4 Special Etiquettes of attending Business Meetings in Saudi Arabia

Meetings are considered as something super important, official and FORMAL in offices and should be kept formal. Ok so I do not mean to make the meeting look like a jail and everyone has to sit up straight and not move. That’s not what I am talking about. Of course, meetings can be fun too, however, there are some rules that should be strictly followed for attending or holding meetings and NO, my dear readers, I am not talking about reaching the meeting on time, having all the presentations ready etc. I am talking about some very important rules and things that we forget to follow and sadly, others have to suffer because of us. Read on as these points will make you laugh like crazy however they are written to be taken very seriously by SOME people!![irp]

Not smelling… SO GOOD! So, it is completely normal to be doing some super physical work before a meeting or running around in sun, but PLEASE make sure you do not attend a meeting after that. If you do, you schedule yourself to have enough time to take a shower or AT LEAST carry perfumes!! You have no idea how awful it feels to sit beside a person in the meeting room who smells like crazy! It gives the other person a severe headache OK! I don’t want to hurt anyone but there are some managers in our office who don’t care for this.

Suck your drink! PLEASE, PLEASE AND PLEASE DO NOT SIP YOUR BEVERAGE. Be it coffee or tea or juice, it is OKAY to have one during the meeting but since it is already so much silence in the meeting room, no one wants to hear another person’s slurrrrpiinngg so please, anyone who does that, stop doing it. It is extremely annoying and irritating for other people sitting in the room.

Heavy Lunch with so much smelling spices: Now, one can always feel hungry before meetings and it is okay to have lunch before going to attend one, however, how hard is it for anyone to understand that the lunch is supposed to be something light like sandwiches or salads that would not fill your mouth up with bad odor. It is disgusting to see how people have fried food from Al-Baik and other fast food joints that are made up with lots of oils, garlic and funny smelling spices that leave your mouth with a bad breath. People who have to SPEAK during a meeting must be super careful about this point. No matter how well dressed or well-spoken you are, if you have bad breathed, you are bound to make people feel disgusted by you!

CONTROL ON THE COMEDY!! Some people are born comedians and it is always healthy to have a fun and lively meeting but please keep in mind, all the natural talented jokers, that this is a meeting room and not a circus. You just can NOT crack a joke every time someone says something. We’ll laugh at your joke once, we’ll laugh at your joke twice, however, the third time you crack one; we will give you a very stern look so please, don’t bother. I know this article must have been pretty hilarious for some people but anyone who does all or even of these things, please DON’T and please be careful!