Why Breastfeeding Culture is fading in Saudi Arabia?

One of the most difficult tasks that a woman must encounter at any one time in her life is of giving birth to her child. After nine long months of patience, care and nourishment she brings into this world a life that she calls her own. The most important moment in the life of a mother is the first time that she holds the little newborn in her arms, that is when the tears flow down and she’s aware that it’s all real. Within all of this, we must be aware that the baby should only be fed the breast milk of the mother in the next few hours of delivery. On many occasions, you may have often heard that the mother’s milk should be the only diet for the child for the first few months.[irp]

We can’t generally know how the tables have changed so suddenly. Now the women have become much more modernized or might have gone carefree, we don’t know. What we do know is that most of the mothers of Saudi Arabia, do not feed their children with their milk anymore! This is quite shocking since the essence of being a mother is by sharing the bond with her child through feeding her own milk. This is a very old culture that has been part of the world since its evolution. It becomes extremely important to note that how the women in this time can run away from this responsibility, how can there be such many Saudi women who don’t feed their children with their milk?

One wild guess as to why has this culture begun to fade away is probably because with the connection to the outside world of Saudi Arabia several companies and brands have somehow convinced, rather brainwashed the women that breast milk may not be enough for their baby. The women have somehow learned to be fully convinced that the canned or powdered milk provides all the nutrients. These women fear that if they don’t feed their babies this powdered and branded milk their child will eventually fall ill and it will be all on them. For the safety and health of our children, we parents are often bound to make mistakes but there are some mistakes we can never come back from.

The breast milk consists of all the important nutrients, antibodies, immune factors and antioxidants that are necessary for a baby to build up his immune system and grow. This milk is as important as getting your child vaccinated. There are certain centers that educate women in Saudi Arabia about the importance of feeding their child with their own milk till they are the age of two but for the others, women must grow aware that it all comes down to what they choose for their baby. There are many Muslim children who die even before reaching the age of 1 due to malnutrition. Is denying breastfeeding the only reason? Is there more to the story? We’ll just to wait and see.[irp]

Trapezius77: Those companies making formula are evil with regards to their aggressive marketing campaigns, especially in poor underdeveloped countries. They have convinced tens of millions of women around the world that formula milk is better than breast milk. This is false. Breast milk is much time better than formula milk and has positive far-reaching life-long consequences for both the mother and the child, as it is a live product with live cells and immune factors, something formula milk can never do. The marketing campaigns are like cigarette companies' marketing campaigns which claimed that smoking was good for health, but when people started getting sick, they swore it wasn't bad for health… the rest is history. Unfortunately, this has also spread to not so poor countries, such as SA, which is a rich country, but where a big chunk of the population is ignorant of science.