If you are not treated fairly, write to me – Saudi King Says

It hasn’t been long since King Salman issued a Royal decree to allow women to drive. King Salman has been liked by not only older Saudis but the young Saudis and expatriates as well. King Salman has driven the Kingdom through difficult times very wisely and bravely. Especially his steps taken in the current financial crisis are remarkable.

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Emirates News has reported that King Salman bin Abdul Aziz has made a public announcement that he wants the residents of his Kingdom to write to him and make him aware if they are being oppressed or if they are not treated with righteousness.

King Salman has informed his people that he wants them to write to him directly through mail or drop by letters free of cost. He wants his people to be happy and live the life they wish to comfort. He also stated that he wouldn’t ever be able to bear the thought that his people under his leadership have lived a life of oppression and were denied justice.

All post office employees must accept these complaints and convey them even if they are of my own sons, grandchildren or family. Let all those employees know that anyone who tries to discourage citizens from sending complaints or even tries to tone it down no matter how small it is, he will be subject to severe punishment.

The King has also called on the people who try to tone down the citizens who are being oppressed or have witnessed oppression. He has also made clear that he will take strict action against all those even if they were his children or family blood who misuse the public property or involved in corruption.

History may have never seen this kind of leadership. The leader who brings forward the pain of his people and tries to provide a bandage for the wounds will truly be successful soon enough in his mission. He doesn’t want God to punish him and the best way is to make is by keeping his people happy and protect them from all harms!

King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, The Custodian of The Two Holy Mosques

Office of His Majesty the King Royal Court, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Fax: (via Ministry of the Interior) 011 966 11 403 3125

Salutation: Your Majesty

  • Nadeem Akhtar

    Asalaam aylkum, I just want to know why is hajj packets so expensive for European and British hajjs, it goes £200 every year now it’s gone to £4000 cheapest and £5500 most expensive one. Agents are making around £1500 too 2000 profit. We the can’t afford to bring our family’s. Now we hear the Saudi government are going to charge around £470 for Ummrah visa’s how can we afford that. Plz do something about this. We have confidence that you make a change. Allahafiz.

  • There is no Hajj and Umrah visa fee for first timers.
    I understand that it is difficult to pay around $7000 for Hajj. But they are charging around $3200 from local pilgrims as well. Keep it in mind that we do not need Air Ticket, Hotel and Transportation from them.

  • haidar ali

    Dear Mr. Stave, can you guide us, that there is any changes in the rules/laws/fesses for family visit visa


    Assalamo alaicum .DEAR,KING SALMAN BIN ABDULAZIZ.. Highness.. Please help me.My Son in laws IQAMA is expired 6 months ago and we hav submitted renewal application but not accepted it since system is blocked.An exit for my granddaughter is very necessary at the situation and we ask for help from many.But no one is ready to help us.Please help us to find a way for either renewal of IQAMA or for exit process from Saudi Arabia for my granddaughter.

  • Princy Chacko

    Sir am a nurse .working in saudi arabia.I have some personal problems.please help me.please provide me ur phone number or e-mail to [email protected]

  • Princy Chacko

    Please I want to contact king salman.am in trouble.please give ur contact number sir.please mail to [email protected]

  • Sohail Ahmed

    Mrs. Naghma, could your daughter get the visa?

  • Nhec Inao

    As-Salaam-Alaikum King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, I would like to ask some help because my eqama cannot be renew by my new company due to the my previous applied company they did not pay the rent of the car i just used the car for only two days and half. After that i returned the car to them but the rent a car did not remove my name and they add two names in that account but still they did not remove my name. Now i have a scheduled vacation next month for my weeding but my eqama cannot be renewed due to that problem i have a police blotter. The rent a car asking me money for the rent. Please i am asking for your kind support regarding this status i hope you can help me in this concern.

