How to Search for a Used Car in Saudi Arabia?

Most of the expatriates prefer to buy used cars in Saudi Arabia. Although the trend of buying used cars has been reduced significantly since the time banks and other dealers have started leasing the cars in Saudi Arabia. Some people go for the new leased cars due to lesser risk and more comfort. However, it is more expensive to go for the leased car. This is the reason; traditional expatriates from south Asian countries prefer to buy used cars. However, there are several risks involved when you are dealing with used vehicle. Moreover, markets of used cars are not as established in Saudi Arabia as in many other countries. In this article, I will be educating you about full details of buying used cars in Saudi Arabia.[irp]

How to search for a Used Car in Saudi Arabia? As mentioned earlier, the market for used cars is not that established here in Saudi Arabia. There are some ways you can search for a used car in Saudi Arabia. I will be detailing about all these ways in the below lines.

Search for Car through References: The most trustable way of searching for a used car in Saudi Arabia is through your REFERENCES. Ask about the car you are looking for from all your friends living in Saudi Arabia and hopefully, you will get the reference from someone of the person who is selling your desired car. The vehicle you will look for through reference will have at least one guaranteed and it is the security of no major repair. This is the major inherent risk in buying used vehicle in Saudi Arabia. The person who is selling through reference at least is a person to whom you can contact later on so he will not lie to you in the fear of losing his name. Car purchase through reference is slightly expensive but you actually pay for the increased surety you are receiving about your car.

Search for a Car through Used Car Markets: The second way is to go to the used car markets in Saudi Arabia to search for the car. In Jeddah, there is Haraj where you can find numerous used cars. Before going to buy a car from Haraj, it is better if you just make up your mind what kind of car do you really want. If you don’t make up your mind, you will be confused with the number of options available to you. Cars available here are cheaper than the other sources but it really takes a hard time to search for a good car from used car markets. But the risk of buying a car with major defects is very high if you go to buy a car from used car markets. It is better to go there with your mechanic but generally, people are not able to look for an appropriate car on the first day.

Search for a Car through Used Car Dealers: The third and most expensive option is to go to the used car dealers. For example, Abdul Latif Jameel in Saudi Arabia is the dealer of Toyota car in Saudi Arabia. He also purchases the used cars from the general public and then resells it to the public. If you buy a car from them, there is no risk of major repair and maintenance. In fact, after purchasing the car from the seller, they scan it properly and fix the issues in it. However, they charge a hell of the amount for this security. They charge at least 30% extra price than the price of used car in the market.

Search for a Car on Internet: Last available option to expatriates living in Saudi Arabia to search for a used car in Saudi Arabia is through the internet. There are several websites which are posting free ads. Buyers and sellers get together from one virtual place to buy or sell the used car. The most used website in this regard is Every day more than 100 ads for used cars are posted only in Jeddah. It saves a lot of time of people searching for a car as they can see the pictures of the car and look for the desired car only. If they find any suitable car, they will have to contact the seller to fix a meeting with him to see the car. If everything goes fine, car deal is finalized in two or three meetings. The prices quoted on this website are at least 10 to 15% higher than what seller expects to receive. So buyer should negotiate with the seller to get an appropriate price.

Documents needed to buy Second Hand Car: Now you don’t need many documents to buy a second-hand car. You will have to go to the ownership transfer agencies located at several places in the cities along with following documents. Most of the agencies ensure the vehicle themselves. Many of them only do the third party insurance. They don’t offer comprehensive insurance. Fee for the transfer of vehicle is only SR 700/-. You will also have to pay for the third party insurance. Following documents are required;