Procedure to Transfer the Dependent’s Sponsorship to Employer

If you are living in Saudi Arabia as a dependent and want to transfer your sponsorship to the employer, you have reached the right place. Today, we shall be sharing with you the whole procedure from searching the job, transferring the sponsorship till the issuance of Iqama.  Perhaps, this is the only benefit for the dependents of Iqama holders that they can search for a job and transfers the sponsorship. They don’t have to go back to their native country and come back to Saudi Arabia on a new visa. The procedure to transfer the dependents from family member to employer has been explained below;[irp]

First of all, you will have to search for a job in Saudi Arabia. If you are residing in Saudi Arabia and have valid Iqama, it is much easier to search for a job as compared to searching for the job from your native country. We have explained in detail the procedure to search for job in this article “Searching for Job in Saudi Arabia”

If you have searched for a job in Saudi Arabia and willing to work with them, you will have to start the process of transferring the sponsorship. The first step to start the transfer of sponsorship of dependent from family member to employer is getting a demand letter from the employer.

Your sponsor will have to seek permission in writing from his employer that he does not have any problem in transferring your sponsorship. This letter should be addressed to the manager of the labor office of the region in which the company that you want to transfer sponsorship to is located, and must be printed on your father's sponsor's official letterhead and must be attested by the Chamber of Commerce as well.

The sponsor of the dependent needs three letters from his current employer addressing Jawazat, Ministry of interior and Ministry of Labor stating they have no objection regarding you transferring your dependent to another company.

After receiving the demand letter from the employer, next step to transfer the sponsorship of dependent to the employer is to go to Jawazat with the Kafeel of the dependent. Kafeel can be a father, brother, husband or wife. You will have to fill an acceptance letter in front of Jawazat official. This acceptance letter is also called “Iqrar Tanazal”. It will be given back to you after due stamps from the official.

If you don’t find any guidance where to go, just contact the agents sitting in front of the Jawazat gate. They will charge some money like SR 20 and fill an application for you. Don’t forget your Iqama and passport at home as they will need it to fill your application.

After this, you will have to take this “Iqrar Tanazal” to the HR of the employer. Rest of the process will be performed by him. Soon you will receive the iqama.

After the transfer of sponsorship of dependent to the employer, the profession on the Iqama becomes “labor” most of the times. In that case, you will have to apply for the change of Iqama profession. We have explained the “procedure to change Iqama profession” in this link.

  • jj

    we have done process in 2014 March procedure is as follows:-
    1) Get demand letter from your husbands sponsor and submit it along with resignation
    2) Get NOC papers to jawasat of your husbands location from minstry office that you work. In my case ministry issued 3 papers, one to labour office, jawasat and to my company. but i used only jawasat letter
    3) after getting this papers collect your iqama and passport
    4) fill jawasat naqala kafala paper, pay 2000 SAr fees in SADAD and go to naqala kafala office
    5) one police man will check you application and marriage certificate and stamp
    6) wait in next quee and it will take 5 minites to get iqama

    more details email me [email protected]

  • Thanks a lot! I will update the relevant article !

  • JT

    Hi Steve
    Hope your keeping well.. I think it is great service you are doing my responding to people queries.
    I have a query myself.
    Once an employee has been given his final exit how soon can he obtain/come back to KSA on a new visa.
    thanks in advance.

  • Joseph Baguilat

    Hello everybody i hope you can help me, i need your opinions on this… I am recently approved for family status. i am newly wed and my wife is working on another company as single status on her iqama… my question is can i register her under me as my dependent once my iqama will be change from single to family.. I need this, for the purpose that my dependents will have extra benefits from the company once registered as dependent… is this possible?

  • Ask me for help

    You Dont have to wait…..Any time you could go back …….
    But it should be in Final Exit……

  • Ask me for help

    When you are in final visa you should go back and come in new visa or you should ask your kafeel for release ……

  • Biju

    Whether dependents can work with our transferring the sponsorship.
    (Wife is having job and husband without sponsor changing can be worked or not in private sector).whats the current law of Saudi Arabia

  • MonK

    hello , I am a dependent under my fathers sponsorship . 2 months ago I received a job offer and I accepted it . We started the transfer process by sending the Iqrar Tanazul doc and Chamber of Commerce attestation to the PRO and HR . The PRO goes to Maktab al Amal several times . He told me that somehow my information is not appearing against my iqama no. in the system ,. Kindly tell me what should i do.

  • Waahaj

    Can you please provide sample letter of NOC written by Father.

  • Sidra Sohail

    I just want to ask that isn’t possible to transfer kafala from wife to professional?? I submitted all papers to moaqib and he applied for it.from moh it’s approved but rejected by Labour office.

  • Abdul Ravoof

    Hello Sohail,

    Did you manage to transfer your wife to professional ? Even, myself wanted to do same. I went to Jawazat office, they gave IQRAR Tanazil paper stamped.

    What is the next step ?

  • masood mansoor


    Me (Sales Person) and my wife (Doctor) working in Saudi Arabia on independent Iqama’s and we are living in Jeddah. Now my company is asking me to move to Riyadh but I am unable to move alone because I am the only Mehram of my wife who is working as a Doctor.

    My company is saying that if you don’t go to Riyadh we will give you final exit because in the beginning I had signed the contract that company can relocate me any where in Saudi Arabia , my question is how can I take transfer under my wife’s Iqama if company not giving transfer to me and I have a one year old kid under my Iqama?


  • Nigish Jose

    If my father doesn’t agree to my transfer to XYZ company,then how will i get transfer??

  • Rahul Salin

    Hi Steve,
    I’ve a question regarding iqama renewal. I’m currently 24 yrs old and will be turning 25 this October.Is it possible to get my iqama renewed? Currently I’m under my fathers sponsership.
    Thank you.

  • Ahmed JG

    Salam sister.
    My wife is a Dr. And I came here in Riyadh under her sponsorship. Her Abshar is showing me as her employee not dependant. Now I have a job offer. Can my iqma can be transfered to my future employer?

  • Ahmed JG

    Salam Muhammad,
    My wife is a Dr. And I came here in Riyadh under her sponsorship. Her Abshar is showing me as her employee not dependant. Now I have a job offer. Can my iqma can be transfered to my future employer?

  • Muhammad

    Right now your wife is your sponsor and if you have a valid job offer and potential employer is willing to complete local sponsorship transfer than yes your Iqama can transferred to them.

    I have shared details of the sponsorship transfer process in above post earlier. These were the steps I went through and it was three years ago, I suggest you get in touch with the government relation officer of your potential employer as well as get advise form someone who recently transferred their sponsorship, as Saudi labor laws and procedures get weirdly updated every now and then)

    I hope with slight bumps and hurdles (mainly language barrier) you will able to complete this process.

    Good luck

  • Ahmed JG

    Thank you brother for your quick response.

  • Osman Mehmood

    Hi steve,

    can you plz shed some light on the process of transferring a working wife to a dependent visa (under husband)? or anyone else plz?