• Hello fellow members,

    I am stuck in moi web page where you are going to renew the driving license. I am getting error, “4808E_no_medical_report_found”. whats that mean? screenshot is attached.
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

  • I really have no idea about it. As per the latest update, you have to check your blood group and undergo an eye test and submit a report to them physically. I am not sure if they have changed the requirements now. Please update us if you get information from any other source.

    I really admire your contribution to this blog. Thanks!


    Goto nearest hospital for Eye test and blood group….. ask them to update medical report online…. (give your sponsor ID and your Iqama ID as well)… once you pass eye test and blood group…….Hospital staff update your medical test result in the MOI online system…..Once online update done… you are good to GO… all the best. …….

    (I have done mine today… Alhamdu Lillah).

  • Thanks Irfan for your very useful input here.
    Can you please let us know from where you have get all test done if you happen to be in Jeddah as well. So I will go to the same place as I am only assuming not every polyclinic or medical center have this info on how to upload/update your record on MOI.

    Employer ID means which start with 700******, if I am not wrong?

    Thanks in advance.


    Sorry to say… I am in Riyadh……. please check with nearest hospital/clinic who doing Eye test for Driving Licence…tell them to upload to MOI online site….Yes…Sponsor ID start with 700******

  • Thanks for the reply. So I am supposed to goto couple of hospitals or clinics until I find the one who doing thay particularly for driving license.
    Will sure update, once I will find something similar in Jeddah.


    Hello again guys,

    I have done my medical, just want to share the location and procedure for Jeddah city. As IRFAN MM (down in the comments) already mentioned about Riyadh city and procedure is almost same.

    I had to go to the same place where most people usually doing their family’s medical for Iqama purpose when they arrive first time in KSA, Badar Al tamam Polyclinic in Sharfiyah, Jeddah to be precise.

    You need to have your Iqama, 1 photo and sponsor ID with you (which you can find in your dashboard in Absher account) and 100 Riyal.

    First they will take your blood and may be in 10 min, they will give you the report of your blood group, depending on the rush. Then you have to wait for an eye test and it took me an hour to do that because of long queue. Then again they asked me to go another counter and submit my both reports, and after 10 min. I did receive the sms from “efada” that my medical report result has been sent successfully.

    After an hour later, I successfully renewed my license from mobile through an Absher app and received the message (screenshot attached).

    Now, I have to goto Muroor office around Dallah tower to get my new card and that part I will share later.

    P.S.: I wanted to go and check polyclinics near Aziziyah district, Jeddah as well (Sameera, Badar al samaa and Naseem Jeddah polyclinic) but was short on time. One of those clinic might have the facility to get the medical done for driving license, iqama etc. but I did not take a chance and went to Badar al tamaam Sharfiyah as I was sure that they are authorized and doing all kind of medical test required by many government bodies in KSA.


  • I always appreciate your valuable input to this blog and here you come again. Thanks a ton!

  • My pleasure

  • Its official now….

    Medical report a must for license renewal via Absher

    Source: Arab News

  • iftikhar

    I missed the confirmation number of renewal of Driving license number. In system it is updated but police say it is not updated ???
    I am not able to pay again as system is already updated with renew license…
    what to do to get the confirmation reference number ?

    what is the say forward please help >>>>>


    Hello again fellow members,

    Atlast I have visited to muroor office to get my renewed license. The procedure is as simple as below.

    Just goto Muroor office which is located right at Sahafa Street, Jeddah
    (N 21° 32′ 23.4846″ E 39° 12′ 44.2699″) with your existing driving license (old) and your Iqama (all original).
    Do not go directly in there and make sure you must do the Absher fingerprints again on the machine located right outside the office where you need to submit your old driving license. I don’t know why we have to do the finger prints every time on license and istimara renewal.
    The machine will show you the message that “the user is already exist in the system” but still you need to continue with the procedure and make sure you submit your right and left hand finger prints once again. (Nothing to worry about as it will only change your Absher password and send it to your mobile no. which you will input there)

    After that just make sure you have renewed your license in the Absher system and that is it. Just go inside the office and take the ticket number from the machine, make sure you press “License” option on the ticket machine.

    At your turn, present your Iqama and deposit your old license to the officer and after 10 minutes, you he will call your name to collect your new license from the same window.


    P.S.: No need to bring any print out of payment, picture or iqama copies. You can also go to Muroor office inside Dallah Driving school, Jeddah but they are giving renewed license after one day.

  • Dear Iftikhar,

    Do not worry about any confirmation number, and you do not need to pay anything again. Just follow the procedure above, starting Absher machine, as you have to submit your finger prints again and go directly to the license counter and take your renewed license.


  • Thanks a lot for all your efforts. You are really helping thousands of expatriates. Jazak Allah!

  • Imran ali khan

    Hi steve
    I’m having car loan and credit card balance in ksa i came to india on exit reentry visa and I didn’t return back to ksa due to family problem what i should do now they r calling my friend and asking about me and car loan will there b any problems what should i do now please help me

  • what do you mean by that? what exactly you need.

  • saad

    hi, i do not have an independant iqama and i am under my fathers iqama and my license is expiring in 1 month. i can not make an account in mio as it says you do not have an independant iqama, can you please guide me on how i can renew my license. i should do i manually? thanks

  • Rakshith Attavar

    For the people in riyadh. After completing the online process in MOI, just go to E services traffic department at khurais road exit 28. Within 10 minutes you will get renewed licence.

  • HBK

    Hi steve,
    I need to renew driving license on new iqama. What is the procedure now a days?
    I am in riyadh. Do you have any idea about eye test clinics for license

  • Aliennation1

    I too completed my process through MOI and went today to the location you mentioned. Unfortunately I didn’t get it. The Saudi guy at the reception told me to go Dallah school for printing of the renewed driving license card.

    Does anyone here know where can I get the print out of renewed driving license in Riyadh Because Dallah is way too far. Thanks.

  • Mudassir Khan

    Plz let me know

  • Marry Abraham

    yes there is a fine of 100 SAR

  • Mudassir Khan

    Thank you

  • nick

    hi already done my eye test in nearest polyclinic but medical report still didn’t updated in my absher account for driving license renewal its giving me error message like [ your medical report not found yet ] ?

  • nick
  • jameel mohammed

    Ibn Sina Polyclinic in Azzieziyah has the facility and it is very quick here, since no much patients. it took 15 minutes for me to complete the procedure.

  • Abdulrasheed

    Very good

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