  • Ali Qasim

    As per subject my sister her named is Tabbasum Begum d/o Syed Ameer was working in Suolin Ahlil e Banota under the supervision of Madam Maha reside in Hota benni tammin was not in contact last 9 days. She want to come india and maha confirm her that she will be in india and send her booking that maked by her son Mr. Fawad are attached. But the time of flight Maha took her from saloon and no contact after that her father is sick and she have two innocent children in india they are in pain last message was Last Monday. Please help her to send her home and make any contact with her please take any necessary action after the investigation. Her number still active but using another person
    Tabassum begum number was +966583090379
    Kafeel number are
    Passport M6479577
    Aqama 2392383549

  • Ali Qasim

    Tabassum Begum D/o Syed Ameer was working in soulin Ahlil e Banota kafeela is Maha reside in Hota BannI Tammin, Tabassum want to go back india and Maha commit it then delay it day by day then show her ticket and took her from parlor 26-09-2016 after that Tabassum was not in contact since now. Tabassum number is still on and using another person and Maha and his son not reply that where is she Maha contact number is 00966555507551 and her son number is 00966555884485 Tabassum number is 00966583090379 her fake booking is attached Maha beat her several time and want to sell her Beacuse she is prety
    Her ticket is attached
    Number available on ticket concern kafeel

  • Millad Hossain

    Please read my full details.

    Dear sir, we are 34 victim was complain 08.03.2014 in Jubail Labor office about our sponsor for our salary and change sponsorship. Then Mr. Fuad (chief of labor court) order to Mr. Khalid Qarayshi (investigate officer) for take response and investigation about our complain. Mr. Khalid was receive our all complain application with all document about our sponsor – office, agreement copy of Faris (our sponsor) with all employees, agreement copy of Tekfen company with Faris, all employees time sheet & salary sheet etc. Mr. Khalid was visit our Sponsors Branch office in Jubile. Then he was send a lot of notice to our sponsor, Tekfen company and Jubail police station too as step by step. Mr. Khalid was promise us, he will arrange our salary from Faris between Tekfen and we will get salary from his desk.

    Sir, when we complain Jubail labor court, then after 20-22 days later Faris was make Huruf (absents from work) some of employees. But that time still they was work in Tekfen (which document soft copy we have with chamber). When we inform to Mr. Khalid about Huruf, he was tell us – if he make 10 time huruf no problem. Because, your all people have complain in here. From our complain to still today Mr. Faris was come in Jubail Labor office 5 time and his Law-year (Fanduk) was come 2 time. Before make huruf he was threat us – he will kill us and make problem and he don’t give any salary. We was inform Mr Khalid about it too.

    Once time (11.07.2014) he was come in Jubail labor office 03.40 pm for solve our problem in Mr. Khalid office desk. They will alone 40 minute. Then Mr. Khalid call us & ask us what you want salary or change sponsorship? We say – change sponsorship and salary too. Then Mr. Khalid say you can get one, otherwise leave my office. Then we come out from office. We was wait for Mr. Faris. He was come out after 20 minute from Mr. Khalid office desk. And he ask us, I don’t know which person how much salary with me. He was say us come with me for counting salary. He was give us a hotel Location in Jubail (Ishara Moya Khajjan). We was gone there and he was bring us in a room and lock us with his 2 friends. It was same day on 07.45 pm. He was keep our Iqma and he was torched & hit us with his friends. Then he was gone out. That moment some of our friends was gone (skip) from this room. Then he was bring Police and handover us 5 person to police. We was show our case reference document to police. The police also hit us and tell khalli – balli, Police also threat us you complain about your sponsor? You don’t have iqama, don’t talk more. And they don’t give any chance to talk any word only torched and torched us. Then Police was bring us Jubail Police station and that day they will bring us Dammam 91. Dammam 91 Police was check our iqama number with there pc system. Then they leave us and one of police bring us in Jubile for leave us. It was 01.10 am.

    Sir, when we explain about Mr. Faris & Police rap-behave with us to Mr. Khalid (who was investigate our case) in 18.07.2014, he was tell us for come next Sunday (21.07.2014). That day we can’t find him, he take 45 days vacation without salutation our reference problem. Then we inform Chief of labor office. Then he was call to Mr. Khalid for asking our case all document & evidence. Then we can know they loss our all documents with all avidence. We inform Mr. Fuad about our document with Faris. Then he arrange new complaining & he was send Dammam Labor court.

    Sir, we respect Law and rule in K.S.A. So we was appeal Jubail Labor office. But in 11.07.2014 Mr. Khalid & Police behave making crying us. And 11.09.2014 Jubail police was keep one of our friend (Leon Hossain 2257966529) and send him dammam 91. He was show our case reference document. Leon say us Faris was come there. And Dammam 91 Police was send him in Bangladesh 27.09.2014. How is it possible mam without finish our case? So we don’t understand what is going on? Where is the human-rites in K.S.A? Where is justice? What we can do? Who will protect us? Where we can go? We are so tired mam. 19 month we don’t see any money. How is our life going in Saudi Arabia anybody don’t think. We are come your country for working and make money for make happy our parents and family. Now our hard working money keep our sponsor and he threat us, hit us, torched us, make huruf, don’t give iqma-passport. Who will take response about it?

