Falconry Display organized in Saudi Desert – 1 Falcon costs SR 210,000

Falconry display was held in the Saudi Arabian desert organized and administered by The American Community in Riyadh also known as ACRSA or ACR. This beautiful event with several kinds of a falcon, who are good looking enough to make your jaw drops, was open to a huge number of visitors out of which most of them were foreign nationals. So, our group of expats who were going to visit the event gathered at a specific town and the local minister in his car started to move around us because of a large group of people, if seen together in this country, are watched upon like crazy! Thankfully our guide came and we left for the display. According to Arab News, the price of a falcon is SR 210,000/-.[irp]

The display wasn’t held that far away. As we reached, we saw a couple of locals coming out of their cars and beginning to sit on the carpets and lighting up woods for the water in the kettles to boil. We did not expect the food to be available there so we took our own however a table there was set up, full of tasty local cuisine and Qahwa for us to enjoy and look at these hunting birds being carried back and forth. After this, we started to take pictures of the falcons. The host had called us for a little talk about falcons, sports related to falcons and how they were previously used for diets. They told us how wild falcons are the best for hunting as they have naturally refined hunting skills.  Training a falcon this way takes up a lot of time and this training can be seen at the Arab Hunter. As the talk finished, it was time for us to see some falcon action along with their trainers and how they hunt pigeons for their diet!

Parents who came with their kids to attend the display were very shocked as live pigeons were used as food for the falcons, as their kids were present too but that’s how life is and children should be taught this! The falcons here looked gorgeous! After their trainers remove the cover, they fly off swiftly with only one thought in mind which is to hunt down the pigeons for food. The pigeons try to escape but that just isn’t successful with a falcon flying after you. However, that day, some pigeons did escape by trolling the falcons and hiding in a space where it wasn’t possible for falcons to go. Since the pigeons had hidden and weren’t flying out by the fear of falcons, we couldn’t take many pictures of them.[irp]

So, anyone who’s a fan of falconry or has an interest in seeing it for the very first time, get in touch ACR as they might be able to arrange another display, anytime soon! My husband is a big, big, BIG fan of falcons so he loved this display and has put a couple of sculpted decoration pieces of these birds in our home too. Anyone who loves falcons as much as my husband does or is keen to see them, you guys should visit this great exhibition of falcons!