A day full of entertainment at Riyadh Zoo – The Kingdom’s Largest Zoo

With the passage of time, we have now come to the point where anything we ever want to know is just a few clicks away. The Internet has opened a range of possibilities for us to stream, watch and read on an infinite number of topics. However, there are a few things that not even the Internet can solve and that is to touch. We might be in a world where before technology arrived theme parks, museums and other parks were the sole attention takers of the people. Even though the tables have turned there are a few places that will always seem to keep the people connected to the good old days.[irp]

I don't mean the Museums today. I mean that one place where I spent most of my childhood, the Zoo. Though I'm not covering the Zoo I visited but every Zoo will eventually continue to fascinate me, even today. Today I'll be talking about Saudi Arabia's largest Zoo which was first formed in 1957. This was a very small scale affair which consisted of animals that were presented to the first three Kings of the Kingdom as gifts. Later, in 1987 a fully refurbished Zoo was established and opened for public. The basis of this new zoo was to provide the animals with a proper room and space for them to roam about and carry on with their natural postures etc.

This Zoo now contains nearly forty different species of animals including bears, birds of prey, camels, elephants, hyenas, gazelles, leopards, lamas, lions, monkeys, rhinoceroses, tigers and several reptiles. What attracts much of the attention is the little train ride that is used for taking a whole tour of the Zoo. Schools and other organizations often make field trips to the zoo to provide children with a good way of learning about other living creatures. The city of Riyadh although having a very hot climate throughout the summers. However, the zoo is structured quite well and will be a great place to visit with your children especially during their vacations.[irp]

On a visit to the zoo make sure that you do use caps and hats to protect yourself from the sun. Also, make use of sunscreens to prevent yourself from getting sunburns. You can also enjoy snacks and drinks inside the zoo from the canteens that are set up. Make sure that when you do visit your shoes are comfortable since the zoo is extremely large and involves a lot of walking too. Make sure you pay a visit to this zoo soon to enjoy some quality family and adventure time.

GPS Coordinates: 24.677085,46.73733