Laser Liposuction – A New Trend to look smarter in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now much re-known for its increasing development in the cosmetic and plastic surgery field where people from around the globe pay thousands of dollars just to get a simple cosmetic surgery from the Kingdom. Now the world has become much more advanced than it ever was, that everyone would run to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia just to get a simple permanent eyeliner over their eyes. With much of the advancements, we may often question ourselves whether all these surgeries are necessary and whether they are performed by keeping Islamic laws and regulations into proper consideration or not.[irp]

Recently one of the most famous surgeries that have been become popular amongst the people is Laser Liposuction which is also called Smart Liposuction. This surgery involves losing your extra stomach by laser surgery that will not leave a scar, unlike the common tummy tuck. Over the years, people have been getting the tummy tucks with a lot of painful surgery by getting sliced through the abdomen which leaves you with a permanent scar! Laser Liposuction or Smart Liposuction is one of the safest and most convenient ways to lose most of your fats and look pretty, maybe.

Though like many other discussions and debates being taken into consideration one of them remains whether these surgeries are allowed in Islam or not? Are they Haram? According to many statements, it says that all those surgeries and other ways where a Muslim has to be deformed and must cut down all that he is born with will not be allowed. If a person cannot survive without the surgery, then maybe it can be considered such as getting braces or glasses etc. I wouldn't be much in the favor of Laser Liposuction since it will eventually have some sort of side effects one day or the other.

Speaking from a personal experience many families have the genetic obesity factor. Eventually, all the family members may have an oversized stomach either by genes or because of their structure. Most of the people are obviously not happy with it and are willing to pay thousands just to change the way they look; they eventually want to fit in the society without being made fun off. When they are provided with such an opportunity why would they let it go to waste? At this moment greed takes over them and they forget about all the laws and folds of religion. Keeping all of this in mind one may also wonder that if this was Haram wouldn't the government have banned it in the Holy Land in the first place?[irp]

Like I mentioned earlier Laser Liposuction has become very popular and men and women both are getting this treatment without knowing that whether it is allowed or not. With all of this, it has certainly become one of the most profitable businesses in the Kingdom and making its way to be the most performed surgery and treatment.