Payment of Fee for Permanent Family Visa

Once the Iqama of an employee has been issued, you can apply for the permanent family visa of your family. We have already explained the procedure to apply for the permanent family visa in this link “Apply for Permanent Family Visa”.

In order to apply for the permanent family visa, every expatriate has to pay a fee of SR 2,000/- per family through SADAD. In this article, I will be explaining the procedure to pay the fee of permanent family visa online using Internet Banking.[irp]

In this article, I will be using the account of Al Rajhi Bank and SAMBA Bank. However, the procedure to apply from any other bank is also same.

First of all, you must have an internet banking account. If you don’t have internet banking account, you cannot make the transaction from here. But you can still pay it through ATM Card.

Login to your Internet Banking Account and search for the tab of “payments” from the home screen. In Rajhi Bank, you will see the tab of “Payments” on the mid of the screen. A drop-down list will be opened from where you will have to select “Government Payments”. A new screen will be opened in your Rajhi Bank account from where you will have to click on the button “Visa Services”.

If you are using SAMBA Bank Internet banking, your first step after logging into internet banking is a selection of “Government Services”. You can also take help from the below screenshots.

Now you need to select “Payments” in the transaction type and “Family Visa” in Application Type. You will have to enter the Iqama number of the applicant who wants to bring his family to Saudi Arabia on permanent family visa and the number of visas. Keep it in mind; if you are applying for your wife and children, you need only one visa. After rechecking all the details, click on the “proceed” button. It is also shown in the screenshot.

If you are using SAMBA Bank account, you will have to select “Labor Importation” as service type and “Family Visa” as the application type. You can also take help from the below screenshots.

A new screen will be opened where all the details are mentioned. You need to read very carefully these details and if they are correct, just click on the “Confirm” button. Your payment is successfully made for the fee of permanent family visa in Saudi Arabia.

Once the payment is made, you need to check if it is made correctly. We have given the guidelines to check it in this link “Check available funds under Iqama

  • Shayur Nair

    Hi there I have done the exact same thing? How can the money be reimbursed I’m very stressed and worried that the money can not be returned.

  • Asif Qureshi

    I want to ask if we need to submit only 2000 for one family when applying for permanent visa or 2000 per passport? please inform.there is no change in resident visa fee in pakistan but I need to know about the situation here

  • Rabi Karim

    Hi! Since the arabic new year started, I’m not seeing any “FAMILY VISA” payment system in SADAD. I tried with almost all bank sadad system. There is nothing listed payment as “FAMILY VISA”. Can anyone advise how to pay the payment in new system?

  • Family Visa fee is paid in your home country. Be connected with this blog to know more about it

  • Rabi Karim

    Hey Steve! Thanks for replying!
    I want to submit my paper for family visa through istigdam. So should I go there without the payment deposit? Whats ur suggestion?

  • Syed Bilal

    I have just paid the Fee of SR:2000 through NCB and also one of my colleague through SABB bank. It will come under Labor Importation.
    There you need to select FAMILY VISA and then it will ask for sponsor Information. Put ur IQAMA number there and type the number of VISA you want to issue. Click on Request payment and it will give you SR:2000 payment .
    If you need i can send you the snapshots also.
    Hope it will help you

  • Rabi Karim

    Thanks a ton man! Let me try it.

  • Syed Bilal

    One more suggestion bro. If u will visit Istaqdam Office without the FEE Payment receipt. They will not issue you the Yellow Slip.
    SR:2000 payment slip has the weightage of 80% in issueing the VISA ….. be careful and be on safe side. Take all your original degrees and documents with you.
    All the best

  • Rabi Karim

    Hi Bro! Thanks a lot for ur support once again. Successfully I have deposited visa fees against my iqama. I have been trying since today afternoon for an appointment in istiqdam. Unfortunately it’s showing “No Appointments available”!!
    Have anyone experienced the same?

  • Syed Bilal

    You r welcome buddy… yes!!! There is no appointment available in Riyadh. I checked today and there was nothing …. keep checking. You will get one soon. Check everyday. This is the only solution and option.