    Sir, on 18.09.2014 our sponsor was show us our all reference evidences document in front of Jubail Labor court parking area. How can he keep it mam? And he threat us again he will see what we can do. From your justice what can we do now? Where is human rites? So please try to help for solve our problem as soon as possible and arrange us for change our sponsorship. Please arrange correct Justice from Saudi Government Rule (from Al-Quran). Then we can join new job with our new sponsor. Mam, we don’t go any wrong way, we don’t have any bad report. If we are wrong, we will accept any famishment from your county rule and law. We was so confident about Saudi Justice. So we complain Gov. labor office about our salary and change sponsorship. We are afraid now because our sponsor make problem with us & we don’t have Iqma, Passport. Only we have abidance copy from Labor office.

    Sir, for your information, 77 employees was change sponsorship to him from different different sponsor in July – October 2013. And who have without Huruf & date expired Iqma they change sponsorship.

    Please help us.
    [email protected]

  • Mohammad Rizwan

    Dear All,
    Asalamoalikum warahmatullah !
    I would really appreciate if you share the outcome of your queries which you put across to Your Majesty KingSalman bin Abdulaziz.
    I am also an inflicted employee an seeking kind blessing from your majesty to do justice in favor of me..I want to put my complain as welk but am afraid how long will it take to resolve.
    Please share your advice in order proceed accordingly..if you want you can contact me also at my mob# 0554885271
    Allah bless you All..

  • sameer akhtar

    My brother is facing trouble in Saudi Arabia….he has not been given salaries from 8 months…. he complained everywhere….but no outcomes.. many other labours along with my brother are facing problem….situation is so pathetic…the company Saudi bin Laden group is bluffing the Saudi king…
    Plz help…my email id is [email protected]

  • syed shahnawaz

    Dear ksa govt.

    Im working in saudi binladin group the 2 holy mosque (haram project), Alhumdulillah im feel so proud that im working in haram, but sadly im informing you that FYI we all staff & workers is facing a big issue from our company binladin the issue is that we all r not getting salary from last 8 months i hope the ksa govt known as well the situation, we all are in deep problem coz we don’t have single money our parents & family are also facing a very hard time they r waiting when we send money to them, I hope you understand our problems kindly its a humble request you to resolve our salary problems.
    We have good hope on Allah we will get soon coz we worked in haram project we all believed that Saudi is a Islamic country and they will do justice,

  • سيد منظور احمد

    Assallamu allaykum
    Dear Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz,
    My name is Syed Manzoor Ahmed and I’m from India, bangalore.
    I was working in Iscosa a simens company in dammam, as a quality control from 2009 to 2012.
    I was effected by tuberculosis in 2010 December and I recovered after 9 months and ministry of health declared good condition for my health in September 2011,

    Now I’m job less and in a poor condition, can you please help me for job in Saudi Arabia or any help for finance it will be a pleasure to me and I will be thankful to Allah for your help.
    My email ID: [email protected]

    Syed Manzoor Ahmed

  • M.Shahzad Waris

    Asalam o alaikum
    Dear king ksa
    Its more difficult for us being a jobless why you not take step for us I’m from Pakistan my name is m.Shahzad Waris where we apply for job ? Can you help us because its more difficult living as jobless please help us Allah bless you as he will inshallah
    I’m waiting reply from your team my # 0594853120
    And my email I’d is
    War is shah za do yahoo.com
    Thanks and regards

  • M.Shahzad Waris

    Assalam o alaikum
    Dear king
    I need your help please contact me I have problem can you or your team members help for job because I’m jobless more then 8 months no have money for food please help me
    0594853120 my #
    [email protected]
    My email
    Sir please call me for help or email me Allah bless you more

  • Fatmawati Lamamma

    السَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُه

    Dear Ministry Interior staff,

    May I have your email address please…..

