Check status of Permanent Family Visa on Enjaz

To apply for the permanent family visa, you need to take appointment from Istiqdam. Nowadays it has become very difficult to get an appointment. However, we have shared some tricks to take an early appointment in this link “Procedure to Book Online Appointment with Istiqdam”. You need to go to the Istiqdam on the date of appointment and follow the procedure given in detail in this link “Apply for Permanent family Visa in Saudi Arabia”. Once you have received a yellow slip from Istiqdam, you need to send it back to your family in your country. MOI has launched a new procedure to apply for a permanent family visa online. I personally think everyone should try to apply for a visa through the Online procedure before going for the procedure through Istiqdam.

Your family in your native country will be hiring some agent to stamp the permanent family visa on their passport. In some countries like Pakistan, Saudi Embassy has contracted with Etimad Centers. You need to go through the procedure mention in this link “Procedure to Process Permanent Family Visa from Etimad Center in Pakistan”. Once you have submitted the documents to the agent, you can check through the following way if the visas have been stamped on the passports of your family members. The procedure is very simple and I have explained it below. You need visa number for this purpose and a visa number is given on the top left side of the Yellow slip you have obtained from the Istiqdam.

Open the Enjaz Website and enter the details of the visa obtained from MOFA. Enter visa number in the first tab, select the city where you applied for the visa through your MOI account in the second tab, enter your Iqama number in the third tab and image code in the fourth tab. Visa number is given on the top left side of the Yellow slip you have obtained from the Istiqdam. You need to enter your Iqama number in place of Sponsor ID.

If your visa is under processing, it will show a message like the below screenshot. It means you need to wait and check again if the permanent family visa has been stamped by the embassy in your home country.[irp]

If the following message appears on your computer screen, it means visa has been processed in your home country. It has been stamped by the embassy on the passport of the family. Now just book the ticket of your family to bring them here.

Once they are here, you will have to apply for their iqama. I have explained the procedure of applying for the Iqama in this link “Procedure to Apply for the First Iqama