Check Family Visit Visa Application Status in Saudi Arabia

We have already published detailed article about how you need to fill online application for family visit visa and then the procedure to submit it is also explained in this link “Apply for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia”. Once the application is successfully submitted, you need to check the status of application of family visit visa online. You must know about the procedure to check family visit visa application status but the problem arises when you receive the messages from MOFA. These messages are in Arabic and it is very difficult for you to understand them fully. Google Translator does not translate properly. To solve this problem, I request one of my Saudi friends to translate it for me. Today I have shared with your translation of 35 different messages received by different people when they checked family visit visa application status online. Procedure to check Family Visit Visa Application Status is given below.

First, you need to go to the website of MOFA through this link. You will have to select “English” language from there. A page will be opened where you will have to enter the information to check Family Visit Visa Application Status. Select “Application submitted to MOFA” in front of “Search for”.  Application number which is given to you by MOFA when you applied for the visit visa needs to be entered here. Iqama Number also needs to be entered in third box and image code in the fourth box. Once all the information has been entered, you need to click on inquire a message like this will appear on your computer screen. It is shown in the screenshot below.

The message which has been shown in the screenshot means that the visa has been approved. However, you may receive a different message. I have translated different messages received by the people now in the following table. Read them and give us your feedback.

S.NArabicTranslation and Action
1Please print the document and communicate with any of the visa services offices accredited to the mission to provide documents and to introduce visa application electronically.Your visa application has been approved by MOFA. You can ask the visa holder to start visa processing in your home country.
2 تقديم الطلب للفرع مع الاقامهVisit MOFA with your Iqama
3 يقدم الطلب شخصيا الى فرع الوزارة بجدةYou need to apply for the visit visa by visiting VISA yourself
4إستعلام عن طلب مقدم لوزارة الخارجية تم إستلام الطلب بتاريخ 2015/01/26Request for the Visit Visa has been received by the MOFA
5(نأمل تقديم طلب جديد وادخال البيانات كاملة (أسماء الزائرين كما هي مدونة في الجوازApplication Rejected: Please submit new application and enter complete required information
6اعتذار كتابة اسم المطلوب للزيارة باللغة الانجليزيةApology: The name of the applicant of visit visa should be in English
7تعبئة طلب جديد / وتدوين رقم تأشيرة الدخولFill a new application and enter the details of your entry visa number
8تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب . المهنة"Application has been rejected due to Profession. You need to change your profession
9تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب تعديل الديانة غير مسلمApplication has been rejected due to the religion for whom visit visa has been applied is Non-Muslim
10تعتذر الوزارة عن تحقيق الطلب.Application Rejected
11تعتذر وزارة الخارجية عن تلبية الطلبApplication Rejected
12تم استلام الطلبRequest Received
13تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 8462847 ) بتاريخ 2014/10/21 (غرفة الرياض)Request Authenticated at the Chamber of Commerce
14رقم الطلب: 9291854 تاريخ الطلب: 2015/02/02 الطلب تحت الاجراءRequest is under process
15فضلاً تدوين رقم خطاب مكتب العمل وتاريخة ومصدرة بخصوص تغير المهنةPlease provide labor office approval to change profession with date and place of issuance
16لا داعي لمراجعة وزارة الخارجية أو فروعها بالنسبة لطلبات الزيارة العائلية المصدق عليها آلياً من الغرفة التجارية وعليك متابعةنتيجة الطلب على الموقعNo need to visit MOFA or any of its branches for family visa authenticated by COC. Followup the reuest online
17لرجاء طباعة المستند ومراجعة ممثلية المملكة لإصدار تأشيرة الدخولPlease print the document and consult representative office to issue the entry visa
18مبررات الزيارة أم الزوجه الزيارة.Justification of the visit for mother in law needs to be provided
19مدة الزيارة المطلوبة أعلى من تاريخ صلاحية اقامة صاحب الطلبDuration of the requested visa is higher than the validity of the Iqama of the person requesting the vsia
