10 Places you can buy “Heavy Bikes” in Riyadh

Most of the people in Saudi Arabia have cars and those who don’t have cars use taxis to travel from one place to another. Bikes are never used as a mode of traveling but a source of recreation. You will find boys riding the bikes on the roads almost every day. Bikes have become a status symbol for the boys. It is important to mention here that bike means heavy bikes here.  Bikes can also help in sort of exercise. There must be different needs but the point is from where to purchase bikes in Riyadh.[irp]

Most bikes in malls such as the Marina Mall in Riyadh are expensive ranging from Saudi Riyal 29,000 -50,000.

Bikes for teens or short heighten people are easily available in a shop located on King Abdullah Road, named Toys R Us before the exit to King Abdul Azeez Road.

A place named Hiraj bin Qasim also sells bikes, located in the south of Riyadh. It’s at a bit distance which would cost around 25 SR if going by cab or taxi

For cheaper options, there is a site www.Expatriate.com in which one can view the Riyadh Section. Second-hand bikes are easily available in a much lower range over here.

Bikes can also be purchased from a store in Riyadh named AL FALAH Sports Store located on Olaya Thalathin Street in reasonable prices.

Bikes can also be found in the motorcycles forestry in the south of Riyadh.

Huffy at SACO World is also a good option.

Harley store is also an option in Riyadh located in northern ring road directly after the exit 5 stuffing bikes as well as accessories of bike including good quality helmets.

Also in Riyadh in Tahlia Street, there is a shop in front of Al-Araba gas station who has nice stuff.

There are Suzuki and Kawasaki showrooms on King Abdul Aziz Road where prices vary from 50 to 70K.

Also, bikes with numerous options and speed modes are prone to more errors and chances of going wrong especially at a beginner stage. Women are not allowed to drive in the Kingdom as known by everyone so obviously they are not allowed to ride a bike as well. They still need to travel within the Kingdom using cabs or taxis. It is very difficult to ride a bike within the Kingdom because of crazy traffic and high accident risks. There are even numerous groups of Saudi bikers, driving bikes in groups on specific days. For a learner rider or a beginner, Riyadh is not the best place to buy a first bike or having first bike ride experience, especially a big one. For a person in Saudi Arabia, the car is a far better option than a bike because Bike may be fun for locals or for young rich people but not at all for expats especially in summer where temperature touches 50 degrees.