The Attractions inside Fakieh Aquarium, Jeddah

Saudi Arabia has always been popular as the country which has no activities and is stated as ‘boring’ by most people who have never been to or lived in Saudi. But that is just not true! The entertainment facilities in Saudi are increasing day by day and one of them is the newly constructed Fakieh Aquarium. It is super unique and one of its kind in the entire Kingdom of Saudi. Aquariums are very famous amongst people especially children because they find it amusing how a wall of glass can have so much of water along with sea animals.[irp]

Fakieh Aquarium just doesn’t promise to provide fun but also to be of some educational use for children. It is huge and it is stunning! Moreover, it is kept clean and tidy and well maintained. The aquarium opened its door to a large crowd in January. It is situated on the Sari Street of the Jeddah Corniche that has Red Sea coastline in the middle. Fakieh Aquarium contains 7,000 sea animals which would include jellyfish, sharks, fish, dolphins, seals etc. The reason why I said this aquarium is stunning is because as soon as you go to the aquarium from the North side, a beautiful mosaic made up of vibrant and attractive tiles is made that shows the underwater marine life. Words are just not enough to describe how beautiful it is and gives a completely unique yet interesting look to the Fakieh Aquarium. GPS Coordinate: 21.572019,39.10945

The tanks in this aquarium are huge so visitors can look and explore the inner water life with ease and give a real look to the aquarium. They are finished off with mangroves and reefs to give a natural underwater sea look to the audience. This is very like the experience I had while snorkeling in the Red Sea. I explored so many species of the underwater animals here that I had never even seen.

However, since most of the Saudi women have never been taught swimming, they do not know the amazing experience of snorkeling. But that’s where the Fakieh Aquarium plays its part by giving these women, well not only women but the entire family to view this aquarium and the underwater sea life by their own eyes and not having to rely on others for second-hand experiences and information.[irp]

Dolphin shows are also held in this aquarium and we saw one as well. A restaurant is on its way to being developed on the side of the aquarium which will be a great facility for the visitors. The price of the ticket is 50 riyals per person and a separate 50 riyals per person for the dolphin show. The price is nominal however for a large family visiting the aquarium; it might cost them a fortune. There is a toy store there as well but I have nothing to write about it as they sold normal toys that are available everywhere instead of stocking toys related to the sea life. Anyway, my experience was one a kind and I must appreciate the hard work of people who came up with this plan. It’s a super interesting place, for both children and adults.