• Hannan

    No Brother, I did not go there. The dispute was rejected.

  • Hannan

    I did not go there. The dispute was rejected in 3,4 days. Now I have another violation recently and I filed dispute almost 1 month ago, but still the status is under processing. However, I hv already paid the fine to avoid it to double. Dont know how much time will they take to process this dispute.

  • Hannan

    Brother, you are right, there is no option in the list to choose stating “I did not overspeed” or something similar. There are only three options which are “I did not own/rented the car”, “I never visited this area”, ” I did not break red light”.

    Now you dont have much choice to dispute overspeeding, the only option is to select i did not break red light which does not make sense, but this is still the best choice because you cant select any other as you own a car and also visited that area.

  • zafar

    Hi steve, when applied for exit re-entry for my family then I came to know that my kid 6 years old daughter got traffic violation of 300 Riyal. So I can not get exit re-entry for my kid until I pay the fine of 300 SAR. when I visited Riyadh traffic police, after spending a lot of procedures they said after 10 days this fine will be clear because this is because of system error. I have to go Pakistan after a few days. please guide what to do ?

  • I really have no idea about it. But I would appreciate if you write the procedure you had to go through to report this unjustified fine. It will help thousands of others and I will publish it in a separate post. You can email me at
    [email protected]

  • Thanks!

  • Muhammad Khan

    Deat Steve,

    I dont know how to start new discussing thats why i am writting my question here.

    Everytimg i need to send my passport to jawazaat for my exit re-entry, it doesnt allow exit re-entry online unless my passport goto jawazaat … what is this issue and how to resolve it…

  • Hannan

    I disputed Traffic Violation in July 2016. Even after almost 3 months, the status is still “under processing”. Good Job Saudi Traffic Police, so efficient.

  • Hannan

    Any updates on whether you got back the money after the dispute approved?

  • Jay Velasco

    Hi Steve, please guide me what to do, I was catch by the police for beating the red light, last Oct 01, 2016, police he gave me violation ticket, but up to now I’m not receiving yet my violation via MOI website, even text message with my mobile phone. Do I need to go to the their office to settle my violation?
    Thanks for your kind assistance Sir.

  • It takes up to 2 months to get updated in the system.

  • Jay Velasco

    Thank you with your kindness in answering our queries. Therefore I just going to wait untill they post my vialation in their website before I pay….

    Again thank you so much, may the Almighty bless you and your family.

  • Mark

    Hi steve can I dispute a traffic violation where the position of camera which I seen on the map I didn’t pass by, I exit on the overhead road before reaching the camera?
    Please advice?

  • yahiya

    Just today I got SAR 3000 fine for traffic violation(passing red light), My mistake was I took a right Turn while it was Red but I literally stopped for a while and then took a right turn in slow speed under 20 KM still the cameras flashed. I submitted the dispute from MOI and the status is under processing. If anyone of you have already gone through with the same situation please advise regarding the dispute.

  • উপল

    When I crossed the signal it was yellow…and when half of my car passed the signal it turned into red and the camera flashed at me. It was on Thursday and today the SMS containing 3000 riyals fine appeared on my cellphone.
    Immediately I disputed it using the Absher account but my question is, if I physically visit there with one of my colleagues (Saudi), will it benefit? Can you share me the addresses in Riyadh where to visit??

  • উপল

    When I crossed the signal it was yellow…and when half of my car passed the signal it turned into red and the camera flashed at me. It was on Thursday and today the SMS containing 3000 riyals fine appeared on my cellphone.

  • yahiya

    Did you get any response on the dispute.

  • yahiya

    Hi , Sad to hear that, 3000 is seriously too much and not at all acceptable, anyway I submitted dispute about 8 days ago and did not get any response till now.

  • At the time of crossing the signal, it was red. period.
    The Yellow sign does not mean to increase your speed and cross the signal.
    No use of creating a dispute in this kind of cases.

  • Mohammad

    Hi thereI would like to buy a car that currently has a diplomatic number plate. What’s the best way to get it transferred quickly onto my name. I am not interested in the number plate so I don’t mind changing that but I need it quick. Thanks

  • syed shadab

    Just today I got Flash, I took a right Turn while it was Red but I literally stopped for a while and then took a right turn in slow speed under 20 KM still the cameras flashed.

  • Abdul Wahab

    Hello Dear Steve,
    I got a traffic violation at a check point, since I don’t know arabic I dont know what was the violation since it was also not mentioned in the ticket, it was worth SR 150, but when I got update on my MOI account it become SR 500 for over speeding, can anyone please help me how to challenge this ticket

  • syed azeem uddin

    Hey I just encountered the same thing but till now didn’t got any violation on my phone or on my moi account this flash accured on thursday 11 pm what should I hope for

  • syed azeem uddin

    Steve how much time does it take for shaer system to send the violation

  • Ahmed

    hi Zafar,
    Can you tell me the procedure, as same thing haapend to me, in my case the put the fine on my Wife Iqama.
    how much time they took for clearing the fine,
    i have to go my home country, in few days should i pay the fine and follow up with the complaint as i have heard they are taking a lot time

  • Omer Altaf

    hello Steve, thanks for your valuable informations. please note that i am having SR 3000 fine for crossing traffic signal 2 days back. i have applied online as per your suggested procedure but it is showing that this service is not available. can you please guide me what to do as i do not have that money to pay this fine. i know that this fine is wrong so that is why i want to challenge it.

  • Omer Altaf

    next day of the violation maximum.

