• Mcdobie Abas Doblar

    asking only if i have expired istemara i want to go vacation they will hold on airport.?

  • Raf

    Hi Steve, I purchased a car 8 weeks ago, and was told the istimara would be transferred within a week. When I returned last week I was told it would take another day, and another week has gone by. This is with a reputable dealer, what can I do about it?

  • You purchased a new car? They might not have any car in their stock and be waiting for it to come from outside Saudi Arabia.
    If it is an old car, the transfer of istimara takes 1 hours max.

  • Raf

    It’s a used car from the dealership. And yes it should definitely have been transferred by now, but it hasn’t been and I’m being told tomorrow. I have the car but am afraid to drive it without the istimara. What are my options for recourse.

  • Raf

    Ok…. the reason I’ve been given now is that I must be a family of 8 to have an 8 seater. I have a family of 6

  • How many seats are there in the car? There could be another problem. Sometimes the car is in the ownership of an individual, not the dealer. So they must be waiting for the individual to come and transfer the ownership of the car. It is a possibility that he is out of Kingdom. If you are out of Kingdom, nobody can transfer your vehicle from your name.
    It is better not to drive it if it is not in the dealer’s name.

  • LOL, this is what I said without reading this comment. It is absolutely fine in this case. You know you are doing something illegal, so wait for them to look for their contact who can do the thing under the table.

  • Raf

    Ok, I went to the infinity dealer yesterday. Following on from all the excuses I was told that the company has an issue. It’s not me, although they did try to use the 8 seater angle again, I told them that applies to less than 5 people in a family. Sunday now… let’s see what happens

  • You need to have 6 family members to get a 7 seater vehicle transferred to your name,

  • ralph gregor cruz

    Hi Steve, i currently own a car but it is in my company’s name because i took a car loan to purchase the car. Now that the loan is paid completely, my company wants me to transfer the car in my name. I dont have a problem with that but since i have plan to exit the kingdom, i would like to sell the car. The car istimara has expired 4 months ago and the fahas i just took it 2 months ago. I am having doubts whether i renew the istimara and transfer the car in my name or just search for a buyer and renew the istimara and transfer to his name. Please guide me, im from jeddah KSA

  • Every transfer costs around SR 1,600. So it is a better idea to transfer it directly to the name of the buyer.

  • Raf

    Ok people. I have more info another month on. The Infinity dealer is blocked allegedly in the system for transfer of vehicles. This does not apply to new vehicles as they do not have a registration number, therefore no istimara. My transfer is still pending 4 months on. Is it true that a family of 6 can only own one seven seater? What should I do? I have a paper that says I am authorized to drive but it cannot be done through TAMM.