Third Attempt to Steal the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W from Madina

The love for Prophet Mohammed (Blessings and Peace be Upon HIM) has always been a trademark of Muslims. A love more than one’s own life, parents, children and whatever exists is an everlasting testing stone that distinguishes between Muslims and other nations of non-believers.

This is the reason that non-believers of all the times targeted the Personality of Prophet (Blessings and Peace be Upon HIM) directly.

They tried to shake the belief of people on Him (Blessings and Peace be Upon HIM) and when they failed, they tried to cause harm to the Prophet (Blessings and Peace be Upon HIM).

In this specific writing, we will talk about the third attempt made to steal the Holy Body of The Prophet Mohammad (Blessings and Peace be Upon HIM) from the Green Dome in Madina. However ALLAH Almighty arranged a great defeat for all such morons.

Imam Muhammad ibn Jarir Al Tibri describes the Third attempt. He says that Shams ad-Din Swawab Lamti was the head of the people who served the mosque of the Holy Prophet (Blessings and Peace be Upon HIM). One of the friends of Swawab was known to the ruler of Madina.

One day his friend told Shams ad din Sawawab that some people from Halab (Syria) have bribed the ruler and have demanded the Holy Bodies of Abu Bakr (May Allah be pleased with him) and ‘Umar (May Allah be pleased with him) the ruler of Madinah has agreed with them.

Soon after this news, the ruler called for Shams ad Din and told him that some people will come at night and he has to open the door for them and let them do whatever they want to. Shams ad din got worried.

After the doors were closed after Isha prayer, someone knocked the door, Baab al-Salam.

Ruler’s house was in front of this door. Shams ad din opened the door and 40 people carrying torches and equipped with equipment for demolishing buildings entered and headed towards the sacred chamber. The earth split suddenly and all of them were buried there with their equipment.

There was no sign of their presence on the ground. After some time, the ruler called him and asked if the people have arrived. He told the ruler the whole happening.

The ruler was astonished and demanded Shams ad Din to not to tell the incident to anyone else. This incident is also reported by Abu Mohammad Abdullah Marghani.

Muslim world in a great panic as some unbelievable and terrifying news was being heard. It was reported that few people were of the view to remove the Holy Bodies from the Sacred Chamber and demolish the Sacred Green Dome.

But Allah wanted to keep the Holy Bodies safe and they are safe till today and will remain safe until the day of judgment.

Attempts to Steal the Holy Body of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W from Madina: Historians have reported three attempts made by the Non-Believers to steal the Holy Body of Prophet Muhamad S.A.W. We have covered them in detail in the following links.