What should be the marital status of the passport to apply for Family Visa?

Do I need to know if the marital status of the sponsor in his passport needs to be changed from single to married, to apply for a permanent visa for his family?

Question by Visitor: I need to know if the marital status of the sponsor in his passport needs to be changed from single to married, to apply for a permanent visa for his family. There must be many expats here who have been working since before they got married, so their marital status in the passport may have been single even after they got married. A reply would be appreciated.

Answer by Steve: If the husband wants to bring his wife on a permanent family visa, marital status on the passport of the wife should be “married”. Yes, of course, he has to change his marital status in his Passport, but if it is written in it. Like in Pakistani Passport there is no marital status in it. Every Pakistani Man gets this Passport which only shows his Father’s Name. There is no Spouse name on it. So, no need for Pakistanis to change the marital status in their Passport as it is not mentioned anywhere. However, once he gets the yellow paper (Family Visa), then the original yellow paper must be sent to the family for visa processing. The sponsor’s wife in Pakistan must follow the following steps.

However, if the wife is applying for a permanent family visa for her husband, the marital status must be changed to married before applying for it.

Get overseas ID Card, in which her husband name has to appear instead of her father name

Get Passport showing her husband name instead of her Father’s name.

She has to Attest Marriage Certificate from Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pakistan. All other translation and attestation leave it to Authorized Agent.

Your Children must have Passport showing their father’s name (Boys Age should be less than 18-years, Girls should not be married)

Children’s Birth Certificates from Nadra. (Attestation of Foreign Affairs Pakistan) + All other Attestation and translation leave it to Authorized Agent.

Every Child should and must have Passport, even for a newly born child.

Note: List of Authorized Agents can be obtained from Saudi Embassy….OR the most reliable agent is PPA (Pakistan Progressive Association) …. Beware of Fake Agents

  • Omer Arshad


    My marriage certificate is translated in Arabic from Pakistan and both my Original Marriage and translated certificate are attested from Ministry Of Foreign Affair Pakistan and Saudi Embassy in Pakistan, Still i need to get Arabic certificate attested from Saudi MOFA?

  • Mudassar Ali

    Hi ,

    Today I got the yellow paper for my family. My wife has only given name on passport and no surname. My name is there in husband name position. But on yellow paper they have mentioned my name as surname after her given name so I want to ask if that can be a problem for stamping visa from Pakistan.

  • Enam Bhatkar

    I am Indian.I will appy for family visa for my wife.My case is also like you.Can you tell me when you applied 2 years before it was successful or not?

  • muzzu

    How can i change my marital status in absher account actually i am unmarried but in absher it automatic shows i am married but fact is i am still single.. in my passport also status is single onloy then how it show married in my absher account.. feedback wil b really appreciate… thank you..

  • muzzu

    But how sir i am single my status show in absher as married.. i did not entered it automatically show when i open account in abher.. i want to change late it may not be any issue.. in my passport its still single.. and place of issue and state name also wrongly enter its not there as in my passport..

  • James Logan

    same case i have here in Saudi,, please help us how can we correct this. thanks

  • James Logan

    I have the same concern Sir Steve,. Im about to get married when i return to my home country, and i dont want that issue to be a problem in the future

  • Marital Status on MOI records does not matter at all. My marital status is still single and I have my family and children living in KSA from a long time:)

  • Shiju K John

    hi steve im going for vacation there is any problem .. bcoz im not paying my credit card..and bank messaged me you file has been tranferred to cocerned department in order to initiate legal action againt you ..my amound was 3200 sar sir ..pls reply

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