  • Omer Altaf

    did you receive any sms. if not then you are save

  • syed shadab

    No, i did not recieve any SMS

  • Nizam

    Dear I got a message stating I’ve parked in no parking so have to violation charge of 100 riyal. Violation date today’s date but I’ve not taken my car from my home for past two days also I reside in kharj but violation place riyadh. So how to challenge this.

  • Chento Eth

    Please steve show me the link couse i tray many times but i can’t got the dispute of trafic in e-servise of my abshir account? What can i do


    simple. go your absher account, and select dispute, then select option 3 which is you did not visit this city during the violation period.

  • Hannan

    I got Violation message for the time when I was sitting in office for meeting. Now I wanted to dispute and went to MOI website, they have even removed the Dispute Option.

  • Bilal Malik

    Same with me, I also cannot find the open dispute option. can you help us steve ?

  • Dilshad Umar

    even in my absheer they have removed the dispute option..what next?

  • Tayyab

    First of all thank you Steve for your efforts specially for new comers.
    I want to file a dispute of traffic violation. I have read your procedure but it seems there is no dispute option available. If you have any latest information please help.

  • M Usama

    I am Facing same issue no dispute option

  • Abdul Nouman Malik

    Go to Traffic Police Office in Naseeriyah and file the complaint manually. It would be much better if you take your some Saudi Colleague with you. otherwise, pay the fine.

  • Frozen in Time

    i got mine after 5 days

  • Frozen in Time

    same with me , i crossed the signal and more than half way across the road even

  • Umar Farooq

    Did u recieved sms for this violation now or not ?

  • tayyab mohammad

    The day before yesterday, almost 20 km away on Dubba Tabuk road, on single road on opposite side there were 2 cars ( toyota type )… Beside them a marroor was there. I thought that there is a road side accident so I kept on driving at 30km/hr or so … when I reached nearby 2 more maroor were there.
    there was no police vehicle, no check point or stop sign there.
    when they signaled me to stop I stopped immediately . the car would have travelled 1.5/2 meters ahead of them.
    they instructed me to park the car on road side and come out .. Conversation was that Y did not U stopped ?? are U asleep??? I told them that you signaled me to stop & I stopped immediately .
    Anyway they gave me the fine reciept & I carried on my journey.
    Today I recieved the above message.
    now … my question is … is there a way to challenge it or any benifit of doing so ??? or its of NO USE ???
    As per your description mannualy issued reciepts can not be challenged ?? correct me if I am wrong.


  • The legal way is available, you can challenge it but frankly speaking it is just waste of money. You will have to pay this money to get your next exit re-entry or iqama renewal of any other government task in Jawazat.

  • Naushad Alam

    Today i got notification against violation.. SR 3000
    I was standing rt. corner as i had to take rt but signal was red. so i stopped then 1 car came and started horn and deeper light so i gave him passage while doing so i went to second rt line after that 3 car crossed me by seeing this i also took rt and crossed and camera flashed.
    Now, SR 3000 came for this, please suggest as its huge amount. I am expat and never do rash driving and follow traffic regulations strictly.

  • There are rules to follow while taking right turn on a red signal. You must have violated any one of them

  • Naushad Alam

    hi Steve what you said is correct but my point is as this was not done intentionally and paying 3000 SR is beyond my limit, is there any way i can reduce my fine please suggest

  • The procedure has already been explained above

  • Niyas

    Hello ,
    I was at home in dammam .Suddenly i got message ” you got traffic violation at dhahran for parking car in a place where parking not permitted at 22:40 ” . i wonder i didnt even go out , i was still at dammam in my house . My car was down side my flat . What to do now ? I tried to dispute in absher , But I cant find the option while I log in . I Checked the location of violation , I never go to that place in past 4 years . What to do now ? Please Help me

  • Muhammad Sajid

    What You did?? I got Yesterday of 150 SR for using mobile while Driving. And at that time i was in my room. The location they show is too far from my area i never visited that place. Now what i can do can you please tell me?

  • Jen

    Hi yahiya, my dad is currently in the exact same situation. Would you kindly tell me if you were successful with the dispute or did you end up paying the SR3000 fine anyways?

  • yahiya

    Hi Jen, Since it was not my fault fine was cancelled but I went to Traffic police station in Nasariya and submitted the dispute manually. In your case if you have submit dispute online and you didnt get response in a week or so , go to the traffic police station in Nasariya and submit manually, I dont recall where I read about submitting manually in which forum but just make a search you should find it online details about building no. ect…

  • yahiya

    Go to Traffic police station in Nasariya and dispute

  • Hi Yahiya, I would appreciate if you can write a note how and with which documents you went to submit the dispute manually? what difficulties did you face? what are your suggestions? how cooperative was the staff there? what are the matters you want others to consider while following your footsteps? it will help hundreds of other people who have been paying fine for the mistakes they have not committed. Jazak Allah!

  • Jen

    Thanks for mentioning about going to the traffic police in person as we’ve been waiting for an update about the fine for about two weeks now. And I’m glad to hear that your issue turned out okay. Thanks for the reply. Cheers!

  • patna’s rock star

    Mr steve can u suggest me…i was go to the signal that time signal is yellow i cross the half signal suddenly camera flashed but i dont know he camera flash for me or not…so my question is this can be panalty for that situation?

  • Nehal Shabbar

    hi yehiya….i am in the same situation….can you please guide me where to go in Dammam..and what to do

  • Nehal Shabbar

    i am in the same situation………..what about your status

  • Nehal Shabbar

    what hapened ..was it approved?

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