8 Features of New Saher Cameras installed in Saudi Arabia

Saher in Arabic means ‘one who remains awake”. Saher cameras are an automated system for the management of traffic and cover major cities in Saudi Arabia. Saher is a multi-objective projective, which can monitor vehicles and track them using license plate recognition technology. New Saher Cameras are being installed on all the roads of Saudi Arabia starting from major cities Riyadh, Jeddah, and Dammam. The New Saher cameras are high-resolution cameras which can capture images in all directions by 360° rotation. The cameras can pinpoint violations as minute as speaking on mobile phone, reading an SMS or not wearing a seat belt. Today we are going to mention some less known facts about New Saher Cameras of Saudi Arabia.

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Speed Limit: Just like old Saher Cameras, new Saher cameras can also detect if a vehicle is driving over and above the speed limit. There was a problem with the old Saher Camera that it was not able to detect the speed limit violation of the trucks. As all of us know that when normal vehicles have a speed limit of 120Km/hour, big vehicles and trucks have a speed limit of 65 KM/hour. Old Saher cameras were not able to detect this speed limit violation of trucks even when they drive at 100Km/Hour as far as it is below 120Km/Hour. However, new Saher cameras have this feature of detecting the speed limit violation of each and every vehicle separately. Also Read: Fines for Over-Speeding: SR 900 Fine, Suspension of License and Jail

Changing Lanes: New Saher cameras also have the ability to check if a vehicle is changing lanes excessively. We have seen many times that trucks which are allowed to drive in the slowest lane only, drive in the middle lane. Now with the help of new Saher cameras, these violations will be detected by the system.

The distance between 2 vehicles: New Saher cameras also have the ability to measure the distance between two vehicles. The appropriate distance between two vehicles varies from vehicle to vehicle. In the case of Sedan car, the appropriate distance is at least 3 seconds. In the case of SUVs, it is 4 seconds and in case Trucks and Heavy Vehicles, it is 5 seconds. If you are not maintaining this distance, be ready to receive a traffic violation SMS as new Saher cameras can detect you.

Average Speed between 2 Saher Cameras: Generally people drive their cars over and above the specified speed limit and lower down the speed at the time when they reach near the Saher cameras. Traffic authorities are well aware of this fact. So they have designed new Saher cameras in a way that it measures average speed between 2 Saher cameras. In case a driver is over-speeding during those time when Saher camera is not around but lowering its speed at the time when Saher camera is around, New Saher cameras can note this violation. Also Read: Get Location and Time of Traffic Violation

Speaking on Mobile, Reading SMS and not Wearing Seat Belt: Saher has a highly sophisticated electronic system which is designed to improve movement of traffic automatically through automated control of traffic lights and monitoring traffic in all direction in each intersection. New Saher cameras are high-resolution cameras which can capture images in all directions by 360° rotation. The cameras can pinpoint violations as minute as speaking on mobile phone, reading an SMS or not wearing a seat belt. According to the police, suggestions to utilize these radars to capture such violations has been made and it’s not an impossible task as these violations may lead to traffic accidents. Also Read: 24 Hours Jail, SR 15,000 Fine for using Mobile Phone while Driving

Off the Road, Off the Camera?: The Saher system not only monitors highways, it monitors service lanes, exit roads and any other intersections in the vicinity. With the installation of these new Saher cameras not only traffic safety can be enhanced, but a remarkable decrease in street crime will also be seen. The reason is, the new Saher cameras are also equipped to record high-resolution video of the highways and road utilities. It is also installed with a unique electronic system designed to track the location of Traffic police vehicles to direct them to deal quickly with certain traffic or crime cases and manage field patrols.

