How is the Security Conditions for Western Expats in Saudi Arabia?

Whenever a human being thinks to go out of the home, naturally he checks the situation of weather etc. and makes it sure that it is not an awkward timing for roaming out. This human attitude is the basic reason due to which most of the western expatriates want to know about the exact situation of security before they leave their country for a job in Saudi Arabia. It is a matter of fact that the situation of law and order is much better and can be compared with any other peaceful country in the world. Police and other security agencies are quite efficient in their job. Though many of the champions of human rights are often seen criticizing the punishments for culprits it is a fact that the identical punishments given to the culprits have played a vital role in eliminating evils from the country. Street crimes are very less in the ratio as compared with any other developed western country.[irp]

It is not the situation that there is no robbery or looting at homes or streets but it happens very less in number. No one would have seen news on media that someone killed a group of people because of ethnic or racial differences. Being different in religious beliefs or having different facial complexion or culture is not a crime and it does not lead to a death certificate in KSA, though the situation can be identically different in many western countries. Rather the generously friendly nature of Saudis makes the westerners forget that they are from another country and having differences of culture or religion with the natives.

There is also a trend in western expats to live in compounds in KSA. The compound can be defined as a colony or specific area having several houses or villas occupied by western expatriates only. Special arrangements for security of these compounds are made and it is next to impossible for an outsider to enter these areas. Only authorized vehicles can enter these areas and each vehicle is carefully checked before entering the compound. Close circuit cameras are fixed to keep a constant eye on every individual who enters or exits the area. Well trained and well-equipped policemen are there to guard the area and the entrances especially. These arrangements show how the state treats its guests from other countries and how their lives are valued here.

In addition to these security measurements, these compounds also offer an extra benefit of limited freedom, particularly for the women as they are not bound to wear the “abaya” or traditional “black robe” if they are inside the area of the compound. All these arrangements and benefits provide a good standard of life rather a luxurious lifestyle if compared with living in the downtown area. It is recommendable that during the stay in Saudi Arabia, one shall not do the things that they usually don’t do while being far away from their home, even in their own homeland. They shall not go out alone at awkward timings and display of wealthy status shall also be avoided. It is obvious that they attract attention because of many reasons.[irp]

It is not meant to get the expats scared rather they are simple precautions those are applicable everywhere in the world. The crux is that chances of being attacked while being in KSA are almost the same as of being robbed late at night in a subway at New York.  For the new coming western expatriates to the Saudi Arabia, I must say that please remember that there are many western expatriates working in Saudi Arabia. Many of them are here for more than a decade, they just feel like home. So, a warm welcome to you as well and best of luck for a better future on this blessed land.