6 Effective ways for Muslims to stop watching Porm

As we all know Porm is portraying adult content for self-satisfaction and fulfilling your desire by arousing you. But this is something wrong which most of you have an idea of. But these days our teens and young ones especially cannot resist and it is common for them to watch it. Some of them might want to just get rid of this habit but they fail to do so. They need a motivation to stop it, feel guilty and return to the normal correct way of living and do Taubah! It might seem to be a pleasure but that’s just short term. The consequences may lead to disturbances and problems in your later life. It is prohibited in Islam and so by the government of Saudi Arabia too. Your strong motivation, devotion to stopping this bad habit, setting a date to quit and your desire to revert is all needed for quitting. Following are some ways for Muslims to quit Porm.[irp]

Realize and feel guilty that you are doing wrong: You need to realize first that what you did and what you are doing is totally against the preaching of Islam and a big sin. The physical relationship is an essence of marriage and private love bonding between husband and wife which is viewed in a very vulgar way through Porm.  It is a worship or charity in Islam for the spouses.

Repent and regret: Repent if you watch Porm. Repent again if you watch it again. Repent each time and there will be a point you will hesitate in viewing and ultimately stop it.

  • If at this moment you are viewing Porm, close it right away.
  • Feel regret and shameful at yourself.
  • Commit and promise to yourself that you won’t do it again no matter how much your desire is.
  • Ask for forgiveness from the Almighty.

Don’t think you are in hell for sure! Allah is merciful: Draw yourself closer to Almighty Allah and you will feel he is coming towards you. Never think there is no forgiveness though this sin is huge he is the biggest forgiver and kind on all of us. Repent honestly from the heart and he will forgive you. Never underestimate his kindness, he is the most merciful. Each one of us is a sinner, he forgives those who mean it truly

Replace Porm with legal activities you can do instead: Workout and plan exercises, it is Sunnah. It will release endorphins reducing your desire. Fast on Mondays and Thursdays to protect yourself from doing sins. Practice cleanliness, shower, brush, and floss. Allah loves cleanliness. Pray and memorize Quran, this is no doubt the best activity.

Pray: Visit mosques, offer Salah and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood with others. Be social and ask for forgiveness. Pray for yourself and others and offer Friday prayers.

Leave everything on Allah: Don’t get upset or depressed and follow all these tips with dedication.