Step by Step Process to apply for Saudi Work Visa

It is the dream of many Muslims living all around the world to work in Saudi Arabia due to Holy cities of Makkah and Madina. If you want to come here for work purpose, you have to come here on a work visa. In this article, we shall be detailing about the procedure to come to Saudi Arabia on a work visa.

To search for a work visa, you need to hunt a job. We have explained the procedure of hunting job from your home country in this link. When you are offered to work in Saudi Arabia, it is the responsibility of your future employer to obtain your work visa from Ministry of Foreign Affairs after taking permission from Ministry of Labor.

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Once the visa is issued, he will be given authorization code. On an average, you should expect to wait for at least eight weeks for your application to be processed. Once the visa has been issued to your employer, you need to search for an agent in your home country who processes the work visa applications.

The recruitment company or your employer will send you the contract of your employment along with all the information pertaining to the visa application process and the requirements. The visa will be endorsed in your name by your employer to the agent you have mentioned.

Keep in mind that the work visa cannot be processed without the help of an agent. Make sure that your employment pack contains: a medical report for the Saudi embassy in whatever country you reside in, the embassy authorization memo, statement of religion form, and note about police clearance.

Before submitting the application for the visa make sure that your passport has at least six months’ validity and has two blank pages with your signature. Make sure that there are no current visa stamps of Israel on your passport, if present, Saudi visa will not be granted to you.

One (1) recent passport size color photograph with a white background. Photographs must be full face shots in which the applicant is facing the camera directly. Side or angled views are not accepted.

A complete application form filled out in CAPITAL LETTERS in black ink or printed in black UPPER CASE. The email address can be downloaded from the website; email address must be included in the application form.

The original letter from the company in Saudi Arabia sponsoring the applicant, certified both by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We have listed down some important points for attestation of documents from Chamber of Commerce. I would recommend you to read them before personally visiting the chamber of commerce.

The letter must indicate the visa number, date, position and the name of the person requested. If such a letter is submitted through a visa service agency, then the letter should include authorization from the company allowing the agency to finish all the requirements to get the visa, block visa number and date.

An attested copy of the applicant’s university degree/diploma which MUST be validated by the Saudi Arabia Cultural Mission. A certified and notarized copy of the training or technical diploma must be authenticated by the country of residence. Diplomas need to be notarized by a Saudi Arabian consulate in the country of residence. We have covered this topic in detail in this link “Attesting Degrees for Saudi Arabia”.

A copy of the employment contract signed by the sponsor and the applicant is required. Before signing the employment contract, I would recommend you to look into this article “Factors to consider before signing an employment contract”. Expatriates expectant of securing a position in a Saudi company should keep in mind that there is “Saudization” of the companies going on.

Medical report (three copies) and lab reports (two copies), along with three (3) passport size color photographs with white background. The medical report must be issued by a licensed physician certifying that the applicant is free of contagious diseases. Each copy of the medical report must be signed along with the physician’s license number and the address on each copy of the medical form.

Medical reports should be used within three (3) months of the date of issuance. Children under age of sixteen do not need a medical report. A medical test is conducted by the authorized laboratories in your country. These labs have been authorized by Saudi Embassy. We have given a detailed guideline about medical examination in this link “Medical Test for Saudi Visa

A police report issued within six (6) months with detailed information of applicant’s criminal record if any in the home country. It is also called protector in some countries.

These documents should directly be submitted to the Saudi embassy, but it is often faster, and more common, to go through an agency nominated by the employer to handle the application.

Some Important Points for Working Visa in Saudi Arabia

Minors (under 18 years of age) traveling alone or with one parent must submit a notarized letter of authentication, either in Arabic or English, signed both by parents or legal guardians.

Application fees should be paid by the employer, but in case the applicant is required to pay the fee, he should enquire the employer about the fees of the country of residence.

Female expatriates who are wishing to find employment in Saudi Arabia. If they are above the age of 27 years, can arrive to work alone in Saudi Arabia, but they will need to be met by their sponsor or the agent of their sponsor at the airport. The full-length accommodation for the intended period of stay must be confirmed beforehand, which in practice is almost always done for the female employees.

The maximum age to process visa in Saudi Arabia is 55 years. If an employer wants to endorse work visa for anyone who is above 55 years, he will have to seek special permission from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Asimkhan

    hello sister, i read your comments and i am in the same boat. even i have been through the same. Please could you tell me if your husband left for saudia and what is his condition now. did he get a job as promised? i am also very upset. If your husband is in saudia could you please give his number so that i can speak freely with him. please reply as soon as possible.

