What are the options available to women after Divorce?

Saudi women are not as liberal as western or non-Muslim women. The objective set by the society of a Saudi woman is to get married as soon as possible when she enters the age of puberty. Parents want to perform their responsibility at the earliest of their life. This way she has to take charge of another house by leaving her parent’s house. When she goes in her husband’s house, she considers that house as her heaven and puts best of her energies to renovate culture of that house. In case, the husband is of some rigid nature, she has to adjust herself according to his lifestyle in any case.[irp]

After marriage, the biggest step for a woman is to be a mother. No matter what benefit this role will give her or how much loss she would bear this additional responsibility, still, she craves for this position. After she gets a child she tries to get another one. Unfortunately, if she gets divorce meanwhile. She can’t even decide whether to start a new life with a new partner or to devote her whole life for the upbringing of her children. In case she is quiet young or in 30’s of her life, she can have another opportunity for new marriage. But the marriage can be with another widower like her, a divorcee or an old man with many children. She can’t enjoy a status to marry a bachelor anymore like Saudi men who can still after one marriage or two, marry a virgin girl without any problem.

Islam infers equal rights for both men and women in this regard but still, the society never lets any opportunity go for hurting women in any regard. In case a woman is having 4 or more children she better has lost any chance for a dream or reasonable marriage opportunity. No man ever agrees on taking care of children of another man. Simply speaking if a woman has given birth to many children from one man, she has lost lifetime opportunity to get married to another reasonable person even when she really needs this.[irp]

A married woman if becomes widow or divorcee, she can be a second wife only. There is no chance of becoming a dream girl of prince Charles anymore. There is a possibility that a woman with more than 3 children gets attractive marriage proposals. This is only possible in case the woman is a rich party and man has an idea to get some material benefits from this marriage.