Miss Saudi Arabia Contest concluded in Riyadh

Morals are basically standard of behavior. Morals are the specific code of ethics. Morals are etiquettes and courtesy. And mind you, not everyone has good morals. This is why Khadra Al-Mubarak has co-founded and organized a beautiful competition!

All around the world, beauty competitions are held to judge women on their complexion, their body structure, their smile, their face and all that comes with the outer beauty.

But has anyone of you ever wondered how important inner beauty is? Probably not! Because, external beauty is the main thing, which matters the most now.

A 22-year-old female won a beauty contest, amongst 385 other participants, that was held in Al-Qatif of the Eastern Province. The objective of the competition was to promote courteous behavior and internal beauty of women to the world and not their outer beauty!

Miss Morals from an older contest

She was given the title of Miss Morals! There were two runners-up along with her, out of which one was a young 17-year-old girl, Suhaila Al-Shawaf and the other one was 19 years old Zahra Salman Al-Awa.

Both of these ladies were quite nice and were full of morals and values in them! A total of 500 women came to attend the ceremony of crowning the winner, which is the female with utmost morals and values, at the King Abdullah National Banquet in Al-Qatif.

The President of the Office of Social Affairs in Al-Qatif, Latifa Al-Tamimi, was the guest of honor for this ceremony and she voiced out her happiness and how extremely pleased she was of this honorable event held for women.

She told that this is the fourth year of this contest and the fact that it’s being continued every year now as a success itself and will inspire the public, especially women that morals are of utmost important!

I believe this competition should take place in every city, every village, every sector and every continent! It is a wonderful contest that brings forward the good part in women and how they should be well aware of morals.

Not just females, in my opinion, this contest should also be held for boys! Morals are just not important in females but in men too, especially in young men and the organizers should totally think about this.

Our eyes are covered with negativity which is why we are not able to see the good in people nowadays and that decency still lives strong in our community. We simply need clean eyes to spot it.

The process for the competition starts by girls sending in their forms after it is announced. They are then observed closely for a few weeks. They are made to admit themselves in programs related to education and training and then to further put forward their learning in real life.

This would count morals, education related to Islam, training women, psychology, worldly issues and how to raise a child with good morals. They are also asked to take part in voluntary work.

When the contest is near to its end, judges interview these contestants and then evaluate the results. Whoever wins the competition is titled as Miss Morals and I think nothing is more honorable than being called with this label.

It’s a great competition and should be encouraged for young boys as well!