6 Important Points about Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce

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You need a letter from your employer for different purposes in Saudi Arabia. You need it for an opening bank account, degree attestation from your native country or for any other reason. In Saudi Arabia, all the government institutions require you to attest the document from the chamber of commerce.

Without attestation of the chamber of commerce, no one trusts upon the authenticity of the letter or document. Same is required by almost all the banks, leasing companies, and financial institutions. To get your documents attested by the chamber of commerce, you need to follow a certain procedure. 

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Locate the main office of the Chamber of Commerce in your city. The main office remains open for 24 hours a day. You can go there in the night time and get the documents attested by them without facing the hassle of waiting in the long queues.

1-Attestation service by the Chamber of Commerce is also provided in different shopping malls. For example, it is being provided in Serafi Mall, Jeddah. You need to locate these shopping malls and try to go there for getting your documents attested by the chamber of commerce. You will find these locations less crowded than their main office in peak hours.

2-The cost of Attestation by Chamber of Commerce is SR 25 per document.

3-You can only appear in the chamber of commerce of the city where your company has registered itself. Some companies have only registered themselves in Riyadh and others in Jeddah. Some companies have registered themselves in all the offices namely Riyadh, Jeddah and Dammam chamber of commerce.

4-The employees in the public sector or the employees of the governmental companies such as the Saudi Airlines, ARAMCO and the companies in which these companies own 50% of capital like SABIC, they do not need to certify the application from the chamber of commerce.

5-Some companies have registered for the VIP section in the Chamber of Commerce, their employees don't have to wait for long hours during the time when the Chamber of Commerce is crowded. Make sure you ask someone from your company if they have registered for any VIP service. They have a separate counter in the COC building.

6-Earlier, you had to print the application for a family visit visa applied, get it signed by your sponsor and then submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. We used to call this process “Tafeel”. However, now the procedure has been changed.

You just need to apply for family visit visa online, print it and hand it over to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will authenticate the application online and it will be submitted to the MOFA. Chamber of Commerce office is not accepting any family visit visa application now. After a while, your status will be changed on the MOFA website. You can check the status using the guidelines provided in this link. Recommended: Check Family Visit Visa Application Status Online

They do not return the same application; they keep the application with them and issue a receipt looks like attached one.

If you applied for the permanent family online but didn't get any message from the MOI, then there is a procedure to check. Log in to your Abshir account and then check the available fund option. If the visa fee is still showing, it means your application has not been approved yet. If it is showing”0″ balance, it means that your application for a permanent family visa has been accepted.

Another step to check is that after logging in to Abshir you will see an option as “view or print the submitted application”. Click on this and check the status of application if it's still processing or approved. If still no response, then maybe you have to go to the Istiqdam office along with your application reference number and all documents.

  • AbdulAleem Mohammed

    Validity of attestation

  • Ali

    Assalamu Alaikum
    Today I went to the CoC with visit visa application for my mother. But the people there are saying that chamber for visit visa is now online and they are not accepting any application in person. When I asked them how to do it online they are just saying google it. I just confirmed from 4 counters in CoC Riyadh, all of them are saying that it’s now online and to google it. It’s nowhere to be found even at their site http://www.chamber.sa
    Anu brother having any info regarding this?
    Dear Steve I request u to please advice on this matter if u have any knowledge as it would be helpful for all expat brothers
    Thank you.

  • You are the first one to tell me about it. Let me look into the matter. I will publish it as soon as I get some authentic information about it.

    Meanwhile, it is a humble request to everyone to share the online procedure if you get to know about it.

  • Ali

    When I visited the chamber they gave me the following paper and said to refer to the website accordingly.
    I’ve confirmed with my HR today.
    He too said that it’s a new system so he’ll gather all the information and get back to me

  • Ali

    As per the information I got from my HR… The sponsor should register online on the chamber website and reach the chamber office with the online application form where they’ll stamp on it and a membership number would be provided to the sponsor. Then onwards he could electronically apply for chamber for any document directly through the site with his membership number.

  • Please update us when you get some information!

  • Ali

    Just spoke to my GM. He said they received a letter from CoC 3 days ago and the steps I mentioned above are true and they are finalizing the process and let us know about the chamber once they complete their formalities with the CoC

  • Wajeeh Abbas

    Dear All,

    Please update if anyone has recently stamped CoC for visit visa applications, as from now one the CoC for visit visa applications has to be online, kindly inform what is the procedure to do it online.

  • Christine Mon

    hi all, https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/646c42b5e00965f5f6c00480ebee45b9e9e50c0edfbe7f89e6f611acf07fcf13.png
    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ef25a1e72a660a363ff01721c6fe3c14ea80a49d9855a1e13a3e89cb2119d12f.png i just stamp the family visit visa request for my mom at coc, they stamp it and i got the same paper, not the same receipt shown in the blog, they didnt tell me anything. when i check online in MOI thru abhsir no details is showing, but when i checked in MOFA where i file the request, it says there that my request have beed approved, then i checked again today it said, (Please print the document and communicate with any of the visa services offices accredited to the mission to provide documents and to introduce visa application electronically. Please be informed that approving the request does not mean approving the visa. ) so does this means i have to forward this to my mom and she will go to the saudi embassy in my country to continue the processing of the visa? i didnt pay anything yet here also. hope somebody can help me with this. thanks

  • Ali

    Even I went to the CoC to get the stamp & they said it is online so i contacted my HR and according to them it must be done by the sponsor/company. So request your HR to get it done online

  • Ali

    Yes brother, u got the visa.
    Just forward that paper to your mom in ur home country and say her to contact any agent for the endorsement of the visa.
    One more thing from which city did u get the CoC stamp, as here in Riyadh they are not accepting any application personally and they are saying us to do the chamber online, which should be done by the employer and unfortunately no one has much information regarding that.

