Location of Jawazat Offices in Riyadh, Jeddah & Dammam

The first Arabic word which you will learn after coming to Saudi Arabia is “Iqama” and second will be Jawazat. Jawazat is also called General Directorate of Passport (GDP). Jawazat is responsible for the issuance of Iqama, renewal of Iqama and many other services. If you want to apply for a permanent family visa, you will have to visit Jawazat.[irp]

You will also have to visit Jawazat for the Transfer of Sponsorship of wife. Now with the introduction of Abshir (MOI) Account, issuance of exit re-entry visa has become much easier.

Some years ago, you had to visit Jawazat even to apply for exit re-entry visa. Still, if you want to apply for multiple exit re-entry visa, you have to visit Jawazat. Today, we are sharing with you the location of offices of Jawazat in main cities of Saudi Arabia.[irp]

Jawazat Riyadh: Riyadh Passport Office: 6971 King Fahad Branch Road, Al Murabba, Riyadh 12613, GPS Coordinates: 24.659082,46.701778

Jawazat Jeddah: Jeddah Passports,  Abdullah Balkhayr, Al Baghdediah Al Sharqiyah, Jeddah 22241 GPS Coordinates: 21.499371,39.19776

Jawazat Dammam: Eastern Province Passports Office,  9th Street, Ar Rabi,  Dammam 32241,  GPS Coordinates: 26.439302,50.108245

  • Chevy

    Can you please share location of JAWAZAT KHOBAR OFFICE

  • Adeeb

    Dammam , it is opposite to masjid rayyan. In Adama area.

  • Adeeb

    In dammam its opposite to Masjid rayyan , in adama area , near the green shopping centre.