarding by standing towards the right of the elevator. There might be some people who need to exit on that floor so allow them to do that first before boarding. When everyone is off, you can board! When you get in, go towards the back especially when you know you will be the last person to leave it. Don’t block other’s way to exit the elevator.

It is the right of the person standing on your right to enter the elevator first. It is considered very bad manner in Saudi Arabia if you try to enter in Elevator without offering the first chance to the person standing at your right. You can use the word “Yameen” for that.

It is considered highly inappropriate if you don’t greet the people inside the elevator. The normal style of greeting in Saudi Arabia is to say “Asslam O Alaikum”. If someone says “Asslam O Alaikum”, it is your duty to say “Walaikum Asslam”.

Whether to hold the door or not is a huge debate! There are two options. If there are a lot of people in the elevator don’t hold the door because there is no space already and you are delaying everyone. If you are alone it’s good to hold the door for the person approaching. Never hold the door for someone who went to the restroom of the coffee shop. When holding, the door doesn’t exceed 15-20 seconds. If you are late in approaching the elevator don’t force others to wait for you or get rude. Wait for the elevator to come again patiently.

When the elevator is full, don’t squeeze yourself in it. There is no space obviously so you will just be a source of discomfort for others. If the elevator is crowded, give others as much space as you can. Avoid crowding. Stay at a distance from others providing them equal space. Don’t stand in an awkward position. Face the elevator door when standing inside. Don’t move unnecessarily. This may touch others, bumping and annoying them. While holding objects, keep them low or on the ground for more space, because your legs occupy less space.

If you are close to the buttons, push the floor numbers for others. If unintentionally you are close to the door, step out of the elevator on each floor allowing others to exit easily. When you reach your floor, leave without any delay. If you are at the back, ask others in a polite fashion to give you the way.

If you just need to climb one or two floors, choose stairs. If it is difficult for you to climb in the case of injury, heavy load or leg pain, only then use the elevator.

It is not necessary to talk to people in the elevator. If you are with someone, pause your conversation when in the elevator. If it is necessary to talk, do it lightly and don’t discuss personal matters. End all your conversations when entering the elevator especially cell phone talks as it is quite disturbing for others.

Take care of your body hygiene when using elevators on a regular basis as it draws attention easily and is noticed by everyone. Avoid bringing smelly food in elevators and never eat.

While coming out of the elevator, let the people standing at your right to go out. It is their right and considered very ill if you just jump out of the elevator without giving due respect to the people standing at your right.