Is it required to buy Return Ticket for Family Visit Visa Holders in Saudi Arabia?

I have received several queries in the previous few months asking one question and it is “Do we need to book return ticket for the family visit visa holders in Saudi Arabia while they are entering to Saudi Arabia?” Today, I have decided to write something about it so that it can appear on your search engine results when you search for it. What I think triggered the concept of a return ticket for family visit visa was the requirement to book a return ticket for the Umrah Visa Holders. Yes, people coming to Saudi Arabia on Umrah or Hajj visa have to book return ticket before entering to Saudi Arabia. What about people entering to Saudi Arabia on Family Visit Visa? Do they also have to book return ticket before coming back to Saudi Arabia? We have answered it in the next paragraph.[irp]

People coming to Saudi Arabia on a family visit visa have to book a return ticket from their native country. They can book the return ticket for a maximum period of 6 months even if the visa is issued for 1 month. Everyone knows that the visa can be extended up to a maximum 180 days. No one checks if the family visit visa holder has the return ticket from the Saudi Immigration officers. They do not check because you are not coming here without any reference like Umrah Visa holders. Someone has applied for your visa here and he is your sponsor. If you don’t return to your native country within the validity of the family visit visa, Saudi authorities have every right to catch the person who applied for your visa. Since you are under his or her sole responsibility, they do not check your return ticket at the time of arrival to Saudi Arabia.

someone just commented a few days ago that Indian Immigration Officers did not allow family visit visa holder to go to Saudi Arabia without having booked a return ticket. If you just want to be safe and avoid problems, book a return ticket. No one in Saudi Arabia will ask you about return ticket but the airport from which you are traveling may ask you.[irp]

It is also important to mention here that you should book a return ticket which can be changed by paying a little extra amount. Some people book a return ticket which cannot be changed and ultimately they have to buy a one-way ticket due to any problem. For example, if your visa is not extended after 3 months and you have booked a return ticket with 6 months’ return, you will be in trouble.