Guideline to Fill Online Application for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

We have published a separate article for the guidance of people who want to apply for family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. The first step to apply for the family visit visa in Saudi Arabia is to fill an online application on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This page is to provide you people guidance to fill only this online application on the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The requirements to apply for family visit visa, the people for whom you can apply for this visa and all other procedures have been detailed in this link. If you have already submitted the application, I would suggest you go to this link and complete the remaining steps. In the below paragraphs, we shall be explaining in detail the procedure to fill online application for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. I would suggest you fill the online application for family visit visa in Google Chrome.

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First, you need to go to the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you don’t know about the website, you can click on this link Once the page is opened, I would suggest you change it in the English language. There is a link on the upper left corner of the page from where you can change the language of the website.

Now you would be able to see two big tabs on your screen. You will have to click on the tab stating “Citizens and Residents”. After this, you will have to select “Resident” and from the third screen you will have to select “Family Visit Visa Application for Residents”. If there is anything missing, you can take help from the below screen image.

Now you have successfully entered to the application for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. In the first step, you must agree to their terms and conditions. Unfortunately, there is no English version of this application available. However, if you have opened it in Google Chrome, you would be able to translate it very easily. There is a translation button available at the upper right corner of the address bar on your Google Chrome browser. You will have to click on the “Agree” button. If there is anything missing, you can take help from the below screen image.



Now you are step 2 of filling the online application for the family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. You will have to enter your Iqama number, date of expiry and visa number in this step. Visa number is mentioned on the visa which was stamped on your passport at the time when you entered to Saudi Arabia.

Now, the iqama cards are issued for 5 years. But MOFA system does not accept this date for filling the application. If the system does not accept your expiry date of Iqama, you should check iqama expiry date on MOI system and enter that expiry date in MOFA website. Recommended: Check Iqama Expiry Date Online

Now at step 3, the system will automatically fetch the date and show it in this screen. It will fetch your name, your profession, Date of birth, the name of your sponsor, your nationality and another number which is written on your visa. What you need to fill is only Title, Email and Mobile Number in the application for family visit visa. In some cases, it does not fetch this information, you can fill them manually if this is the case with you. People have been raising a question about what should be filled in front of Title, in the application. You should write your full office address in Arabic. I used to google translator to translate the address. Enter your valid email address and phone number and proceed to next step.

Now at step 4, you will have to select the validity of the family visit visa. I have selected 90 days; you can select any other period. I would suggest you select the maximum period even if your family wants to visit for a short time. You can also select if it is a multiple entry or single entry visa. I have selected “Single Entry Visa”. Enter the purpose of visit in Arabic. Add the code given in the screen to the text box and click on the button, “Addition”.

In case you want to apply for multiple entry visas, you need to select this option. Select the period of visa and duration after which you want to extend it. I have selected the duration 730 days (2 years) and keep the maximum day’s option in the second one. The fee for multiple entry visas varies according to the duration. Have a look at the fee structure before making your final decision. Recommended: Visa Fee Increased

As soon as you will click on this addition button, a pop-up screen will appear. Now you will have to mention the name of the person whom you want to bring on family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. The name should be the name as per passport (spelling by spelling).

Many people make this mistake of writing the name in Arabic which is wrong. The name should be in English and as per passport. After this, you will have to select the religion of that person. There will be two options from which you will have to select i.e. Muslim or Non-Muslim. 

The gender of the person, your relationship with that person, the city from which she will be traveling, her nationality and Date of Birth as per passport should be mentioned here correctly. Check it three times before proceeding to the next stage.

If you have selected the relationship as “Others”, a new tab will open where you will have to mention relationship in Arabic. You can take help of google translator for this purpose. Now it is clear that the person for whom you are applying for visit visa can come to Saudi Arabia from a third country as well if he/she has permanent status in that country.

Let’s say your wife is US National living in UAE, she can come here from Abu Dhabi. You just need to select that city where she wants her documents to be processed. You will also have to write the profession of the person coming on visit visa. For example, if your wife is a housewife, translate it and write it there in the box.


Once you are done with the above step, just proceed to next one. You will be given a filled form here. You will have to make sure again that all the details are correct and print it. Now you have successfully filled the online application for a family visit visa in Saudi Arabia. For further steps, I would recommend you to read this article. “Apply for Family Visit Visa in Saudi Arabia

  • Thilina Rajinda

    Is there have any way to pull back application? Once you filled with mistakes how to cancel that final application?

  • Stuart

    Dear Sir,
    My wife’s visit visa is going to expire by end of this month. Is it possible to get extension for 3 more months on medical terms as my wife is 6 weeks pregrant?
    Thanking you,

  • Abdul

    I have submitted Visa Online and completed COC attestation, Its now 5 days still the status has not changed…What should I do

  • Chodhary

    still waiting or got visa???

  • Muhammad Fahad Khan

    Hi Steve,

    I want to
    apply permanent family visa for my wife and kid.
    Question is my profession on my Iqama is
    (Engineering Communication Technician فني هندسة الاتصالات), am I eligible to apply permanent visa.

    Although I have handsome salary, but I heard that permanent visa is only for
    engineers, doctors and higher profession.

    Kindly suggest me.