  • Christine Mon

    alright i will forward it to my mom and process the visa, thanks! i stamp it here from COC jeddah

  • Ali

    Okay…good to hear that…here in Riyadh they are not accepting it for CoC stamp manually. Even i was trying to get visa for my mother.

  • Your visa has been approved. You can send it to your family and ask them to proceed in your country

  • Christine Mon

    thanks! Alhamdulillah youre blog is very helpful steve 🙂 keep it up

  • Nour

    Hello Steve! I came across with your blogs after thorough searching of what better to do regarding our application for my permanent resident visa. I am humbly asking your opinion/advises regarding this matter.I am a filipino married to syrian nationality, we both working under moh.i recently exit in ksa as per advise of general directorate in riyadh region so we can start the application process. January 9,2017 my husband went to Istiqdam dammam, and given all the docs needed.He was just told by one officer who attended him that “we will study” and “we will call you”.How we will know the staus of our application?Why he was not given a yellow slip? Pls help! Thank you.

  • Ali

    @stevejobsksa:disqus My CoC has been done online by the company.
    So now it’s confirmed that the rules for CoC has been changed & CoC for visit visa must be done by the online that too by the sponsor.

  • Ali

    The rules for CoC has been changed & CoC for visit visa must be done by the online that too by the sponsor.
    So for your information anyone applying for visit visa please request your HR or sponsor for CoC online.
    As I myself have experienced it.
    In Jeddah they are accepting visit visa applications for CoC stamp manually but in Riyadh they are saying do get it done online by the sponsor.

  • Wajeeh Abbas

    Hello Ali thank you for your message, please let me know the current status of CoC visit visa stamping? what is the procedure for company to get it online? Looking forward for your reply.

  • Ali

    Just hand over your application to your HR to get the CoC stamp online.
    Every company received a memo from chamber of commerce regarding the online CoC and the procedure to do it.
    So don’t worry bro it’ll be done In Shaa Allah.
    I gave my application to my HR and within 2 hours my visa was issued too Alhamdulillah.
    Earlier it would take at least 2 days for visa to be issued.

  • The new system has not been implemented all over the Kingdom. In some cities, Chamber of Commerce offices are still doing “Tafeel” for applications.

  • Ali

    That’s right.
    It’s been implemented in Riyadh.
    Whereas in Jeddah they are accepting manually.

  • venu gopal

    hi sir,this is venu.working in tabuk. i want to go bahrain for visit serching for better employement.i’m an labour iqama holder.i’m an indian citizen.i have planed my vaction on this month. vaction time i want to visit bahrain . is it possible for labour iqama holders plz help me…thnq sir
    for mr.steve

  • Marafee

    Hello Steve,
    I and my husband living in the uk with our 3 children and we would like to move to sudia Arabia as soon as possible. I am a pharmacologist and my husband is a software engineer what do you think it is the best thing to do in a short period of time.
    Kind regards

  • Hina Khan

    hello Mr. Steve my husband obtained PCC few days ago can you please check this certificate correct and valid for USA or not .. please reply me https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c28adf6e9683d2b8a14de23006b0f7bb6ffc6576db765996877063ca9aedb2f9.jpg

  • uzwaul haque

    so my sponsor will take an appointment for me ?
    so I have printed out the application from MOFA, Step 2 will be my sponsor logging into Chamber website and take my appointment ?

  • Zaid Abdalla

    Hi steve, i need some advice from you. Please help where can i get you.

  • Congratulations, how can I check it?

  • super sanam

    Sir my husband is in jidah working in a quickpay ..he has applied for family visa and he send the required documents to india for attestation and here they are asking my parents i.d proof plus passport.. can i know why do i need to give my parents proofs.. please reply.. please

  • Jawadali Khaja

    I studied in Sofia,Bulgariabut there is no COC there.I stay in India but the Saudi Embassy has asked me to get clearance from place where i studied Inspite of having attestation for my degree from saudi embassy sofia.
    what shud i do now

  • Zahid Usmani

    Hi Steve how much time it will take to receive message after COC attestation for Permanent family visa

  • Muhammad Waseem Abbas

    I applied online for family visit visa, after apply I sent my application printout to my HR dept, them applied online and sent me back this,
    I want to know,
    how they will charge for all this process???,
    Check this out it’s from my HR dept.
    & I got this reply when I checked status of my application.
    “The Ministry apologizes for the request (as per instructions)”
    It is looking like rejection thing??? Isn’t it???


  • What your HR did is an online ratification of Visit Visa Application. It is equally acceptable by the Ministry.
    Your visa has been rejected due to some other grounds which has nothing to do with this process

  • Ashir Kollam

    dear steve..this istiqdam aplication i already taken stamp from my sponsor so its needed saudi chamber stamb??

  • Sheena Arvy Javier-Mallari

    Can u help me? Is there a way to let the chamber of commerce attest my husband’s letter which has a stamped from riyadh but my husband is working in jeddah. Is there a way to get it attested in jeddah and not the option of going to riyadh just to have it attested there. Please help. Thank you.


    Greetings Steve,

    I would like to confirm, how long does it usually take before we receive sms message after we activate the visa application from CoC? Thanks in advance.

    Your response is always appreciated.

  • shafeek babu

    what was the procedure to change the transfer from one company to another? Any one please help me

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