How Safe is Saudi Arabia for Expatriates?

One question arises in the mind of many foreigners especially those who have never visited Saudi Arabia before and they are intending to travel to Saudi Arabia is, how safe is Saudi Arabia? Well, I have been living here in Saudi Arabia from last 3 years and I found it a very safe place to live. In fact, it is safer than many developed countries of the world including the USA. You don’t feel the threat of being a victim of street crimes while walking on the streets of Saudi Arabia but you feel this fear when you are walking in the streets of New York.[irp]

Saudi Government has made very hard rules against the people who are involved in smuggling of drugs. They implement these rules fully. Saudi Police has stronger controls on its borders and all the stations from where drugs can enter the country. Yes, they are not 100% safe from the drug but at least the condition is much better than many other countries including the USA. Few people use drugs and it is very difficult even to find them. If you talk about the USA, 25 million people out of total population of USA has used illegal drugs in their lives. Penalties on the people dealing with drugs have been explained in this article. “Dealing with Drugs in Saudi Arabia”

Homes in Saudi Arabia are much safer than the USA. In Saudi Arabia, less than 0.01% houses have security alarms or cameras in it. The reason is that they don’t need it. In last 3 years, I have never heard about any event of intrusion of someone in the house with the intention of robbery. Especially if you are living in the main areas of the city, there is almost no risk of robbery. Some robbery activities have been reported by the people living in remote areas with less population.

One major reason of having less crime rate in Saudi Arabia is having rules of severe penalties on the offenders. The punishment of rape in Saudi Arabia is “stoned to death”. The perpetrator of the crime is stoned by the public until his death. Same is the case with the murderer. The murderer is beheaded in public. Moreover, it is a rule in Saudi Arabia that all the punishments are made in public which creates a fear in the minds of public. “Crimes Punishable by Death in Saudi Arabia”[irp]

With reference to terrorism, there are minimal chances of Al Qaida committing crimes in Saudi Arabia. There are several reasons for that. Al Qaida is a Muslim organization and Saudi Arabia is treated with respect in all Muslim countries of the world. Now Houthis have bombed a couple of Masjids in Saudi Arabia but I completely believe in Saudi forces. They are taking this matter very seriously and soon the condition will be fine. As a concluding remark, I feel much safer in Saudi Arabia than many other countries of the world.