20مراجعة الفرع بجده بمذكرة المراجعة واصل الطلب واصل الاقامه وصور منهاConsult the branch in Jeddah with the followup receipt, the original request, original Iqama and copy of the Iqama
21نامل تعبئة طلب جديPlease fillup an acceptable request
22نامل تعبئة طلب جديد وادخال بياناتك بدقه كما هي بالاقامهplease fill up new request with accuarate information as per Iqama
23نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد بعد موسم الحجPlease fill up new application after hajj season
24نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدون فيه بياناتك بكل دقة كماهي بالإقامة_صاحب العملPlease fill up a new application with accurate information as per Iqama and employer
25نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدون فيه بياناتك بكل دقة وتدوين اسماء المطلوبين للزيارة كاملة كما بالجواز السفر (ثلاثيPlease fill up a new application with accurate information and indicate the names of the persons for whom application is made as epr their respective passprots
26نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين العنوان باسم المدينةPlease fill up a new application with address and name of city
27نـأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين العنوان كاملPlease fill up a new application with complete address
28نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين المهنه بكل دقة كما هو في الإقامةPlease fill up a new application with accurate information about the profession as per Iqama
29نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين بياناتك بدقة كما هي مدونة في الإقامةPlease fill up a new application with accurate information as per Iqama
30نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين جميع المعلومات باللغة العربية ما عدا اسماء المطلوبين للزيارة تكتب بالأحرف اللاتينية.Please fill up a new application with accurate information in Arabic except for the names of the person for whom the visa application has been made. It should be in Latin letters.
31نأمل تعبئة طلب جديد وتدوين رقم خطاب مكتب العمل بتغير المهنه في مبررات الزيارةPlease fill up a new application including the labor office letter for change of profession in justification of the visit
32نأمل مراجعة فرع المدينة المنوره لمطابقة البيانات مع احضار جميع المستندات (مع صور منها) على أن تكون الهويه للمستفيد صادره من المدينه او تبوك او احدى محافظاتهما وفترة صلاحية لاتقل عن ثلاثة اشهPlease visit Madina Branch for the conformity of the information in the presence of all documents and photocopies thereof, on the condition that the applicant's Iqama is issued from Madina or Tabuk and the validity is not less than 3 months.
33نأمل مراجعة فرع الوزاره مع إرفاق الطلب وأصل الإقامه وصورة منهاPlease visit MOFA with application, original iqama and copy thereof.
34يرجى التقدم للسفارة / القنصلية مباشرة بخطاب دعوه الكترونيPlease apply directly to the embassy or consulate with an electronic invitation letter
35يرجى طباعة الطلب وتصديقه الكترونيا من الغرفة التجارية او جهة العملPlease print the application and authenticate with from COC or the employer
36يرفق مع الطلب صورة الاقامة واقامة الزوجةPlease attach with application copy of your Iqama and copy of your spouse Oqama
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  • Syed Pasha

    Salam O Laikum, I have applied family visit visa for my wife and mother but
    the I got the visa approval paper showing my wife name only where as
    mother name is not included, and no reason mentioned, what i have to do
    now, I should apply the new application for my mother or any other
    alternate is there please inform

  • Farooq Sultan

    Dear Aftab, did you get the visa? When did the status change online? I submitted yesterday and have the same status!

  • Aftab

    Yes, i got the visa approved

  • Aftab

    Visa not approved with the online application. I have tried an alternate way as it is haj season. See below my message posted in You may follow the same procedure if you have a genuine medical or an emergency reason.

    Alhamudlillah. I would like to inform that i have at last got a visit visa for my mother in law today.

    It took me only 3-4 hours to get the visa.

    1. The application form and other documents (including reason for visit/medical report etc) was submitted to Istikdam today morning. They then issued me a paper (Thasreer Ziyarah).
    2. I then submitted this paper alongwith online visit application form (without COC attestation) to MOFA office. They then gave me the application number and asked me to check the status in MOFA online.
    3. After 10 minutes, i checked the status of the application and have seen that the visa is approved!

