10 Ideas to Kill time quickly while fasting during Ramadan

Fasting is an Islamic practice which is obligated upon each Muslim and it is among the important pillars of Islam. Stopping yourself from drinking, eating and intercourse together with refraining from all evils from dawn to dusk is known as fasting. Make sure you know the things that can break or invalidate your fast.

Muslims all over the world fast for the whole month of Ramadan which is the 9th month of the Islamic calendar. It is noticed or felt by Muslims that time passes at a very slow rate when you are fasting.

It may also be because you don’t have to cook or eat at the lunch timings, and you wake up early for fasting purpose, so there is a lot of time in hands for you to do a couple of things. Following are some ideas to pass time while you are fasting.


01-Recite Quran: It is important to recite the holy Quran in the month of Ramadan especially during fast. It multiplies the thawab and increases your reward. Set up a daily goal of reciting it and complete it at least once in this whole month.

02-Memorizing the Surah: As you recite Quran, start learning some of the Surah by heart. It’s a good thing which preserves Quran in your heart. Memorize them and keep on revising the previous one. Your heart will feel contented.

03-Do extra Worship: Offer nafil Salah and do extra worship in your free time. This will help strengthen your relation with Allah and draw you closer to him. 

04-STAY INSIDE: Try to stay inside the house or indoor anywhere and avoid getting in the sun especially in countries where there is a very hot climate like Saudi Arabia. This will just prevent you from dehydration and feeling of fasting.


05-Visit a friend: Visit a friend’s place or call them at yours and have a fun time. This will pass your time easily. Make sure you talk something positive. Talk about Islam and how you can they can improve their behavior with others.

06-Go out: If the weather is moderate you can go out on the streets, have a chit-chat with someone or buy groceries or stuff for iftar or next day Suhoor. You can also go to the mosque to do worship.

07-Helping others: When you are at home, help your mom and siblings in minor household works from dusting to cleaning. You can also help in preparing iftar. This will pass your time as well as provide help to them and finishing the work faster.


08-Sleep: If you are totally free with no work you can simply stay up till Fajr, offer Salah and then sleep until you wake up yourself that is usually by noon.

You can also sleep after the Duhr prayers after finishing all the preparations, then wake up before the time of breaking the fast. It will energize you to pray at night time.

09-Television: You can watch TV and something interesting except food. However, I would suggest you watching some Islamicmic programs on TV to improve your knowledge about Islam.

10-Reading: Read some good novel or exciting stories. This will pass your time easily without you knowing it. You can read some Islamic Stories or stories of Prophets at this time.