A visit to the Carpet Cleaning Shop in Saudi Arabia

Carpets are usually spread in almost every house. However, Saudi Arabia stocks the most beautiful carpets, each of them with a unique Arabian design on it which gives the entire room a different look to it. However, cleaning carpets is a headache! Dragging those heavy carpets and washing them is such a hassle and I always wonder how people clean them. So anyway, we have this market near our place which allows me to see what is going on the other side of the wall and one day, out of sheer curiosity, I peeked and saw a couple of carpets hanging on the top most of the floor of the building. I thought of them as a small shop for selling carpets as they had hung so many kinds of carpets in various colors, designs, and sizes, each bringing originality to itself. But then I questioned myself, why would a carpet store not have their shop covered when the carpets could be dresses in the dust?

So, it was not a carpet store. Later, I was informed how it is a carpet cleaner place where carpets are scrubbed and washed. So out of fascination, I, one day decided to visit this place with my son after our shopping trip and with the hope that I could take a few pictures. To begin with, I have never witnessed how carpets are cleaned so this was a new experience for me and as I walked inside, the eagerness inside me start to increase minute by minute and I wanted to see how the process of cleaning carpets. As I entered, I looked out for someone who could permit me to take pictures of the place. A man walked in then who only spoke Arabic so I had to ask him, to allow me, for capturing pictures and I did so, in sign language by taking my camera out and pretending to take pictures.

I then lip synced and asked him if he agreed to it and he did because I am sure I am like the first person who ever visited a carpet cleaner, to take pictures and not for getting my carpets cleaned! As I and my son moved on, we saw a person who was cleaning and washing the carpets with a water hose on one side and the other side had wet carpets hung, I assume they must be the washed ones! Anyway, after this, around six men entered the place out of which one of them looked like the owner of this place and I did the same actions thing with him to ask if he was okay with me clicking pictures and then I whispered to thank him.

I should have probably taken more details about how long one carpet takes to be cleaned and how the entire process takes place but I had to hurry and rush out because I knew if I stay for long, those six men would get unhappy ha-ha!