  • Amjad

    Salam. I have recently got an offer from KSA. I would really appreciate if you can update the process to follow and how long would it take normally. Company has sent letters and contract to local agent in pakistan and I have given him required documents last week. Would really appreciate if someone can detail next steps as per there experience. Thanks. Amjad

  • Amjad

    Salam. I have recently got an offer from KSA. I would really appreciate if you can update the process to follow and how long would it take normally. Company has sent letters and contract to local agent in pakistan and I have given him required documents last week. Would really appreciate if someone can detail next steps as per there experience. Thanks.

  • gt

    I am applying for a Saudi work visa, Where do I get the Police Clearance report. I am a US citizen. Do I get it locally from the Sheriffs office. Thanks in advance.

  • Koen Theunis

    Hi, does anyone know what the cost is of a work permit for Saudi Arabia? I cant seem to find any info on this on the internet (or at least not in English) Thx in advance. KT

  • imran

    Hi steve, i am working in KSA as an engineer from past one year, before that i was in ksa on employment contract with one of the big company due to valid reason company has terminated me within probation period, later i requested to company that i will continue the job, then they will allow me , on fourth month i got offer from other company, i resigned. came on final exit,when i was back to india i applied for visa on new offer , embassy has rejected my visa application due to short stay in ksa with the previous company, but agent did with sources and visa got stamped.the employment contract with the company is one year, i worked one year peacfully during work i got big offer some reputed company, i resigned and came on final exit at present. when i applied for visa through agent, agent said visa application is rejected due to short stay in ksa. the agent had tried many other ways but no luck ,my question is whether i can be able to go ksa or not or it is ban for me, if it is ban then for how many years. kindly your advice and answer i am awaiting.thanks imran.

  • akash

    hi ,
    could anyone tell me , how many days it will take for getting E-WAKALA , as my visa number got expired before stamping . and i have requested my employer for new visa no. ( e- wakala) almost 3 months back, but i didnt get it till now…i am in confusion
    Could anyone here help me out as i am in confusion!!!!

  • Asad Jutt

    Hi, can anyone tell me that what is the difference between visa number and E-number for saudi visa?
    if there is, then who issues that e-number??

  • Jimmy

    Hi Mehul.. I too am like u who got a job visa of 90 days in my passport in 2015 August and did not ever travel to Saudi nor cancel the visa..
    I want to apply for a job elsewhere in GCC . Is it possible to get Visa without cancelling? Any bans? Any ideas?

  • Maria Ishfaq

    Please let me know what is the age limit for single female for ksa work visa from pakistan

  • Vineeth

    Please help me to know howlong will take to complete the working visa process in Saudi Arabia.the employer told us the visa is approved .but they Didnot inform us howlong will take the visa through online .job for my wife who is dentist .so anybody help us to how long to complete the work visa process right now .aftwr for approval from MOL ,what are the procedure,how we can follow up there after ,plz help me


    pls help for men is it compulsary 24 years for woking in saudi arabia

  • Richard Losala

    I ask favorable request to my company if they can give a RELEASE in favor of me for personal reason. They can grant my request but there is a catch, i will pay the remaining months of staying in the company and and give a VISA for my replacement. Meaning they asking a VISA for them to release me

    My Question is how can i get a visa to give to my company? Please enlighten me, im really confuse and how can i get it.

  • salman

    Dear i need your suggestion.

    1. If i will get the approval as Visit Visa of my mother from Pakistan how much month will required to present the passport for stamping Visa in Etemaad office?

    2. If Visa will stamped then how much duration she should travel?

    3. If i will get the Visa approval before Ramadan shall i submit the passport after Eid Ul Fitar.

  • Mani Nahinhe

    I am in similar problem i need ur help

  • Aimee Gonzales

    do i really need to pay for the stamping of my working visa?

  • Fathima Nasriya

    Really useful article for me this. I am over 27years old women. I am looking a job in KSA especially in Makkah or Madeena or Jeddah area. My childhood dream i want to live in KSA. From last year may Allah reward me the steady for that. According to this last Ramadan whole i spent in Madeena and Makkah with my mother and brother in the purpose of umrah and spend the Ramadan there. After back to home 28th June i decided to find a job and move there. I gave in my country to an agent my CV to find a job. Often applying through internet. But its not much success. doesn’t care that much. Because I am a woman. Our country Muslims never easily help or support for needed women to employment. That’s why still its not success for me. I am working 10 years in my country in government sector. This is a Buddhist majority country. In my case wherever i am being i am the one and Muslim person. However i am very care on follow islam straight. However it is very tough task for me. Therefore I decided to come there i can freely contribute my service to our society. Admn can you guide me find a job in KSA inshaAllah very soon.

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