How Loyal are Saudi Expatriates with the Kingdom?

Saudi Arabia has always been a very warm and welcoming country where foreign nationals, also known as expats have been welcomed. Back in the old times, I saw very fewer expats in Saudi who used to work for companies like Aramco, Alhassa electrics, Phillip-Hollzmann and various hospitals. These people would come from numerous backgrounds like American, German, Indian or Pakistani. However, as 1973 was about to end, the Saudi Kingdom is said to have a flourishing economy at that time. Numerous large-scale projects started to take place which meant Saudi Arabia now needed a huge number of experienced and untrained workers.[irp]

To this date, Saudi Arabia has 10 million foreign nationals residing with harmony in this country. These include Muslims, Arabs, Non-Muslims, and Non-Arabs. Back in the days, small scale towns never knew what an expat was but now, they are everywhere in hospitals, educational institutes, and firms. Although Saudi Arabia has always welcomed such expats, have the expats ever given something in return? And by giving, I mean being faithful to the country. The loyalty of these expats has been tested several times like in 1990 when there was an attack on Kuwait or the attacks that would take place by terrorists in this country after the tragic 9/11 incident. The thoughtful part of these expats is that they always stayed loyal to this Kingdom.

Never would you experience an expat flying out of the country if something bad happened to it. There were several people who flew off but only because they had planned to do so way before the incidents even took place. There were foreign nationals from India, Pakistan and other countries who were ready to give their lives away for Saudi without being asked to do so. Ex-employees had also offered the Kingdom to come back to the country and help them. The loyalty has always been remarkable. After inquiring with an Indian friend as to why is he defending Saudi, he replied that never will he leave Saudi until they ask him to.

Just like this, we shall always remember those expats to who gave up everything upon our request to come to Saudi and develop this country with us. They did not just land in the country by unlawful means rather they came as we invited them. Whoever wants these people to leave would have to change their lifestyle because why would you ever need a person from another country to come and clean the restrooms in a mall or to stand behind a counter at an eatery to serve you? People would have to become more self-dependent then by doing their own work.[irp]

We will always be thankful to our amazing expats who have been faithful to us and have always helped our country in every sphere of life. Saudi nationals need to realize the importance of these expats and treat them well like giving their salary on time as they have a family back in their own country to take care of. Expats should be treated with utter respect even those who are servants and maids. Having 8 million expats, we hope our relationship with them is never ruined and that both the people always live together with peace and harmony.