Procedure to renew Pakistani passport from Saudi Arabia

There are more than one million Pakistani expatriates living in Saudi Arabia which constitute around 3.5% population of Kingdom. While living in Saudi Arabia, these expatriates have to renew their passport and national identity card as well.

Today we are going to share with you the procedure to renew Pakistani passport from either Pakistani Embassy in Riyadh or Pakistani Consulate in Jeddah. One of our readers has shared this procedure with us but he has requested to keep his identity hidden. The step by step procedure to renew Pakistani passport from Saudi Arabia is explained below.[irp]

You can only renew your passport when it has a validity of less than one year. They will not entertain your request if the remaining validity of passport is more than a year.

You will have to make an appointment with Pakistan Embassy in Riyadh or Appointment with Pakistan Consulate in Jeddah. The detailed procedure to make an appointment with both has been explained in the above links.

You will also have to carry following documents in original as well as their photocopies;

  • Iqama
  • Passport
  • National Identity Card

You will be given a token when you reach to the counter for the renewal of Pakistani passport.

You will have to make payment of the fee for the renewal of the Pakistani passport. You will have two options to renew the Pakistani passport either for 5 years or 10 years. Fee for the renewal of passport is given below.

You will have to appear in different windows at your turn and at the end of the process, you will be given a receipt. It takes around 40 days to renew passport normally. However, if you have applied for an emergency passport, it takes around 20 days.

You can track the status of renewal of your Pakistani passport from this link I would suggest you check the status before visiting the Embassy or Consulate for the collection of passport.

Fee for the Renewal of Pakistani Passport in Saudi Arabia

Ordinary5 Years36 PagesSR 135
Ordinary5 Years72 PagesSR 245
Ordinary5 Years100 PagesSR 270
Urgent5 Years36 PagesSR 225
Urgent5 Years72 PagesSR 400
Urgent5 Years100 PagesSR 535
Ordinary10 Years36 PagesSR 240
Ordinary10 Years72 PagesSR 440
Ordinary10 Years100 PagesSR 480
Urgent10 Years36 PagesSR 400
Urgent10 Years72 PagesSR 720
Urgent10 Years100 PagesSR 960
  • Naveid Anjum

    Thanx I’ll try tomorrow and update.

  • ahmed sharif

    can i travel to Pakistan if my paspport expires in december 2016?, if i renew my passport temporary manual method then can i go to Pakistan? and how i update my information in the system?

  • Ayub Khan

    Thanks! Very Useful Information

  • Asad

    I just went yesterday to Pakistan Counsulate Jeddah, for passport renewal. Some useful tips from my visit are: (1) Take appointment via telephone before visiting the counsulate 012 6692371 (Ext 242) (2) Take original and 1 copy each of Passport, Iqama and NIC card front and back side copy.

  • Muhammad Sajid

    If my English card is expired they will renew my passport on Urdu identity card


    Dear All,

    AOA, I need your suggestion as my passport will expire at the end of this year 29/12/2016. I have to do travel for Pakistan in first week of October for 1 week.

    Can i travel or i have to renew my passport?


  • High Chaudhary

    Sister Please i want to ask you if i want extend my pssport date, then also i need for Pak ID card? Actually my ID card still in nadra Pakistan. :/

  • High Chaudhary

    Brother i also have same problem, my ID card not here in Saudia.
    How you renew your passport?
    Can we extend expire date without ID card?

  • Umara Qais

    ID card is not needed for extension of Passport.

  • Umara Qais

    If u want to extend passport u dont need ID card

  • Shaukat Nadeem

    Hello Gentleman

    I am Mechanical Engineer Working in Najran, may i know how to reschedule the passport appointment by date and by city…I have Riyadh appointment but i want to reschedule it to Jeddah…

  • Faizan Sherwani

    my son is 5 years old and he born in pakistan and i made hsi passport in pakista, now i want to renew his passport before going to pakista, he donto have the NICOP becuase his passport is made in paksitan , he has birth cirtificate nad form B form pakistan, kindly guide me is their any need to make his NICOP 1st for passport renew or i can apply his passport renew on base of nadra birth cirtificate and form B. updame me plz

  • Muhammad Usman

    can i extend my passport now? i want to go back to Pakistan urgent.

  • Umara Qais

    No idea bro. U should have to visit embassy in ur city and aquire from them. Better luck.

  • Muhammad Usman

    Ok. Thanks

  • Muhammad Usman

    I extend my passport from Dammam embassy now i want to know that after extension you need to submit naqal Mallomat in jawazat. And plz tell me now easily my exit re-entry visa issue online or need to go to jawazat for exit re-entry

  • Muhammad Usman

    I extend my passport till 31 july 2017 from Dammam embassy now i want to know that after extension you need to submit naqal Mallomat in jawazat. And plz tell me now easily my exit re-entry visa issue online or need to go to jawazat for exit re-entry

  • Umara Qais

    First u have to go to jawazat for naqal maloomat they will update the new valid date of passport in their system then u will be able to use ur passport.

  • Muhammad Usman


  • Adeel Chaudhary

    Dear Asad,
    Can i have your contact number please?

  • Faisal Naeem

    Assalam u Alaikum guys i went Riyadh Embassy great service was much better than my expectation the staff of data entry very fast if they hire more staff will be perfect. Suggestion> should be get online appointment for make new or renewal Passport if with family no need just go before half an hour ago of your appointment time hardly it will take 1 hour for the whole process.

  • muneer qureshi

    Asslamoaleikum I have an inquiry and hope someone would help me in answering the same, I got 100 pages passport for 10 years validity but as I m very frequent traveler so I got only few more pages left blank. I want to get new copy attached with my passport as my passport is still value for 8 more years. What is the procedure of getting new extra passport copy?

  • muneer qureshi

    As in Riyadh Embassy of Pakistan there is always biggg Q for singles so is there any way to avoid this Q & get token without waiting in Q ??

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