  • Malik Khuwaja

    hello…. im in jeddah, my hospotal has arranged the yellow paper (permanent visa for wife) for me, i have tht paper with me. i want to know how much money i will have to pay in pakistan as per revised fee schdule. as i have heard tht revised fee is only applied to visit visa…
    i will be thankful for your promp respomse….

  • Malik Khuwaja

    syed bilal… my hospital has already arranged yellow paper for me as a permanent visa for my wife… as you said in comment tht ome have to pay 2000 to get tht yellow paper, so will i have to pay any visa fee in pakistan other than the procedure fees in etimad.
    your response will be highly appreciated.

  • Syed Bilal

    Thats great. Congrats. Just fill the appointment form for Etimad and it will tell u how much u need to pay. No other fee. Just the fee for Etimad . Then Air Ticket

  • Malik Khuwaja

    thnx dear….
    i think for etimad appointment medical report is also required… i mean before applying for etimad appointment i must have medical reports, m i right?

  • Syed Bilal

    She needs to visit GAMCA office with yellow paper and passport. They will issue the Medical Slip. Medical test is mandatory before Etimad. Once her report is ONLINE via E Number….. her VISA will be processed. It will take 03 days by max inshallah.

  • Malik Khuwaja

    thnx alot …
    jazakallah khair…
    stay blessed….

  • Syed Bilal

    Dear all,
    Appointments for Riyadh Istaqdam Office are open right now. Quickly…….

  • syedatiq

    There was no revised/Hike fees for family permanent visa, its means previous fees remain same
    I got the visa stamping 18-Oct-2016 at ETIMAD office Karachi. be reminded estiqdam issued yellow slip to me before 1st muharram 1438.

  • Malik Khuwaja

    thnx dear…

  • Ashnas Memon

    dear all
    why show this message in my abshar account “istaqdam e-service business rules not fulfilled” please tell me

  • Yoseff

    Hi there,

    I really appreciate your help please. My husband is trying to pay 2000 riyal and both the website and atm is giving him error code.

    He brought his first wife on a residence visa but now she has left with final exit visa. He has now one child under his sponsorship but no wife. Could that be the reason?

    Am i not entitled for a permanent visa? Is there any other way to apply.

  • Liz PQ

    Hi Sir! We tried to pay thru atm using NCB QuickPay but this showed on the screen:


    We did it 3 times and same error appears. If anyone has encountered this kindly advise us what should be done here. Thank you!

  • Liz PQ

    Hi Sir! We tried to pay thru atm using NCB QuickPay but this showed on the screen:


    We did it 3 times and same error appears. If anyone has encountered this kindly advise us what should be done here. Thank you!

  • Shree

    Dear Steve,

    How are you….Please give me solution for getting family visa.

    I have iqama profession as Marketing specialist. But entry visa was of a special driver. Now, my family visa application is rejected by istikdam…Need your help.

  • Muzzamil Amir Ali

    Is this fees (SAR 2000) is refundable in case of Visa Cancellation or fail to provide all required documents.

  • The fee is refundable in case you fail to provide all documentation.
    I don’t think it will be refunded if you cancel the visa after it is issued for the first time

  • Rashid Hashmi

    it’s no. Go to Labor Importation

  • Rahul Kulkarni

    Hey Steve,

    Can u pls help here.

    I have made the family visa fee payment online as this- Alwaal bank . Alien Control — > Dependent entry Visa Fee collection — > Head of House Hold ID number — > No:of dependent.Since i was not successful to get the online visa so i had to book the Istaqdam appointment which i got in next month. Now i came to know that i have made the payment in wrong account. What i should do now?
    Also i have a strange doubt how was i successful to get the appointment if payment was not in Labour importation?

  • Engr Abro

    Greetings dear Friends,
    Dear im applying for family visa and i want to pay the visa fee through Al-Rajhi ATM can anyone guide me with the procedure

  • syed niyamathullah