    In order to explain some case….more widely…

    Thank you



    Thanks for reading this letter of inquiry to your office to determine your interest in supporting save the Islamic society Uganda’s scholarship program for vulnerable orphans and children (OVC’s) out of school.
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    Save the Islamic society Uganda is a registered charity organization as NGO legally operating in Uganda, created voluntarily by a group of 5youth who operate independently of government interference towards the welfare of some of the most disadvantaged people in Uganda. Our mission is to improve the lives of the vulnerable in rights to social, religious, and economic development.
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    Nadia Jaffer, founding member (save the Islamic society Uganda)

  • Fatmawati Lamamma

    I need privacy report, not open public one…
    Thanks brother for your answer.


    am sorry sister; but how bcz is public chat room and i don’t have your mail

  • Fatmawati Lamamma

    Dear Brother, if I give you my email, then you will inform me the email address of ministry of Interior ?

    Thank you

  • Senabulya Martin

    Hello am martin and i was badly treated when i came to work in saudi arabia,i worked for a company called address cafe as a roast master but the contract i signed with my employer to earn 4000 riyals as my salary was breached ,on top of that i worked for around 18 hours contrary to my contract of 8 hours…i want compensation for breach of contract…my email is [email protected],my uganda number is +256 758976850,this company’s general manager is Ibrahim Alghafes,he really treated me bad

  • Roshan Sebastian

    Very respected Honorable kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
    I am Roshan sebastian son of Sebastian hereby asking a financial help for helping my family from very terrible situation that my father Sebastion who served saudi arabia nearly about 40 years has got a major problem in his heart valve and has brought to native country India from alcobar -He need emergency valve plasty surgery-He earned anything rather than his daily needed money,As i am a student -and without job i cant help him to save our family and my father! We required around 11000 dollars for my pappas treatment!Please help us as much u can -may Allah bless u!
    SB A/C NO : 044501000014752
    Swift code : IOBAINBB099
    IFSC : IOBA0000445

  • Semih

    The esteemed king of sudi arabia, my name is semih. My last name is Turkish. I live in Turkey. I experienced a very bad event in 2014. I had a traffic accident. I got a fine of $ 30,000 in compensation. No params. My house took everything from my car. My wage is not enough. They made a payday. Everything is over. I wish for God’s help every day. First of all, I ask for help from you after the king first. God bless you. Sincerely yours, Garanti Bank
    Branch code: 682
    Account number: 909 23 94
    Riyal account IBAN: TR93 0006 2000 6820 0009 0923 94

  • mohammad ruhul amin

    Assalamualiqum wa rahmatullah.

    At first a lot of thanks to our great leader King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz for the issue of helping the expatiates who are not judgment by the sponsor.
    I am interested to submit my case to our Islamic central leader King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz. I want to sent with some documents.
    So, I am requested for the email of the king .

    Thanks & best regards.

    Mohammad Ruhul Amin

    mobile : 0501494083

  • Dr Nirmala Maruthai Santhanam

    Why there is no justice for women who working in KSA from other country…..Many places officially also not allowed eventhough its a medical college highly educated people working place……I am working in university as assistant professor….joined here 12months back…Didn’t get the Housing allowance or the furnishing allowance….reason what they tell is didn’t bring your husband….new rule saying single women alone wont get any benefit or what???? DO u people know how much struggle single women undergo on top this also…….No justice for women in KSA????

  • Bushra

    Assalamoalikum the most honourable king i donot think so u will read my message as u are a most powerful personality eventhough i want to ask i want to do job in saudia and applied many times but all my efforts went in vain .sir im pharmacist by profession can u give me job in your country????please mail me at this adress [email protected]

  • Bushra

    madam did u receive any answer??

  • Shaguftah Rukhsar Rukhsar

    Assalaam walakum my majesty
    I have sended you many messages …but no reply has came .whenever i hve send u the letter from there reply has came only pending ,removed or ,deceted as spam ….
    If you give me the permission ,may i hve send you again a new letter ?
    Thanks regards
    EMAIL ID . [email protected] .com

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  • Shaguftah Rukhsar Rukhsar

    asslam walaikum
    honarable king of ksa
    i have sanded many latter but not reply any latter .plz answer what a matter. i wish my majesty reply my latter.
    thanks regards
    my EMAIL [email protected]

  • Kamran Rasool

    hav you receivd any reply?

  • Mubarak Tahir-Abubakar

    Salaam alaikum wa rahmatullaah wa barkaatuhu, my respected king ,thank you for the this wonderful opportunity, my name is mubarak Tahir-Abubakar from Ghana, my wish is to work as a security guard at haramain, please help me out by giving this wonderful opportunity. Thank you. my email address is [email protected]

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