License Plate Recognition: New Saher Cameras are equipped with License plate Recognition System, especially at the entrances and exits of the cities for identifying the person who broke the traffic signal, as well as for statistical purpose. This system also helps in finding the stolen or wanted vehicles by recognizing the license plate. The required plate number is entered into the database and as soon as the number matches with the vehicles the high-resolution camera captures the image and informs the nearest traffic police car. Also Read: SR 2,000 Fine for Hiding Number Plate from Saher Cameras

Crossing Red Light: The Saher works by monitoring the roads for offending vehicles by the cameras. In the case of violation (over speeding, crossing a red light and other violations), a photo of that vehicle license plate is captured by the high-resolution camera which is received at the Violation Processing Center. The information of the license plate owner is obtained from the National Database at the National Information Canter after which the violation ticket is issued. This violation ticket is mailed to the registered address of the owner. The settlement of the traffic tickets can be made through SADAD Payment through ATM or via online banking. Also Read: How to Take a Right turn on Red Light with Saher Cameras in KSA?

Saudi Arabia has one of the best road infrastructures in the whole world but due to an increase in traffic, the number of accidents per year had also increased drastically. According to Traffic Chief of Riyadh, after a month of installation of these New Saher Cameras the number of accidents is expected fell from 14,094 to 10,385, with a reduction in road deaths from 37 to 20.

  • Syed Bilal

    This article is far away from the real features of Saher. I can prove it wrong. Come and lets go on ride together. As of 21-Nov-2016, there is no such feature of detecting the seat belt, mobile phone use, sms reading, etc etc.
    Maybe in the year 2020, this article would be relevant.
    If anyone has any doubt, make a bet with me and let go for the ride together.
    The photo of the new Camera Model which is attached, its just a new compact model which contains the Detector, Camera and the Flash Light in the same frame.
    Sincere advice: please stop circulating the rumors, I request.

  • Faisal Javed

    What if you have to cross Red light to give way to a passing ambulance???

  • The source of the article is a video issued by the Saudi Traffic Police explaining that a contract has been signed with a foreign company to import new saher cameras with above mentioned features, they have installed some of them on roads on test basis.

  • LOL:) SR 3,000 is not a big cost to save a human life:) You will get hasanat on the day of judgement:)

  • Syed Bilal

    You will get Ajar-e-Azeem and pay 500 riyals to the Government.
    The deal is not bad at all ….. 😉

  • Syed Bilal

    If you have some extra money, Lets make a bet over these features 😉
    Maybe new Saher models will come but as of today, these features are not functional.

  • Syed Bilal

    Dear All and Steve,
    I subscribed to this blog as it contains very useful and up to date information specially about the VISA related issues. I really appreciate Mr. Steve and his efforts. I got a lot of benefits from the articles posted here.
    Any replies provided by me are from my personal experiences or common sense. There is nothing personal.
    Regarding these Saher issues. I didnt see any new camera installed or replaced in Dammam and Khobar region. So these features are still not functional.
    These days, rumors about new Fines/Penalties/Mukhaalfa are very common. There is the change in the amount of Fine but the fines like Cleaning Your Nose While Driving…… 😉 😀 thank god no one shared the screen shot, if he farts and …….
    How many police cars do you see every day during your travelling from your home to office and way back home + other trips???
    Official list of Traffic Voilations is available on MOI website, refer that please.
    Hope you all will have a safe stay with less Mukhaalfas…. and the last thing ….. please DO NOT USE YOUR FINGER IN YOUR NOSE….. TISSUE PAPER BOX IS STILL NOT THAT EXPENSIVE 🙂 CHEERS..

  • I said they have placed some cameras on test basis, so these features are available in some of those cameras placed all around the Kingdom.

  • syed azeem uddin

    Hey Steve on Thursday shaer camera flashed on signal when I was in green or yellow light around 11pm but it’s 5 in the morning of Friday till now I didn’t got any violation or messages so this mean I’m ok like no violation please do reply Steve thanks

  • Syed Bilal

    Just wait for 3 days. Usually it comes on the third day.
    Sometimes u dont receive the fine if it is not fair.
    And God forbade, if you get any fine, please share the amount. As i have some sources who claims that the fine for crossing the red light is not SR:6000 or SR:3000.
    But few photoshopped images of mobile screen are in circulation. Even few articles too….. 😉

  • syed azeem uddin

    Fingers crossed man. Will update you soon inshallah I will be exempt from violation

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    Any update man ?

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    Dear Azeem Bhai,
    Hope you are doing well. Is everything OK?

  • Why isn’t any source mentioned anywhere? below or above the post?

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