3 Best Shopping Malls in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Abiding by the very adamant laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia, there is not much that a woman can do in this country except stay at home or a visit a friend’s place and that accumulates too many dull and bored women. But there’s one thing which almost all females love to do and that’s shopping! Walking around huge malls window shopping and carrying a bunch of shopping bags, shopping is the most favorite activity which a woman would want to do in her free time or in Saudi’s case– all the time! Because of this reason, Jeddah in Saudi Arabia has several malls which are made for a lot of purposes.

One of the major purposes being that women here can’t do anything without their husbands so, the mall is one place where the entire family can unwind themselves together. Another reason being that some of these malls have entertaining sections in the mall which are essential for mothers leaving their kids with nannies because I believe, every woman needs a bit of her ME time. The malls in Jeddah are spectacular! They provide several facilities such as entertainment parks, ice skating games, water fountains and different prayer areas for both males and females. Besides this, they also stock a wide range of both local and high-end brands. Some of which include H&M, Zara, Aldo etc. and food chains like Burger King, Starbucks etc.  The dress code for females is the same even in malls which are long and loose Abayas to give full coverage to them however males can be seen in either their casual clothing or the typical Saudi white thobes with a checkered scarf called Shimaq.

RED SEA MALL: Associated with a well-known chain store known as the Danube, the Red Sea Mall started operating a few years ago only as is known to have three floors in total with eighteen gates for entry, stunning water fountains, aquariums and a huge parking lot for about 4000 vehicles. It consists of astonishing family areas, food courts with several food chains and a lovely section for kids where events are organized specially for them.[irp]

JEDDAH AND ROSHAN MALL:  Both malls are quite different as the Jeddah Mall is smaller and compact in size whereas the Roshan mall is so huge that it would take time for a person to explore it. However, both offer family entertainments and food courts. The Roshan Mall is associated with Hyper Panda which is a chain store.[irp]

MALL OF ARABIA AND HERA MALL:  Being a single level mall, Hera Mall has a wide range of stores to attract people in going there and has a big food court with a separate children’s section! However, nothing beats the Mall of Arabia. With having a three-floor dining area, 330 shops, parking space, a huge enjoyment park, a Snow village where shoppers can enjoy snow, a chain store Geant which offers a large variety of products and activities going on for both the adults and kids, it is said to be the largest and most beautiful mall of Jeddah!