Procedure to Register with Saudi Council of Engineering

Changing Iqama profession for engineers is a little different from the normal procedure of changing iqama profession as one has to register with Saudi Council of Engineering. Today, we shall be describing in detail the procedure to register with Saudi Council of Engineering.

A profession like engineering entitles you to receive many rights in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, it is also illegal to work on some profession which is not your profession as per Iqama. If you are an engineer by profession and working as an engineer in Saudi Arabia, the profession on your Iqama should also be of Engineer. Following procedure has been explained by Mr. Farhan.[irp]

In order to register for Saudi Council of Engineering, first of all, you need to have degrees attested by Saudi Embassy and Saudi Culture Office from the country of issuance of degree. If the degree is from the UK, it needs to be attested by the Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy of UK. We have detailed the procedure of attesting degrees in this link “Procedure to Attest Degrees for Saudi Arabia”.

Get a letter of introduction from the employer stating your monthly gross salary, name as per Iqama (make sure your name is written in both English and Arabic), joining date, Iqama number with a request that they want to change the profession to engineering.

It needs to be attested by the Chamber of Commerce of the city where your employer is registered. Recommended: Important Points about Attestation from Chamber of Commerce

Scan all your documents mentioned below and open the website of Saudi Council of Engineers and fill the registration form there. You can also open it from this link.

Please verify all the details thrice before moving to next step. You will have to attach Copy of Iqama, Employment Letter, Authorization Letter, Copy of Engineering Degree Certificate duly attested by the Saudi Embassy, Engineering grade sheet, Passport Copy, Picture (200X200 pixels).

After uploading the documents, Saudi Council of Engineers will send you an email or SMS to pay SR 500 to process the application. You can pay this amount through SADAD.

Once the fee is paid, Saudi Council of Engineers will issue you a ticket number against your request. However, it is always better to call them after paying SR 500 and ask about the next step you need to take. In this way, there are chances that your application will be reviewed soon.

If all the documents submitted to Saudi Council of Engineers for the members are fine, they will send you another SMS or Email to deposit SR 750 through SADAD.

Once you have paid this amount, Saudi Council of Engineers will send you a temporary membership number. If you log in to your account on Saudi Council of Engineers website, you will find your membership type as Engineer with Non-Engineering Iqama. However, the status of Jawazat and Yaqeen in your profile will remain as RED.

Provide the temporary membership number to the HR or Government Relations Officer of your company and the rest of the process will be done by him. You will be notified by the MOI after your Iqama profession has been changed.

After receiving this SMS, you need to go to your account in Saudi Council of Engineering website and click on the “Update Jawazat”. Saudi Council of Engineering will send you another SMS/Email to pay for SR 100.

Once you pay this amount, your Jawazat and Yaqeen status in Saudi Council of Engineering account will turn GREEN. Now you would be able to notice your profile as Engineer with Engineering Iqama.

Your temporary membership will turn into permanent membership within 1-2 months and you will receive your Saudi Council of Engineering membership card after that.

If you want to apply for the permanent family visa of your family, you will have to go to Saudi Council of Engineering branch and ask them to issue you an Istiqdam letter. The detailed procedure has been explained here. Recommended: Procedure to Apply for Permanent Family Visa through Istqidam