    This is the procedure to apply for family visit visa during hajj season. But you need to have a valid proof stating the reason for visit. In my case, my wife is pregnant, could not travel back to native due to medical reasons and need her mother with her.

  • Farooq Sultan

    when did the online status change? my current status is also تم استلام الطلب

  • Thank you very much Mr. Aftab for sharing your experience.

  • salman sarwar

    Mofa guy gave you application number? Is it same number written on the online application you filled on mofa site?
    But guy said they need coc stamp.. After finishing coc stamp they take the all documents along with istaqdam paper. Now status is تم استلام الطلب

  • @disqus_HvdyBIoWvO:disqus, I would appreciate if you answer me about two things.
    1. do you need to get an appointment from Istiqdam to apply for visa?
    2. Did you have to chamberize the print of online application submitted on the website of MOFA?

  • Des Plata

    Hi Sir Steve.
    I was issued a Saudi Police Clearance Certificate through a letter of request from the US Embassy for immigration purpose. Unfortunately, there have been a discrepancy with my age in the certificate which did not match my actual age. I requested the police officers to change the age but they refused as according to them they cannot change any details stored in their system. I really need the age to be changed to avoid any conflict withmy visa application. I appreciate your help and response Sir Steve. Thank you.

  • It also means that the date of birth stated on your iqama was incorrect. So brother if you are still in Saudi Arabia, you need to change the DOB on your Iqama. GRO of your company can help you out in this regard,

  • Des Plata

    Its not incorrect Sir Steve the date of birth in my Iqama and passport are both correct. Please tell me how to change the age in their record? Is ttere a way to make it correct?

  • Jawaid

    What is the iqama renewal fee for dependents. It is 500 SAR for all dependents or we have to pay 500 for each dependent.

  • I have no idea how to resolve this issue. What record are they talking about? The only record with them is your Iqama.

  • Ismail

    When did you apply for your wife visa

  • Ismail

    Dear steve,
    Visit visa for wife and son are open??
    In how many days they are giving??
    Please reply

  • Shakeeb Manna

    Hi Steve,
    To renew my family visit visa i tried to pay extension fees through Al Ahli ATM. It says visitor ID not found. Please can you help me on this matter.

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Any body knows the fees of permenant visa after 2nd October

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Write border no there

  • Shakeeb Manna

    After entering border number it shows this message. Any idea?

  • ALi

    2000SR LEGAL WAY

  • ALi


  • ALi


  • ALi


  • Anjana

    Is there any problem in visa approval during hajj time. My visa application was given 9 days back. Still its the same status.

  • ALi

    what is the status as i applied on 22aug and 23aug it got approved

  • It will remain same as SR 2000

  • Anjana

    is it. for me it is showing ” The ratification of the request: (Application Number) dated
    (8/16/2016) — (East Room)

  • ALi

    In Arabic plz?

  • Anjana

    تم التصديق على الطلب: ( number ) بتاريخ 2016/08/16 (غرفة الشرقية)

  • Anjana

    For me also same

  • ALi

    still you have to wait as its saying chamber (COC) is done from east branch

  • Shakeeb Manna

    I entered the correct border number and submitted it , still the reply is Visitor ID not found.

  • Pawan Kumar

    Hi Seeve.

    I want to apply for Family Permanent visa only for my sons. My wife is working Here only. At first appointment they ask me to come All with all document with wife Sponsor NOC Letter for family visa. it Happened last 25 August 2016. Again I am planing to Visit to apply Family visa But, Now am unable to t to get appointment Online Its shows ” No any appointment available”. Please can you tel me without appointment can i visit and submit the document for family visa ?
    Or can i visit again with old one Appointment. ?
    Or please guide me to resolve this issue…?

    Please reply me its very urgent

  • Zolo

    Hi All,

    I got this msg after applying for visit visa for my family.
    الاجراء يتطلب تصديق الطلب من الغرفه التجاريه حيث عنوانك(مكان اصدلر اقامتك)
    what is the meaning of this ? can any one plz tell me.

    Thank you.

