How to make a delicious Saudi Champagne?

Okay so as soon as you hear the word “Champagne”, not a good image will come in your mind raising so many questions. Alcohol and something haram come in one’s mind after listening to the word champagne which is completely prohibited in Saudi Arabia and against the Kingdom’s law. We have shared with you one article before and would like to give its reference here “Drinking Alcohol in Saudi Arabia”. Today we shall be sharing with you the procedure to make champagne in Saudi Arabia. But this is not that traditional champagne, it is Saudi Champagne.[irp]

To clear up your mind we would like to explain and clarify that this Saudi champagne is purely non-alcoholic beverage and basically apple cider. It is refreshing and loved by Saudis and even expats. And if you didn’t try it yet, go for it now! It is widely used for celebrations. It is available in almost every restaurant and hotel in the Kingdom. This drink is very simple and easy to make. It is bright, colorful and tastes heavenly that one cannot just resist. It is a good substitute to a soft drink. It’s called champagne because of its resemblance to it but purely without alcohol and healthy thus the word “Saudi” is attached to it. The preparation time is just 5 minutes together with time to chill it. Yes, its short a quick short recipe!

Ingredient for Saudi Champagne

  • Apple Juice- 750ml
  • Apple- 1- do not remove the skin
  • Orange- 1 – fresh
  • Mint Sprigs -few of them
  • Lemon- 1
  • Lemonade 7up Drink- 250ml
  • Ice Cubes- the chiller you want

Method to Make Saudi Champagne

To start with the recipe, take an apple, orange, and lemon.

Slice them finely. Make sure they are not too thin, keep them moderately thick

Take a glass jug or pitcher. Make sure it is transparent so that the bright colors are easily visible through it.

Now place those lemons, orange, and apples together with plenty of mint leaves in the jug.

Take that apple juice about 750ml and pour into the jug and stir well. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes so that the taste of lemon, orange and apple is infused with the juice and flavors come out well.

After those 20 minutes, add lemonade or 7up into the drink.

Add ice cubes in it before serving to serve chilled.

You can also cover it and leave it inside the refrigerator for chilling purpose.

Serve this incredibly delicious drink. After drinking it, eat the fruit slices as well to have a taste of the complete treat!

Tips for Adding Deliciousness in Saudi Champagne

Add the 7up just before serving to help the fizz last longer and taste yummy.

Do not forget to give some time to the fruits to stay merged in the apple juice for proper flavors before adding 7up

7up can also be replaced by soda or sprite.

You can cut the fruits and add them directly into the pitcher and don’t waste extra dishes

It tastes equally delicious when left over is served the next day.

Do try it out on warm summer mornings and you will feel instantly refreshed and cool.