Top 5 Dating Ideas with your spouse in Saudi Arabia

Valentines day is celebrated all over the world as a day for expression of love for married and unmarried couples and with other loved ones. Normally youth residing in Saudi Arabia especially expats avoid any such kind of activity to remain safe from actions of Mutawa (Religious police of Saudi Arabia). However, being married you have all the rights to celebrate every occasion with your partner at every place of the world even in Saudi Arabia. In my opinion, people have to a be a bit darn to take stand as they are married now and they can express their love for their partners. Stop thinking about outside dinners with your partners as it is an obsolete idea I guess. There are so many other ways to celebrate the day of love and compassion with your partner in Saudi Arabia such as;[irp]

Exposure of city lights: Saudi Arabia has rich infrastructure and decks worth watching and enjoying. Sitting under the sky and seeing stars at the night is not a bad idea but enjoying two popular decks in Saudi Arabia are most mesmerizing experiences I think. The Globe experience can be taken in Faisaliyah Tower.  It has an entrance fee of SR35, it is a great place to visit which is cold and does not impair your privacy. The sky bridge in the Kingdom Center is another beautiful place for married couples to spend quality time together. It charges SR35 as entrance fee and is a busy and popular place.

Sky, stars and you: Driving toward outskirts of Riyadh and enjoying a cup of coffee with your spouse can be the best feeling in this world. You probably have experienced enjoying coffee with your partner in a coffee shop. But having coffee in a single cup under the sky, in the presence of stars and moon can be the most awesome idea you have ever enjoyed with your husband/wife.

Gliding and Air balloon rides: Saudi Aviation flight academy has been offering one-day discovery flights. It cost around SR 1,000 but can be a most adventurous experience you have ever enjoyed. Take your partner and have a gliding feeling of the sky with aviation schools and in Riyadh city. It is an expensive idea but no doubt awesomely superb to try. It will let you experience something new and will boost up your emotions.

Hotel stays: Staying in a hotel with your honey can be another thrilling experience. I understand that people living in Riyadh, especially expats won’t ever try to spend a day or night in a separate hotel in the same city. But it is not an everyday adventure. It enables you to come closer to your partner, explore each other’s feelings and will uphold your privacy.  There are several hotels in Riyadh offering discounted rates on complete packages. You must not let this occasion become wasteful for you on this valentine.

Enjoy indoor sports and gaming zones: A spouse should be supportive towards gaming activities of his/her partner especially women; there are various centers like universal bowling center where your partner can spend quality time in gaming activities. There are many other gaming zones in malls like video arcades and play station hubs. Ladies must be supportive for husbands to let them enjoy quality time with their favorite gaming activities. It is not the end of the story. You can try many other things to come closer to your partner. But these ideas will let you experience new feelings you have ever encountered before. Anyways happy Valentine Day.