  • Carlo

    Dear Brothers,

    I have submitted my family visit visa application to CoC this day, but in within 7 days I need to go to my home country due to family issues. Question is, is it ok I go to my home country and still process my application via I will leave my iqama to my sponsor’s office and passport copies. Is that possible?

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Thanks steve

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Thanks Mr. Ali

  • Rana Zulqurnain

    Then visit jawazat

  • Biplab Bairi

    my family visit visa application status is تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 12871574 ) بتاريخ 2016/09/20 (غرفة الرياض) . please sir tell me what is this..i cant understand..

  • Farooq

    It says verified from chamber. Now you have to wait until next decision and status change at least a week.

  • taimur malik

    how to convert visit visa into family visa? somebody knows the process please share the info..

  • Mr.Hami

    hi everyone,

    I have applied 4 visas for my mother, my father-in-law, mother-in-law and sister-in-law, all approved except my sister-in-law. CAN I APPLY AGAIN for her visa on the same application for???

    Please advise.

  • taimur malik

    your sister in law will not get the visa….. they issues visa to father, mother, mother in law and father in law……..

  • Mrs Aman

    فضلا تعبئة طلب جديد وفقا للتعديلات الجديدة في استمارة الطلب (للصلاحية وعدد مرات الدخول)what does it means ?????

  • Faraz Hussain

    I received this message, what does it mean

    فضلا تعبئة طلب جديد وفقا للتعديلات الجديدة في استمارة الطلب (للصلاحية وعدد مرات الدخول)

  • Umair

    فضلا تعبئة طلب جديد وفقا للتعديلات الجديدة في استمارة الطلب (للصلاحية وعدد مرات الدخول) What does this mean anybody?

  • Umair

    What reply you get in rejection sis in law visa?

  • Mr.Hami

    In Arabic, visa rejected, simple

  • Shaikhaliyar
  • Hussain Fakhruddin

    The same message is appearing on my request, I checked with HR and they are saying that it may be due to new rule implementation and might be they have closed the last year request and now they are asking for new request application.

  • Hussain Fakhruddin

    And also, I want to know that for each family members like wife and child, do we have to make separate visa application or in single application, we can add all ?

  • Rafi

    I got the same message today.. dont know why this message comes.
    If translated in google it means :
    As well as the mobilization of a new request in accordance with the new amendments in the application form (for validity and number of entries)

    for more ino. I had applied for my mother’s visit visa for 90 Days.

  • Vishnu Vasudevakurup

    Means resubmit in revised form.

  • Vishnu Vasudevakurup

    Really helpful… Thanks…

  • Msd Mecca

    Just got approval for Mother visit visa for 90 days
    On the top it says pls print and communicate with any visa services office……..
    pls advise DID i get the visa

  • taimur malik

    yes you got the visa….

  • Riyaz Ahmad

    did you got the visa brother ? after this message

  • Riyaz Ahmad

    Brother did you got the visa after this message ?

  • Riyaz Ahmad

    did you got the visa after this message ?

  • Riyaz Ahmad

    تم التصديق على الطلب: ( 13038229 ) بتاريخ 2016/10/13 (غرفة جدة)

    After this message how long does it take to get the visa and is it successful?

  • Riyaz Ahmad

    Please can anyone advise me on the same. I am truly worried for it.. thanks !!!!

  • Anjana

    I have reapplied for visa. The first one was not giving any response. Now i have been issued visa number, further steps of stamping is pending

  • Michael

    no you haven’t

    the visa is ultimately issued by the saudi embassy in your home country

    if the saudi mofa approves the request of your inviter, it means they confirm that the saudi side of the application has been carried out properly and they do not object for the visa to be issued by the saudi embassy, but it doesn’t mean the saudi embassy MUST issue the visa

    the embassy has their own requirements and will issue the visa at their own discretion

    the mofa approval is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the visa to be issued. it is just one step in a long series of administrative procedures and does not automatically lead to issuing the visa

  • Michael

    can someone confirm FROM THEIR OWN EXPERIENCE the family visit visa fee payable to the saudi embassy paid AFTER 2 october 2016?

