What is the Duration of Ban to enter back to Saudi Arabia in Case of Huroob?

The most difficult situation which an expatriate can face in Saudi Arabia is Huroob. I pray none of us have to face this situation. If you run away from your sponsor, Saudi Law gives this liberty to the sponsor to set Huroob under your iqama. Once the Huroob is set, you would not be able to renew Iqama. After the expiry of Iqama, you will be staying in Kingdom illegally. If you go back to your country without removing Huroob, you will have to face a ban period before coming back to Saudi Arabia. The ban period which an expatriate has to face differs upon the type of Huroob set by the employer. We have discussed it in detail in the below paragraphs.

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Huroob due to Not Reporting to Work: If the employer has set Huroob under your Iqama as you were not reporting to work, you can go back to your country using any of the below-mentioned ways. However, if the employer does not remove Huroob and you go back with Huroob status to your country, you will have to face a ban period. In case if Huroob is set due to not reporting to work, ban period is 3 years. If you try to come back during these 3 years, you will have to face consequences discussed in this link “Return of Deported Expatriates to Saudi Arabia”. However, it is important to mention here that

  • There will be no ban to go to GCC countries in this case
  • You can always enter back to Saudi Arabia on Umrah or Hajj Visa

Ways to go back to Country in case of Huroob due to Not Reporting to Work

  • Remove Huroob
  • Avoid Jail and Go Home, Final Exit without removing Huroob

Deportation through Detention Center: The procedure you need to adopt in first two cases has already been explained. Now if you opt for the third option, Police will arrest you and send you to the detention center. Detention centers are different from Jails. Saudi government will process your documentation and you will be deported to your country upon your personal expense. The living expenses in the detention center are also your personal responsibility.

Huroob due to Criminal Activity: If Huroob is set by the employer as you are involved in some criminal activity e.g. stealing money, fraud, murder etc. the process will be different.

  • Now after setting the Huroob, the employer will report against you in the Police.
  • Police will be searching for you everywhere and as soon as you are caught you will have to the litigation process. We have shared some useful tips “What to do if arrested by Police in Saudi Arabia”.
  • If the court decides against you, you will have to spend imprisonment in Saudi Arabia.
  • After completion of imprisonment, you will be deported to your native country.
  • In this case, you will not be able to come back to Saudi Arabia on any type of visa.
  • Moreover, you would not be able to enter to any GCC country on any type of visa.
  • kishan

    i was blacklisted in saudi arabia 15 years ago for quarreling with my co worker and then i worked in bahrain for 2 years and now i am travelling to USA. i am travelling through qatar airways and i wanted to know that if the ban of saudi arabia is still in process and will it stop me from entering the gcc countries ??

  • Do not worry about it. The maximum duration of ban in any case is not more than 10 years.

  • Muzzafar

    Dear steve my company applied for iqama in ksa, but message came passport number of this nationality already exists, kindly tell what is this issue ….

  • Anzil Vahid

    Hi steve

    I have loan from Abdul latheef al jamil (Toyota) but Imy due is pending before 5month company is get case from me but I am already pay all pending amount but my iam is now travel ban how to remove this ban also y iqama lost iwhant get new iqama if me have any problem from javazt get new iqama please give me the advice

  • vin ang

    Hello, Im Joseph I will ask any advices from my case i was working on my company for almost 3years and 3 mos. But my contract is 2years only, the exist 1year and 3mos. We dont have any promises to sign up or contract to be sign, however after for my 2years i was attempting to resign,but they are not accept my resignation they are advices me to continue without any contract, time that my iqama and passport need to renew, to make my story details short, i will follow their advices to stay for 1year,i finish again, and i pass another resignation to the office but still they will not approve it, since that the system of the company is not good, i decided to took a vacation and i will not return back, my question is, how would i cancel my huroob especially on my case that i had a exit reentry visa on my previous job.?can i file a case agains them that i am here in the philippines and to become my huroob was cancel? Note until now i dont have any communication for my employer.. Please help me to this case. Tnx

