Sample Letter for Opening a Bank Account in Saudi Arabia

In order to open a bank account in Saudi Arabia, you need a letter of introduction from your employer. Most of the companies have their own templates of writing these letters but many establishments don’t have them. As a result of this, the employees of those establishments face trouble due to the absence of having a sample letter for opening a bank account in Saudi Arabia. One of our readers has shared the sample letter for an opening bank account in Saudi Arabia with us. We are sharing it by hiding his name and identity. Letter of Introduction by the companies must have following 5 particulars in it;[irp]

  • Full Name as per Iqama
  • Iqama Number
  • Profession as per Iqama
  • Date of Joining to the Company
  • Gross Salary

 Attestation by Chamber of Commerce: Letter of introduction should be stamped by the company and signed by that person whose signatures are registered with Chamber of Commerce. Some banks ask the applicant to get the letter of introduction for opening bank account attested by the Chamber of Commerce. You can attest it only if it is signed by the person whose signatures are registered with the chamber of commerce. The fee for attesting one document is SR 25 only. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.

The employees in the public sector or the employees of the governmental companies such as the Saudi Airlines, ARAMCO and the companies in which countries own 50% of capital like SABIC, they do not need to certify the application from the chamber of commerce.