    last time we got a family visit visa it was 500 riyals, now rumours are going around about increasing it to 2000 riyals, but the reasons for the fee hike all have to do with employment related issues and don’t make much sense with regard to a family visit visa

  • Michael

    it only means your application has been attested by the chamber of commerce

    it doesn’t say if your application has been approved or not by the MOFA

    you will have to wait another week or two for another message that will tell you that

    keep checking back every few days

    remember nothing is guaranteed

  • Khan

    It is not a rumor, its an established fact that the fee has been hiked to SAR 2000 per visit visa. And it does not have to do with employment alone, it has something to do with the governments vision to diversify their economy and not depend on oil alone.

  • Michael

    everything is a rumour in saudi arabia unless it has happened to you personally and even then its only incident and no precedent

    by the way this hardly counts as diversifying the economy – maybe we could say increasing government revenues or something of that sort – they have just simply hiked already existing fees so there is no diversification whatsoever – but that’s beside the point now

    bottomline is, 2000 is 2000

  • Khan

    Well then all the best!

  • taimur malik

    I got my permanent family visa yellow slip today………..what should i do next? because somebody told me you dint receive ant message so you have to wait until message.

  • taimur malik

    As salam o alaikum……….can anybody tell me how much the insurance fee for the family (Wife visa) visa in etimad centre Pakistan? Question from any Pakistani who stamped Visa for her wife recently

  • Umair

    Hi! Can anybody please tell me what is the Visa fee for family visit visa in Jeddah?
    Everybody is stating different thing.
    Please if somebody just had the family visit visa issued, kindly reply me.
    Would appreciate a great help.

  • Adil Mohamed

    I hv applied for the visa but its just not showing anythin.approved or rejected can anyone help….

  • Mohsin Ali i applied family visit visa the status of my application is
    الطلب تحت الاجراء
    anyone translate the meaning of this please?

  • malik nadim

    كتابة الاسماء حسب لغة الجواز المطلوب للزيارة
    By writing the names of the passport required to visit a language

    Please guide me further what i have to do
    Please please please guide me someone.

  • Ismail

    How many days before you applied..

  • Ali

    I applied for visit visa for my mother. This is the status now. does anybody know what does that mean??

  • Sandya

    We had applied for visit visa on 14th dec.since then we are getting the message as The Reciept of the request.
    Can anyone help me out what it means.its more than a month now .how long it will take to approve our visa .

  • Sandya

    Can anyone please reply on my above message.really in need of help

  • Shahnawaz Khan

    dear All, When i am checking visa status of my parents, i find this message, Apology data entry is identical (the title) اعتذار ادخال البيانات غير مطابقة (العــنوان)
    can any one please tell me, what i have to do

  • AKchad

    anybody have this news about have 90 days to travel after stamping visiting visa by Saudi Embassy in home country ? before it was 1 month.

  • Muzammil
  • adnan saleem

    when my companey relation officer submit my application to MOFA, then i will recieve a sms of “Application Number”??

  • Abu.Ashhad

    الاجراء يتطلب تجديد الاقامه و تعبئة طلب جديد .

    The procedure requires a renewal of the residence and a new application
    Above status is showing although Iqama is valid. In that case what action should we take?

  • Makki Nouri

    what solution
    same proplem

  • Makki Nouri
  • Showkat Ahmad Lone

    one of my friend applied for family visa
    but he does not get any respond
    what to to ?
    may be , he applied before 2 months

  • Irfan Butt

    I’ve applied for family visit visa without mentioning father /husband name. Now MOFA site showing message to write the FULL NAMES. CAN I change the names on same request or I’ve to create a new request. I can’t find any option to amend the earlier request ? ANY IDEA GUYS!!!!

  • Irfan Butt

    I’ve applied for family visit visa without mentioning father /husband name. Now MOFA site showing message to write the FULL NAMES. CAN I change the names on same request or I’ve to create a new request. I can’t find any option to amend the earlier request ? ANY IDEA GUYS!!!!

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