How to Take Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia?

With the introduction of Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia, the traffic accident rate has been reduced significantly. I have observed that Saher Cameras have been installed by the Traffic Department but still, people don’t know what they need to do to Take a Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras. This is the reason; you will find many people on red lights stopping their cars on the extreme right lane of the road due to fear of Saher Cameras. They don’t want to take right turn due to fear that Saher Camera will flash resulting in a traffic violation. Problem is that they don’t know how they need to take a right turn as usually Saher Camera flashes even when you are taking a right turn. In this post, we shall be discussing the legitimate way to take a right turn on the red light with Saher Cameras.

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While taking a right turn on the red light with Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia, you need to take care of the following points. If you take care of these points, Insha Allah Saher Camera will never flash upon your vehicle. Keep in mind that taking a right turn from the red light is allowed in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it is also important to mention here that flashing of Saher Camera does not mean the penalty has been imposed upon you. Each picture taken by the cameras is manually checked by the staff before imposing a penalty. If you fulfill all the below-mentioned conditions and still Saher Camera flashes upon you, don’t worry. You will not receive SMS for the violation.

Keep your vehicle on the extreme right side of the road if you want to Take a Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia. Keep it as much right as possible. The basic reason of flashing Saher Cameras upon vehicles is that they don’t keep it on the extreme right side. Saher Camera detects that you are taking right turn from the second lane and flashes up.

Keep the right indicator on while taking a Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras in Saudi Arabia. If you don’t switch it ON and Saher Camera flashes, they will be able to impose fine upon you.

Stop the vehicle once before taking the right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras and after that move slowly. If you do not stop your vehicle fully, it will be treated a traffic violation.

Your speed at the time of taking the right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras should not be more than 15 Km / Hour.

You are not allowed to take the right turn from the red light if there is a designated route for taking a right turn. You must have observed a separate sideway route on traffic signals for the people who want to take the right turn. If this route is available on a traffic signal, you are prohibited to take the right turn from that signal.

Crossing Red Light is a Crime: There are several causes of Road Accidents in Saudi Arabia and one of them is crossing red light at the signals. When you cross a red light, you don’t only put your life at risk but also the life of many other people who have not done anything wrong. Considering the gravity of the crime, Saudi Government has passed a new rule according to which Crossing Red Light will result in 24 Hours Jail. In the neighboring countries like UAE, the penalty is much harsher than this and it may lead to suspension of driving license. In Saudi Arabia, you will be receiving fine of SR 3,000 upon each incident of crossing a red light. Even Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has given a Fatwa that crossing red light is one of the bigger sins in Islam. But it is important to mention here that in Saudi Arabia, you can take a right turn at the red light. But still, when Saher Cameras are on, many people get fine or penalty on taking a right turn from the red light with Saher Cameras. Well, the reason is that they don’t know the exact procedure of doing so.

  • If you have followed the rule, you are not going to get the message

  • Ali Hassan

    Just 1 hour ago i am at Aroba road riyadh here is a signal at front of eye hospital… i stopped fully my car before the limit line… but i observed that i stopped my car almost 3 to 4 meters before than i move forward slowly just 1 or half meter… camera flashes catch me 2 times… and when camera flash at 2nd time i am confused… i don’t know how and why it’s flashs…😢

  • Ahmad

    Did u get fine and how much

  • Fazlur Rahman Malik

    Han sir I also today same Got flash on stop of 2 mtr distance pls tell me What My luck Penalty or not.

  • Fazlur Rahman Malik

    Waht happened that time….
    Got penalty or only warning..

  • Ali Hassan

    Only warning…. i never recieved message of penalty… and i got flash twice time in a same week difference of 4 days at same signal which is on my way to office… but both time its only warning…
    And now I am using alternate road because I’m afraid 😂🤗

  • Ali Hassan

    If you don’t cross the limit line… take it easy, INSHALLAH you will not recieved any penalty…
    Beacuse they manually monitors all flashes… then they decided who commit actual violations.

  • I would appreciate if you can share the screenshot of warning message with us.

  • Choosy Ka Riyadh

    Steve, i run from my employer for almost 1year and half and i grab the opportunity to go home to my country when the government of saudi arabia issue amnesty, do i still have the right to comeback? To work to another employer? I dont have police record steve. Im just huroob. Hope to read your reply soon. Thanks @stevejobksa

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