7 Shocking Secrets, Airlines never want you to know!

Who doesn’t travel by air? Many of you out there must have traveled by air to different countries and continents. Airplane makes your long tiring journeys to a very short comfortable one, minimizing distances and saving time. Air travel has greatly increased due to its advantages and comfortable travel due to many facilities provided by the airlines. Suiting to your convenience there are various airlines, with different timings, airfares, cuisines, comfort, different classes, and facilities. As compared to other modes of transport it is considered the safest of them all. About one million people travel through this mode making it popular. Following are some secret amazing facts airlines wouldn’t want you to know:[irp]

Pilots Sleep during Flights: So, when during a long flight you feel sleepy and you take a nap very easily, don’t forget the pilots need sleep too. They are usually sleep deprived due to back to back long flights and they need some rest too. So, they might sleep during flights keeping it on an auto-pilot mode. Yes, that’s right! Your plane is flying just by itself. It is evident through a survey that more than half of the pilots sleep during flights. Gosh! That’s risky.

  • Yes, pilots sleep on long legged flights. But they have sleeping areas and there is always a backup flight crew when they sleep. So, there is always a flight crew flying the aircraft.

You have only 15 minutes Oxygen Supply: Before the airplane flies, you are told about every safety tip and given instructions. You are told to use oxygen masks if you feel shortness of breath or in the case of turbulence, so you depend on that but we are sure none of you know the fact that the oxygen supplied by that each mask is just limited to 15 mins only starting from the time you start in hailing it.

  • The oxygen is needed at Higher than 10,000 feet and in case of emergency above that height the pilot always bring the aircraft below 10,000 feet as soon as possible (less than a minute)

Why are aircraft lights dimmed before takeoff and landing? This is because there might be an emergency, needing evacuation of the aircraft, for that the passenger’s eyes can easily adjust to the outside darkness instead of a sudden change in light intensity.

  • The airplane lavatory door is never locked! Ha-ha! Yes, it says that it’s locked when you go inside and lock it, but one can easily open it from outside. Because the lock mechanism lies behind the no smoking badge or the lavatory board, lifting that badge, the knob can be slid easily and their u go! The door is unlocked.

Intentional Bad Landing: In bad weather, such as in snow or rain, there is bad landing, but you will be shocked to know that it’s intentionally a bad landing. The aircraft needs to hit the ground harder to prevent aqua planning by breaking the water layer.

Pilots are not served same meal as passengers: Not all, but most of you enjoy your in-flight meals. Pilots are not served that meal which all the passengers are served. Ever wondered why? That’s to prevent them from falling sick otherwise that’ll be a great issue. This clarifies the quality of meal served to passengers.

  • Pilots are never served the same meal as safety precaution for food poisoning but it's the same meal as the passengers only different choice (if one is served meat the other will have to take the chicken)

Increasing Seat Space: A trick which very few of you might know is that you can increase the seat space. There is a button on the underside of the armrest, pressing which will lift your seat creating more space for you.