Is there anyone to protect the Rights of Men in Saudi Arabia?

We have seen quite a lot of NGO’s fighting for the rights of helpless women. We see how campaigners talk about women being harassed and abused and finding no solution for help. But has anyone of you ever wondered that men have to go through the same thing as well? Probably not, because it is women who are always seen as the helpless ones, not men. This is not true though. There are many males in this world who go through the same thing but are never talked about only because they are MEN. As if men, can’t be HARASSED??!![irp]

Several men have been abused, accused and harassed. They have been put in prison for years and years because of women and this would include robbers, fraudulent officials, and killers. There are a lot of men out there who have committed suicide and given up their lives for women. There are men who have become druggies and alcoholics because of women. There are men who have become mentally disable because of women. YET, they are not talked about! Is this fair? I think NOT!!

Why do we not classify these men under the heading of ill-treated and mistreated men?  I read once how a woman protestor stated that the number of victimized men is increasing day by day at a fast pace in the Arabian society. Women are harassed too, no doubt but the mental illness that men have to go through after being harassed by a woman is way too much! It’s severe and injuring.  There are men in this world who have been raped by women too. This may sound surprising but it is the truth!  Women have stronger areas than men. They will shed buckets of tears, attempt to kill themselves and act upset about a man giving her a hard time or cheating on her.

But what do men have? They have no source to prove the world their innocence because if a man cries, he is most likely to be labeled as a cry baby or a girl. Women can never be as badly affected as men because they know how to control their feelings, unlike men. After watching a couple of cooking shows that air on TV, it’s mostly MEN who are chefs and not women although the general thought of handling the kitchen is to be done by women and not men. This is because women are always more into the fake world and materialism. They would be keen to show off the number of decoration pieces in their home instead of buying something that could Benefit them, like books![irp]

Men, however, are completely different. They do the real talk and not the fake talk to gain everyone’s sympathy towards them. Men have always been victims just that they are never talked about because clearly, women have the stronger force here. It’s depressing and sad to see this because men are humans too and any living thing, be it humans or animals, being harassed is just plain wrong. This should be forbidden completely and men should be given enough rights to speak up!