7 things to expect while visiting a Saudi friend’s home

Visiting Saudi homes is not much different than visiting homes in any other part of the world. However, there are just a few problems like that of language and a few traditions. But nothing compares to the fact how extremely friendly, hospitable, generous and kind they are and by extremely, I MEAN IT! Such nice words are just not enough to describe Saudi people. They greet you with love and make sure you never go back hungry from their homes as they serve you with coffee Qahwa, dates, tea, biscuits, sandwiches and proper meals![irp]

So, the first thing to expect when visiting a Saudi home is Electric doors! Ha-ha. Well, they aren’t electric doors but since women in Saudi homes are not in their Abayas or covered properly, they prefer not to open the door because there might be a man and they wouldn’t want him to see them uncovered and not in Abayas. The first time this happened to me, I was confused standing at the entrance wondering if I should go inside or not but then my host took me inside. The second time this happened to me was when I got lost although my friend had drawn the map oh well, I am not good with maps really. But thanks to my friend who sent her son outside for me to reach to her home.

2-There’s another thing to expect which is kissing on the cheeks. Three kisses altogether! 1 on the first cheek, 2 on the other. Hands are shaken as well. The kissing part is confusing though because I always forget which cheek has to be kissed first with how many kisses so I simply put forward my cheeks and don’t mind the number of kisses flowing in, hehe!

Also after being greeted, you are expected to ask about the health and condition of your host and the same goes for the host. It is found disrespectful to not ask about each other’s health, in fact, the talk about health should be long.

Other than this, we can take off our Abayas! OHH that feeling! The host usually takes the Abayas and hangs them on a chair. There are two lounges in Saudi homes, usually. One is a casual lounge with a TV and sofas and the other is a traditional lounge with carpets and floor cushions.

After chatting with the host, snacks are brought to us. They’re usually Arabian coffee known as Qahwa and dates. Recommended: Etiquettes of Drinking and Presenting Arabic Qahwa

Later, full meals or sandwiches, cakes, tea, and biscuits are presented in front of you so it’s always best to go with an empty stomach to their homes because they don’t let you leave without having food.

It’s also nice if you take something for the host. It seems nice and friendly. This could include cakes, chocolates, cookies or home-made items. So, going to Saudi homes is the same as visiting any home in the West, just that these people are much more hospitable and loving!