Which country is the most truly Muslim country in the world?

What do you mean by a Muslim country Just where Muslims live in the majority is a Muslim country? No, it’s a country that follows and respects Islam, its teachings, and the Holy Book Quran and follows the prophets and Sunnah. These people follow the commands of Allah with an open heart and these are true Muslims in all sense and thus a true Muslim country. Ireland is said to be truly a Muslim country from among 208 countries. Isn't shocking?[irp]

An academic, born in Iran who is Professor of International Business and International Affairs at George Washington University named, Hossain Askari said that this country is the most loyal and faithful of all and values the teachings of Quran. Denmark, U.S, and Sweden are the other countries after Ireland. He says in an interview with BBC that it is according to his study that Israel is very much compliant to the Islamic teachings and ideals of Quran. Countries in which Muslims are in majority are not among the top 25 and no Arab country lies in top 50 of these.

According to the “Islamic Index”, Hossein Askari and his colleague Scheherazade S. Rehman made a report and ranked countries who applied Islamic teachings and Quran in their everyday life and society. It is obviously expected that countries with Muslim majority such as Saudi Arabia or Malaysia would top the list but that’s not the case.  Malaysia is on the 33rd ranked and Kuwait on 42nd among the top 50 countries. Saudi Arabia shockingly was placed at 91st rank according to both whereas U.S lies on the 15th number. All members of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) performed poorly on this list.

He applied ideals and values of Quran on the economic achievements of the society, international relations, human rights, and political governance.  He explains that countries that are good Muslim Country are bad on this scale and they just use religion as a weapon or tool. They don’t follow Quran nor ask others to learn it. They just don’t care. Last Year in November the Professor explained that one should emphasize on the truth that countries that are considered Islamic are not in a real sense true to Quran, instead they are corrupt and do illegal stuff. The system in unjust and underdeveloped economically and they shouldn’t be considered Islamic at all cost.[irp]

Countries with no freedom of choice, poverty, corruption, aggression in conflict resolution, and unjust unfair system are not Islamic at all. Countries like U.S Ireland, Denmark, and other top ones have policies and achievements that reflect their value to Quran. They are based on the indicators of laws, international relations, human and political rights and economic factors. He concluded with explaining that Islam revolves around the acceptance of one and only Allah and the love towards him and his creations which apply to the economic development of humans as well.