Crossing Red Light will result in 24 Hours Jail

Brig. Zaid Al-Hamzi said in an interview that new regulations regarding traffic violations have been implemented according to which crossing red light will result in jail of at least 24 hours and fine of SR 3,000. Previously, there was only one penalty of a fine of SR 3,000 upon the person who crosses the red light and the amount of fine can be paid through SADAD. SADAD payment can be made through phone banking, ATM banking and Internet Banking. However, with the newly imposed regulations, the payment will not be made unless 24 hours are spent by the violator behind the bars.

The option to make payment will not be appearing in the SADAD system unless it has been updated by the police station that the violator has spent 24 hours in jail. At least I really appreciate this act of convicting the committee who risks the lives of other people. If you just stay on one traffic signal with Saher cameras for 10 minutes, you will see at least 5 red light violations there. I am afraid how the government will accommodate red light crosses in such huge numbers. But I believe with the introduction of this new law, people will be taking care of traffic signals as the fine imposed earlier on crossing red light is almost nothing SR 3,000/-. If you want to see the traffic fine imposed on other traffic violations, have a look at this link ”List of Traffic Fines in Saudi Arabia”

What If someone else is driving my Car? Now you would be thinking what if someone else is driving your car? Whoever is driving your car (friend, brother, father, son etc), if the car is registered under your Iqama you will have to spend the night in the jail and pay for traffic fine as well. Moreover, you should know that it is not allowed in Saudi Arabia to give your car to anyone for driving unless proper authorization has been received from the traffic police. We have explained the procedure of receiving proper authorization for driving the car in this link “Driving Friend’s Car in Saudi Arabia

Traffic Violation Point System: If you remember, some months ago, the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Abdulaziz Al-Sheikh has also issued a fatwa that crossing red light is a “major sin” in Islam since you are putting your and others life on risk. It has also been heard that traffic department of Saudi Arabia is also working on introducing the point system of traffic violations in Saudi Arabia. According to that point system, the driving license of the guy will be suspended who crosses the traffic light two times in a year along with other fines and penalties discussed above. If you want to read the draft of that point system, you can read it in this link “Traffic Violations Point System in Saudi Arabia” At the end; I would like to request each and every reader of this blog to respect the traffic system in Saudi Arabia. These traffic signals are for your security. It is better to be late than to be “LATE”. Recommended: Traffic Violation Point System