The Camel Beauty Festival in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia, the country famous for Camels holds an event that is called the Camel Beauty Festival. It’s organized so that people can come and visit to see how stunning Camels are. So, I finally decided to go this year. I along with a lot more of foreign nationals were cramped up in a bus to go see the festival. A tour guide company known as Haya Tours had organized this amazing festival, for which we had to travel for three hours to Um Ragbah from Riyadh because we were very eager to see these stunning camels. The governments holds many Festivals in the Kingdom about which you might want to know.[irp]

This large-scale event is held every year which goes on for a month and the crowd expected is 30,000 men! Yeah, that’s a lot! This 30,000 includes planners, contestants, camel specialists, people who take care of the camels, buyers and sellers and more people who are needed to take care of the visitors of this event as they have to make sure they feel no problem in the event. The camels are already ready and have been taken care of so visitors are the important case here.  These visitors include several foreign nationals who visited this yearly festival for the very first time. Because of this, they were made hype about so if we were taking pictures of the camels, other people in the event were clicking pictures of us expats.

As we reached the event, we were asked to be organized in groups and had been given a specialist who knew all about camels and was very welcoming to answer our questions about this beautiful animal. Friendliness and generosity have always been a trait of the Saudi people so if there is anyone out there who hasn’t seen this; you have got to experience it! Anyone who’s looking out for tourist services should try out Haya Tours! They did a commendable job in organizing this trip along to the own organizers of this event who treated us in such a nice way!

You have probably looked at a lot of camels but ever wondered what makes them gorgeous? Well, their huge head, soft ears, pouty lips, big cheeks, color, long neck and a space between the neck and the hump is the definition of a perfect yet stunning camel. That day, there were around 30 camels’ altogether, both males and females. They were huge! As it was a bit difficult for the judges to decide, female camels had a rope tied to their legs so that they could walk slowly in front of the judges. The camels were well mannered and did not need the drum beat very often.[irp]

While marching, the children of the camels were strolled in front of them in an open van so the mother camels could take a stroll without being worried about their babies.  We were relaxed the entire time as camels are said to have a magnified eye side so, in their eyes, we are double their size. Seats were put but judges spent most of their time in strolling near the camels. Sponsors and organizers were there on the back side so a female clicking picture was just not allowed. Later, we left the place as we had gotten tired and so were the camels. We were taken coffee, sweets and sword dance by the men! We had expected a camel ride and the Bedouin people who were taking care of the camels were totally okay with us taking their pictures. All in all, it was a great event and a must visit every year!