  • liaqatuddin mohammed

    As soon as i came back to Saudi Arabia from my vacation i came to know that my sponsor kept me in Huroob, my sponsor is a lady kafeel and her husband is her vakeel i came to know due to husband and wife’s quarrelling he kept some people in huroob he is a very greedy and cunning man, i was working in saudi arabia in another company and my sponsor was different i tried to contact him many times but he is not lifting phone, he is a very greedy man during my working period he took around 3000/- SAR for getting me a Exit Re-Entry visa for my country, So I came back to my home county with out his information from back door as i have completed 5 years 6 months of period my question is can i go back to Saudi Arabia on employment visa now or how much more time more i need to get employment visa of Saudi Arabia also i came to know that my Iqama status is still lying in huroob so please help me by advising the legal way

  • Ahmed

    لا يوجد عاملين بالمواصفات المسجلة
    What does it means, still I am under ban or ban removed ….? your reply will be appreciated

  • syed abdul hannan

    Im on Exit – Re Entry my company owes me 2 months salary after reaching back to my home country my company is not responding to my e-mails nor answering my calls even on whatsapp they are jus ignoring my messages i don’t have any accommodation to stay in saudi if i return back. I am really confused don’t know what shall i do??
    About my company its a start up consultant with jus 5-6 staff of all arabic speaking syrians.

  • Buggati Virona

    sir my name is sohail and i leave in ksa in khobar my kafeel has set haroob on me before 2 or 3 months and i am a family man i have 3 son and 1 daughter .but now i want to go back to pakistan under huroob but can u tell any way in which i can save from jail because whole family will be with me and my iqama is also expiry from 2 or 3 years so plz if u can tell me any way in which i should not go to jail but to pakistan and my passports are also expire because we dont have any money .and my kafeel status is small green

  • s joher

    Dear Respected Sir,

    i went to saudi on 17 April 2014 for work purpose and due to some emergency case i left saudi in 19 June 2014 my iqama was ready that time while i left saudi. so, first please note down my Iqama Number that is# 2366144745.
    So, my question is can i go again to saudi on work visa as i dont have any type of aligation or any case.

    Sir my Iqama already expired in 09/06/2015.

  • Mohammad Ikbal

    Dear Steve,

    I had a Saudi ban in connection with case filed by sponsor, on acquittal of the said case, by issuing exit visa dated 18/07/2006, recently i had got a job offer from Qatar and employment visa issued from the company and have joined the company, but my company couldn’t be proceeded with Resident Permit due to sharing of my finger print in the GCC system, could you please advise that how long finger print will it sit in the system as i heard that my case has been deleted from the system, but finger print is only sitting in the system.

    Waiting for your swift response, thank you

  • Irfan Ahmad

    Dear Mr. Steave,

    Please answer the above question of Ariel as I have the same issue happened in 2014.

  • Adu Mandirigma

    good day! sir
    my question i was huroob under my iqama after my iqama was expired i surrender to shamycy then got jail in 1 month.can i go other gcc country or not? how many years duration of ban in this case huroob only without any cases sir

  • Adu Mandirigma

    can i go other gcc country my case is huroob only no criminal case.after my iqama complete i decide to surrender to the police but
    i was on jail for 1 month before the police sent me in my country.
    can i go other gcc country.i was check my
    status it was final exit and my company establishment color green low.

  • Adu Mandirigma

    i check my iqama number the result of my status is final exit

  • Lavin Mash

    Can I go back to SaudiArabia after finishing the ban duration of 5yrs

  • Luqman kazi

    I was came from Saudi Arabia on exit re entry but didn’t go back, and now I want to go on another visa, so in this situation can I face problem? Or I can go easily. Please give me the suggestion, send me reply on my email address.
    Jazak allahu khairan

    Luqman kazi
    [email protected]

  • Luqman kazi

    Where we check wether it’s ban or not?

  • Beau Jake Amacna Lopez

    I’d like to ask someone you guys, after finger printing from jawazat how many days the duration staying before should going to leave the kingdom, anyone can help??? Thank you..

  • Joey J. Volante

    hello good morning…i was a saudi worker who went home with huroob last 2011..then i went back to saudi the next year(2012). and i was deported..i want to know if i can still come back to work in saudi if i can apply here in my country(philippines)…please somebody help me.please give me an info and thank you..

  • Joey J. Volante

    when i went home on 2011, i got my finger print and eye scan in the airport of riyadh. when i cameback to saudi on 2012 this record was traced and i was deported….please give me info if i can still go back for work coz its been 5years since 2012…thank you…

  • Joey J. Volante

    please reply on my fb account…thank you..

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