  • wassem

    Can someone guide me on following
    My Father name is FAZAL HAQ On Passport surname is first HAQ and then Given Name FAZAL

    In First Column of application ‘Name’ of the visitor, what should i write FAZAL HAQ or HAQ FAZAL ?

  • Usman Akhter


  • Ismail

    Assalam walikum.
    In how many days visit visa is issued now a days..
    And one year multiple family visit visa.. Does the family have to exit every three months. Or they can continue stay for one year also..
    Waiting for reply

  • Ali

    The rules have been changed…
    If u enter only the city name, the application will be rejected (as I’ve experienced it myself)
    In the address column you should write the whole address such as Area, city, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Usman Ansari

    Not all cities mentioned, how to select our desired city from where the traveller come…
    Any body can help me…

  • Malik

    Hi Steve,

    I want to share my experience. i had applied for visit visa for my Mother-in law and it was rejected.Reply from chamber was to write full address. I applied again and added area code with city name and it got approved.

    Can you make this part of your procedure to write full address or at least include area code with city name.


  • Thanks for your input. I will add it upstairs after confirmation.

  • Rehan539

    Dear Steve / Page members,
    I am applying family visa through isteqdam. In the process i hve to attest marriage cert, Engineering degree and birth certificate of child. I have filled form on MOFA website for attestation and i got sadad ref no invoice to pay but i did not receive any sms on mobile and when iam trying to pay the sadad bill online through samba bank its giving error. Without sms confirmation how to proceed with payment and why sms is not being received. Can you please provide a helpfull solution in this matter. Appriciate your response. Thanks

  • anwar ali


  • Mirza Zaid

    Dear Steve,

    System is updated now for online form filling. I am stuck at Step 4 at validity of visa. Please elaborate what should we enter in the highlighted field at snapshot attached.

  • I will write a detailed article on it as soon as I get some free time. I am sorry, but I am really busy nowadays.
    Meanwhile, you can take help from Google Translator

  • Junaid Hassan

    Hi Steve/Members,

    I am trying to apply for visit visa for my mother. But when I reached to the screen where the information of the person required to be entered for which visa is being applied, I found a text box for occupation.

    Strange thing is, this text box is mandatory and does not accept any alphabets, only numbers and space.

    Is anybody has information what to fill here. I searched on google a lot but no clue.

    Are there any codes related to occupation needed to be filled here. My mother is a house wife. What should I put here?

  • You need to fill the form in Arabic. Use google translator to translate the profession and copy paste it here.
    If it does not work, change your browser and try again.
    If it does not work, wait for a day or so, it must be a software problem. They will rectify it soon.


    You are right Steve, this need to be filled in Arabic


    1. لا داعي لمراجعة وزارة الخارجية أو فروعها بالنسبة لطلبات الزيارة العائلية المصدق عليها آلياً من الغرفة التجارية
    وعليك متابعة نتيجة الطلب على الموقع

    “Submitting the Application to the Employer
    Earlier, you had to print the application for family visit visa applied, get it signed by your sponsor and then submit it to the Chamber of Commerce. We used to call this process “Tafeel”. However, now the procedure has been changed. You just need to apply it online as per the procedure above, print it and hand it over to the Government Relations Officer of your company. He will authenticate the application online and it will be submitted to the MOFA. Chamber of Commerce offices are not accepting any family visit visa application now. After a while, your status will be changed on the MOFA website.”

  • Junaid Hassan

    Hi Steve,

    I filled in Arabic and it worked.

    Thanks a lot…

  • Muhammad Ajmal Niaz

    Hi Steve,

    Lahore is not there in the city list. which city do i need to select. and is it necessary to travel from the same city? Secondly, can we still extend the visit visa for my wife and daughter? How much is the fee?


  • Muhammad Ajmal Niaz

    What profession do you write for a one year old daughter??? :/

  • Ahmed Khalid

    Dear ismial AOA please tell that you got your answer or not.As I have similar question to ask . Please reply me at 0532038268

  • mohamed ameen

    I applied visit visa before one week but it status is demand under measure what to do?

  • mohamed ameen

    Please anyone give me the details about this

  • Dr. Asim

    I am applying family visit visa online.
    “travelling from city” i can not find Lahore though i myself travelled from lahore to riyadh first time with my wife and daughter. I am doctor by profession.

  • Shahid

    Steve bhai,

    My Iqama expires on August 07, but still I managed to fill the online application for Family Visit visa successfully and got the print out and sent it to my employer. My employer will renew my Iqama. Will my application be rejected subjected to my Iqama expiry date? Can you please let me know.

  • Friend

    Can I apply for family visit visa online these days….will that be accepted before Hajj.

  • rasctgbd

    Hi Steve,
    While applying for FAMILY VISIT VISA, in the Mobile No. Field, it is not accepting my Current Mobile Number, which is registered to my MOI account. Surprisingly, it is accepting my OLD Mobile Number, which i am not using since 2/3 years!! (Note that, 2/3 years back, i have applied with my OLD Mobile Number for FAMILY VISIT VISA, but couldn’t bring that time.

    Please help..

  • Aqib hanif

    write infant

  • Aqib hanif

    @stevejobsksa:disqus Please add detail if someone applying from mobile, he can save the page for offline mode or to save in pdf click on print> go to select printer> save as pdf> google drive or dowloads
    now you can sent this PDF to your E-mail and print it

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