FAQs about Saudi Work Visa Processing from Saudi Arabia

I was interviewed and selected by a Saudi company 1 month ago. Now, my company is waiting for the issuance of visa from Ministry of Interior. I have few questions regarding this, please answer them.

Question by Visitor: I got a job offer from a Saudi company couple of months ago, and since that time there has been no further progress. It is a well-reputed company, and I physically went there to give an interview, when I was in Saudi Arabia on visit visa. Whenever I ask them they say that they have applied for my visa in the ministry and are waiting until they get it. However, what’s bothering me is that the company never asked for the scanned copy of my passport or any other documents. The only document they have is my CV, on which my passport number is mentioned. Is it possible for them to apply for the visa without my passport and just passport number?

Answer by Steve: They do not even need your name to apply for the visa. The name of the applicant is not mentioned in the visa. It also means they can appoint even me on that visa.

Question by Visitor: Ok, thanks. So how much time should I expect to wait for the company to get the visa? My position is that of a finance analyst

Answer by Steve: Ask it from your company. On Average, it takes couple of months after applying it for the first time

Question by Visitor: I have waited a lot and still haven’t received my visa yet! Is it possible to request my company to send me a work visit visa (ziarath al amal ladee) meanwhile my permanent work visa gets processed? My employer has no office in Pakistan though.

Answer by Steve: Yes, they can send you business visit visa and there is no need to have their office in Pakistan for that

Question by Visitor: As per the latest update from my employer, the fee has been paid for my work visa and they are waiting for it to be issued. What does that mean exactly regarding the status of my visa? Is there some progress and I should be hopeful?

Answer by Steve: It means they are waiting for it to be issued by MOI

Question by Visitor: Thanks, but my question is whether this payment of fee shows some progress? Is it certain that the visa will eventually be issued now?

Answer by Steve: Payment of the fee is just a single requirement. There are many other requirements as well. If all of them are satisfied, the visa will be issued.

Question by Visitor: Thanks. Today, after 5 months my employer told me that the visa has been granted and asked for the scanned copy of my passport for the first time ever. What does that mean? How much long I will have to wait to get anything on hand here for the process to start in Pakistan?

Answer by Steve: If the visa has been granted by the government, rest of the process will be done in Pakistan and it takes around 1 month.