Saudi Paid SR 300,000/- for One SIM Card

Saudis are famous all over the world for their luxurious lifestyle and extravagant ways. We often hear such news where Saudis have spent millions for very ordinary things. Such an incident recently took place when a Saudi man spent SR 300,000 which equals to around $80,000 for purchasing a special phone number. The purchase took place at an auction organized by the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh, for unique mobile numbers. The event witnessed a huge turnout by enthusiastic Saudis and was held after Isha prayers and went on till late at night due to the huge turnout.

STC auctioned a total of 64 special numbers which were classified into “Diamond”, “Gold” and “Silver” categories. All the numbers could not be sold as some of the bids were below the expected mark but the auctioneer hopes to sell those at a subsequent event which will be held later. According to an official of the STC, the bidding for the Silver category started at SR 3,000.  He also revealed that they made SR 5 million out of the auction and it was open to everyone over the age of 15 years.  According to the participants, there is a certain satisfaction in owning a special number that can be easily remembered by others.

To participate in the bidding the participants either had to be there in person or through someone with a power of attorney. They had to pay the deposit specified for each special number category to the bank account 70114400875 or IBAN number SA56555000000070114400875 at the Saudi Fransi Bank. A bidder who did not want to reveal his identity due to personal reasons told the media that he had offered up to SR 10,000 but was unsuccessful in purchasing a number as he could not afford more than that.

This auction is yet another example of the lavish lifestyle in Saudi Arabia. This can be observed throughout the country, be it their common rich businessmen or people engaged in employment.

This is when 12.7 percent of the Saudi population is living under the poverty line and barely surviving. Whereas the rich defend their spendthrift ways as spending what has been blessed to them. They believe that wealth is a gift which is to be used. Arabs are known all over for their lavish ways and they own the most property all across the globe. Since they make the up most of the richest and most powerful part of the world hence one does not even expect anything below what they do from them. It is common human nature to spend and indulge in luxuries if one has the leverage to do so. Hence their behavior in a way is understandable.

Source: Arab News